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All The Blowing Themselves Up Motherfuckers!!!

On another day of someone blowing everyone around him up. Apparently because he feels his religion is better than that of next guy … well, it takes idiocy, cruelty and delusional misunderstanding to a new level … but afterall, nobody says it better than Julian Cope so lets hand over to him:

Lyrics to All The Blowing-Themselves-Up Motherfuckers
All The Blowing-Themselves-Up Motherfuckers (Will Realise The Minute They Die That They Were Suckers)

All the blowing-themselves-up motherfuckers
Will realise the minute they die that they were suckers (x4)

Babe, we’re from the future
& they’re from the past
It’s strictly verboten
For them to have a laugh

Babe, we think it’s funny
When we hear what they believe
But it ain’t so funny
Now they’re making us grieve

All the blowing-themselves-up motherfuckers
Will realise the minute they die that they were suckers (x4)

Hey, they’re from the future
& we’re from the past
Our Western experience
Was not built to last

They better get serious
& show them respect
Their god is mysterious
& they’re the insect

All the blowing-themselves-up motherfuckers
Will realise the minute they die that they were suckers (x8)

Julian Cope

Julian Cope By Masao Nakagami

Punk News – March 2016

TC Lethbridge – Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On 
How To Burn Money – Become A Patron of Iron Man Records
John Sinclair has published a new book – It’s All Good
Dieter Binninger – Dieter was an inventor and he was my godfather when I was growing up. He was killed in a plane accident. Read about Dieter Binninger here
Flinton Chalk – 111Hz
Police Bastard – Dead To The World
Police Bastard – “Dead To The World” Digital Release 23rd November, 2015
Police Bastard – Tour Dates
Apr 16th – The Rainbow, Birmingham with Discharge and Deviated Instinct
Apr 23rd – The Courtyard, Rotherham with Bleed
July 15th – Hairy Dog, Derby, Punks Against Cancer
July 29th – T-Chances, London
August 7th – Rebellion Festival, Blackpool
September 2nd – Punx Picnic, Birmingham
For a review copy of Police Bastard – “Dead To The World” and all Police Bastard bookings please email:
You can get either of the NEW Police Bastard T-shirts and a copy of Confined on CD for £10 plus postage here:
Last Under The Sun – are recording a new album at Framework Studios, Birmingham. It’s taking ages. Don’t worry, despite the constant interruptions we are working on it.
Nightingales – Tour Dates
Thu 14th Apr The Vaults, Shrewsbury ATP Warm up show
Fri 15th Apr Stewart Lee’s ATP Festival, Prestatyn
Thu 12th May Green Door Store, Brighton w/ Ted Chippington
Fri 13th May The Thunderbolt, Bristol w/ Ted Chippington
Sat 14th May Flapper & Firkin, Birmingham w/ Ted Chippington / Membranes and The Fallen Leaves
Mon 16th May Birthdays, London w/ Ted Chippington
Tue 17th May Tom Thumb Theatre, Margate w/ Ted Chippington
Thu 19th May The Moon Club, Cardiff W/ Ted Chippington
Fri 20th May The Cellar Bar, Oxford w/ Ted Chippington
Sat 21st May Hairy Dog, Derby w/ Ted Chippington
Tue 24th May Firebug, Leicester w/ Ted Chippington
Wed 25th May BBC 6Music Session w/ Marc Riley, Salford
Thu 26th May Gullivers, Manchester w/ Ted Chippington
Fri 27th May 1in12 Club, Bradford w/ Ted Chippington
Sun 29th May The Cluny 2, Newcastle w/ Ted Chippington
Sat 11th Jun Isle Of Wight Festival, Isle Of Wight
Sat 30th Jul Kendall Calling Festival, Kendall
Fri 5th Aug Rebellion Festival, Blackpool
Nightingales – Out of True


label Iron Man Records


cat # – IMB6017
cat # – LTW008
TC Lethbridge – members of Spiritualized, Julian Cope‘s band, and Brain Donor.
TC Lethbridge are Doggen and Kev Bales, of Spiritualized and Julian Cope/Brain Donor, and Flinton Chalk
Iron Man Records re-issued all three albums by TC Lethbridge on 23rd November 2014.
Steve Fly – They Came To Starburg – An album of spoken word (October 2014)
Steve Fly is a native of Stourbridge UK, now an Amsterdam resident who plays drums, spins vinyl, writes novels and literary and cultural commentary. He maintains a flock of websites and works in various other art forms without visible restraint. His other music projects have included New Flesh, Garaj Mahal, Temple Dragon band, John Sinclair and The Cosmic Trigger Stage Play. Buy it on iTunes here:
John Sinclair – ‘Mohawk’
“John Sinclair – renegade poet, scholar and cultural revolutionary… Archetype of the 1960’s art, music and literary synthesis, still kicking with both feet on his trajectory for cultural transformation. Mohawk features ten tracks from his book of verse: always know: a book of monk. Beatnik poems, great odes and personal reflections of the Be-Bop jazz persuasion, all flowering together.”
All Press Enquiries Sean Newsham:
John Sinclair press coverage for Mohawk.
From The Guardian:
This is worth a watch: White Panther – The Legacy of John Sinclair

Framework Recording Studios, Birmingham.

