Fenix TX

SIDESHOW: Who do you think would be a better lay, Bette Rubble or Wilma Flintstone?

DAMON: Bette, she’s much cuter, and I don’t think Barney could do much to me if he found out about it… I’ll find a midget! I’m not scared!


SIDESHOW: Which is your favorite Village Person?

DAMON: The construction guy. He has the smooth Tom Sellick mustache look going.

ADAM: The biker because he reminds me of Richard from Drive-Thru.


SIDESHOW: Do you think K.I.T.T. got mad at Michael Knight when he farted in the car?

DAMON: I don’t think he was too upset because in the 80’s, computers didn’t have a sense of smell yet, so he wouldn’t have known. Last night I had a dream that David Hasselhoff was gay and he came out to the world…weird.

ADAM: Yeah, I guess… because I would be mad if someone farted on me.


SIDESHOW: If you could be in a glam band, which one would it be?

DAMON: I would be in Vixen so I could see them change out of their clothes every night.

ADAM: Motley Crue… so I can see Tommy Lee in those tight little shorts every night.


SIDESHOW: What’s your favorite sexual position?

DAMON: Right-handed with the phone on my shoulder…speaker phone is coo, too but that’s in my mom’s room.

ADAM: Fetal.

SIDESHOW: One of the guys from Save Ferris shit in his pants at the Warped Tour in San Diego and it ran down his leg and got all over the stage. Do you have any good shitting stories you would like to share?

DAMON: Yes… Stefanie from Drive-Thru Records shit out a turd that looked exactly like Jerry Garcia and she has a picture of it. (very true!). One time on tour, my friend shit on a mirror in the back room of a club. It was the coolest thing I ever saw. It stunk really bad, too, and the promoter was really super-mad. He didn’t know who did it, though.

ADAM: When I was 2, my dad bought me a “Jonny Jumper.” It’s a swing for babies that hangs in the doorway… I shit in it and kept jumping in it and I got shit everywhere. Plus, when we go on tour and stay at people’s houses, we don’t use toilet paper–we use their towels instead. Ha ha.


SIDESHOW: What’s your favorite quote from an 80’s movie?

DAMON: I like all the quotes from “The Princess Bride.” Every one of them is rad. That’s the best 80’s movie ever.

ADAM: Our drummer recently died in a freak gardening accident & that’s not fucking stone-henge. Anything frmo “Spinal Tap.” “Big Bottom Girls.” 

SIDESHOW: Who would win in a fight–Corey Haim or Corey Feldman?

DAMON: Corey Feldman without a doubt because he knows all the rad Michael Jackson moves… like in the “Moonwalker” video game. Plus he’s cooler because he was in “The Burbs.” If you were in “The Burbs,” that means you’re cool… and I liked “Dream a Little Dream.”

ADAM: Corey Feldman because Corey Haim is a p—y and Corey Feldman is hard!


SIDESHOW: What is your opinion of the mullet hairstyle?

DAMON: I think it’s ugly. Lots of people in Texas still have them, though.

ADAM: It’s not just a haircut… it’s a way of life. It’s a hairdo that says, “I’m elite.”


SIDESHOW: Since you’re from Texas, what’s your weirdest hick experience?

DAMON: I saw a man punch a cow in the eye. That was pretty neat. A country dude tried to fight me in a parking lot for listening to Slayer when I was 13.

ADAM: I have none. I’m from Joisey!


SIDESHOW: Are you superstitous about anything?

DAMON: Yes, before every show I drink goat’s blood and wear women’s underwear.

Interview by :
Sideshow Rockzine