Framework Studios has worked with Napalm Death, Carcass, Cathedral, Meathook Seed, P.J.Harvey, Ride, Family Cat and other acts including Harpies, Damn Dirty Apes, Last Under The Sun, I.O.D, Godsize, Long Time Dead, Locus of Control, Piss On Authority, Police Bastard, Spirit Bomb, Selfless and more.
Telephone Simon (UK+44) 07790 158210 or email
I want to pass on a message from Seth Faergolzia of Dufus…..


Seth Faergolzia (Dufus) from Rochester, New York here!!  I’m excited to announce that my stellar new project, MULTIBIRD, will be touring Europe in July.  I’ve been performing in Europe since 2001 when I first toured with Jeffrey Lewis and Cornershop.  Ever since then, I’ve come back at least once a year with one of my projects (Dufus, Forest Creature, Faergolzia, Heck Yup) and have performed at Green Man, End of the Road, Zappanale and Down By the River Festivals.  I’ve played shows with such greats as Adam Green, Dan Deacon, Animal Collective, Regina Spektor, and the YeahYeahYeahs.  I’ve toured over 20 countries and put out over 20 albums!  I’m just finishing up a project called #100songs, which is a songwriting & recording project released via subscription website.  We will be promoting this 4 album set and performing a “best of” from the #100songs project.
MULTIBIRD is an ensemble of four (acoustic and electric guitars, bass and drums) who I’ve been working with for over a year, developing new material, pulling up old favorites from my back catalogue, and even playing a few choice covers (Zelda, Burning Down the House, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Roll Bus Roll). If you have heard the music, then you know you will want to book us straight away before all dates fill.We are booking dates during the month of July.  We prefer professional music venues with sound support but very much enjoy playing art spaces, outdoor events and even house concerts as well.

I hope to hear back from you soon!!





Multibird is the brand new project by Seth Faergolzia. Seth is well known for subtly harmonic, experimental lyricism, dynamic song structures, and whip-crack-acrobatic vocals with projects such as Dufus, Heck Yup & Faergolzia.  Celebrated as a vibrant example of what happens when a musician turns a genre like folk upside down and inside out, over time Faergolzia has come to represent something of a genre unto himself oft times nowhere near the folk aesthetic.With a body of work that exceeds 20 albums and appearances in over 20 countries with the likes of The YeahYeahYeahs, Dan Deacon, Animal Collective, Regina Spektor, Jeffrey Lewis, Moldy Peaches, Kool Keith, Benevento Russo Duo, and many more, Seth Faergolzia is poised to put a spring in the step of his global following with his latest project, MULTIBIRD.  He has, in a short span of months, written 100 songs, and released one fully produced song per week through his subscription website, completing a versatile four album set called #100songs.

The band:

Seth Faergolzia leading, singing and strumming acoustic. Shaun Jones from Heck Yup, will be gently shredding electric guitar. Beat professor, drummer extraordinaire, Dominic Marini was along for the Faergolzia tour last year and has become a solid mainstay in Seth’s projects. Stan Martinelli, the youngest member of Seth’s project 23 Psaegz is wielding the bass like Thor’s hammer.  All four members of the band sing in lush harmony.The freak-folk group will be performing a full and varied cross-section of the peerless oddball music that has delighted and baffled audiences, collaborators, and critics alike for over 2 decades. Faergolzia will continue to shake musical conventions, making moments honest and organic in their exploration of possibility.

“Phenomenal live.” – NME

“Kind and Scary.” – Spex

“Frantic fever-dream folk slashed through with rock stabs.” – The Onion

“As giddy and inventive as it is pissed off, it’s the 21st-century equivalent of the Fugs at their finest.” – Village Voice

“I have never heard anything like this before or since.” – Pop Matters

“Whip-smart pop song writing, intricately clever wordplay.” – KUSF/MTV San Francisco

“This is folk rock twisted and distorted into compelling new structures.” – Relix

“They took that saucepan and spoon and wrote a textured and intense opera… 9 of 10.” – Vice

“Tender, calm and epiphanistic lyrics.” – New York Press

“Seth Faergolzia could be the poster boy for anti-folk.” — Stylus

“Speaking in tongues on top of complex musical phrases, the inspiring frontman of Dufus makes music like nobody else.  Often impenetrable and uniquely original, his rightful place is beside Captain Beefheart and Zappa.”  –Adam Green, the Moldy Peaches

Dufus with Adam Green and Regina Spektor in Brooklyn Vegan:

Become A Patron of Iron Man Records:
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ok, that’s all for now,

Top 10 Punk Anthems

Pull on your band t-shirt and break out the strong-hold hair gel ’cause this is gonna be all killer, no filler! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 punk anthems.

Punk Weddings With Style

Punk Weddings With Style

Punks-in-love Wedding_Limos_(4001993173)

Nobody thought the day would arrive when the punk movement started arriving in limousines. Nonetheless, the day is here. Punk never died but it grown some class as shown by Mr. Frotten & his bride to be when arriving at their punk wedding in a proper luxury limousine from Wedding Services of usually enlisted only to the upper classes. Hundreds of guests watched in amazement as limousine gracefully drove the happy couple into the night towards a happy future to the tones of The Sex Pistols no less.

Unorthodox Paradox Bands

Omnia Opera

With last year’s ‘Nothing is Ordinary’ album released to universally lavish praise, Omnia Opera are set to burn up the stage at Fellfoot again this year with their own unique brand of heavyweight psychedelic epics, dripping with plasma. A feast for the eyes and ears, this will be one of only a handful of performances by the band this year, and with a set designed specifically for The Unorthodox Paradox, you’d be foolish to miss it!

Dog Food

An enigma in British music (or any music come to that), Dog Food have been ploughing a totally unique furrow for over 20 years. Classics like ‘Beware the polythene monster’ and ‘Remember Yogi Trumpet’ hint at what Captain Beefheart & The Bonzo Dog Doodah Band might have sounded like, if they had sired a lovechild, plied it with magic mushrooms, and had it brought up by Mark E. Smith whilst watching early Cardiacs videos. Undeniable genius.



They were so good at last year’s Equinox Paradox that we just had to get them back again! Wirral-based Vert:x is the core of Neil Whitehead and Keith Hill with friends joining them for gigs and recording. Kraut-infused spacerock with heavily delayed, phased, distorted guitars fighting for attention with analogue oscillations to a motorised backbeat evoking journeys through endless expanses of time and space at breakneck speed.


Improvisational and spacey, with a touch of jazz, Shropshire’s Glowpeople have come a long way since their inception just over two years ago. Formed from a core of experienced musicians, and pulling in a variety of guests as and when needed, their style is the perfect soundtrack to a lazy summer’s evening, basking in the halflight, with shards of psych energy flitting through the air and into your brain…


Pastor Punk ?

Oh way oh … who doesnt want infallibility ??? Personally, im your next fucking punk rock pastor and ill burn down the churches with the power of my squeeky voice and bad guitar play !!!

Check out these crazy Cabroney cunts and their God in a box

Fuck sakes! Punks not dead!

Anarcho Punks – 2000 DS

Time for some filthy anarcho punk for the dirty squatters out there!

2000 DS was a traveling, squatting Hardcore Punk outfit with musicians and artists from Wales, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, US and other countries. 2000 DS is short for 2000 Dirty Squatters.

Read more about ..

Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias were a comedy rock band, formed in Manchester, England in 1973. Their story is told in the book When We Were Thin (published 2007 by Hotun Press). The name of the band is a corruption of the Latin American band, Alberto y Los Trios Paraguayos.

The Church Of Punk

The Church Of Punk Manifest
I swear to never be a slave to the system;
To always think for myself,
And to speak up against authority.
I will expose the lies we are daily exposed to,
And always fight for what I believe in.

I promise to be true to myself;
To wear what I want,
And to express myself even if it makes me an outcast.
I will defy gravity with my hair,
And think of new and unusual places to get pierced.

I make an oath before you my brothers and sisters in Punk;
To always be a welcoming host to any Punk in need.
I will never judge another Punk,
As long as I shall live.
With these words in my blue blood I stand by,
The Punx Creed.

Love, respect and peace

Shag Nasty Bootleg Available

A brand new asskicking bootleg is ready featuring classic uk punks Shag Nasty in all their filthy glory doing gigs round dodgy venues mainly round London. You can get their new single Punk Rock Anthem 77 on a free download or grab the entire bootleg album for just 3 pounds … Speedy punk with an attitude all the way through and a strong mixture of their own material and classic covers.

Heres what the band has to say: We are the original UK punk rock band SHAG NASTY not to be confused with later pretenders and inferior US imports. We’ve been gigging and making records since 1977… all for your enjoyment. So lock up your Grans because SHAG NASTY are back…We dont disagree – go grab the Shag Nasty Bootleg album at Bandcamp / Shag Nasty