For over ten years now Guttermouth have brought their raunchy brand of mayhem to an ever-growing audience of snotty punk kids across the globe. Collectively, the members of Guttermouth have been arrested, shot at, threatened, burned and banned from Canada. They have given their all to the high art of punk rock and with the release of their newest album Covered With Ants on Epitaph, the band that just keeps giving, gives a little more. Their latest album is a no holds barred attack that manages to fly the middle finger in the face of just about everyone. Covered With Ants manages to bring self-loathing and disappointment to a new level of entertainment. Their honesty is not only refreshing; it is a hysterical ride through the world of a group of guys who just never grew up.

: Ok, folks – Mark and Jamie from Guttermouth are here right now!
Yahoo_Host1: So let’s say hey to them!
Yahoo_Host1: Ty is here too!
guttermouth_live: Mark: Greetings room! This is Mark.
guttermouth_live: Jamie: I am Jamie, a/k/a the Captain, Greetings to the Room!
guttermouth_live: Ty: Hello!

jack_black_jack: do you think punk rock is dead?
guttermouth_live: Mark: No, it’s definitely not dead. Great question!
guttermouth_live: Thanks for asking!

stupidkid112: So what do you guys think of Canadian beer?
guttermouth_live: Jamie: Boy I love it, I really, really, love it.
guttermouth_live: I like Canadian whiskey more.

zooey_franny: what are your guilty pleasures?
guttermouth_live: Ty: Animals, underage boys, and Godiva chocolate.
guttermouth_live: Mark: Those are Ty’s guilty pleasures. He does not necessarily represent the band in this case.

illpgcill: who’s your favorite bands growing up?
guttermouth_live: Jamie: I sure do want to answer that. But I’ll let Mark go first.
guttermouth_live: Mark: KISS, Led Zeppelin, Gang of Four, and Elton John.
guttermouth_live: Jamie: i was more of a traditionalist, I liked Bob Dylan, Hendrix, The Beatles…Manford Mann, Cream.
guttermouth_live: Ty: Weird Al Yankovic, Boy George.
guttermouth_live: Mark: Ty does not necessarily represent the views of the band.
guttermouth_live: Ty: And the band that sang us the song Sex Dwarfs.

tallperson77: Why did you leave Nitro Records for the holy land of Epitaph?
guttermouth_live: Mark: It was time to try something new, a new beginning for the band. We’d been at Nitro for over six years. It was time to try a new label out for size,
guttermouth_live: and so far we are thrilled to death that we did. Though we owe Nitro a lot, and we’ll miss them terribly, it’s been a new and exciting rebirth for the band.
guttermouth_live: Thank you for asking that question.

ghettochild62: Hey, did the new CD come in an edited version? Because in some parts on “Secure Horizons” it sounds like it is edited.
guttermouth_live: No it’s not!

nichamp: Why is the album so Short??? 25 minutes is an EP!
guttermouth_live: Jamie: Well we’re huge fans of the 70 minute album, and we can only pray that one day we will be as good as Rancid and fill up 70 minutes.
guttermouth_live: Mark: Most people’s attention span is too short for 25 songs.
guttermouth_live: Personally I find myself getting bored after song 11 or 12 on most records, unless of course it’s Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, or Sgt. Pepper.

erzat: why did you guys get banned from Canada?
guttermouth_live: Mark: Another great question. Because I exposed myself to the audience.
guttermouth_live: My penis was exposed.
guttermouth_live: We were performing that night in what’s known as the Bible Belt of Canada, and we all know what the Bible Belt means.
guttermouth_live: Ty: It’s a belt made of bibles.

nichamp: Is it true the band will soon be called Glittermouth??
guttermouth_live: Jamie: Yes, yes and yes.
guttermouth_live: Mark: I think that would be a darling name. Simply gorgeous.
guttermouth_live: Gorgeous.
guttermouth_live: If you ask that question again, you’re going to be named Bloody Mouth.

lars2emily: How do your mothers feel about some of anti-maternal lyrics?
guttermouth_live: Mark: My parents simply do not acknowledge mine or my band’s existence on the planet.
guttermouth_live: So in short, if I were to cross my mother’s path I would tell her to eat my balls and I wish I was never born. Thank you.
guttermouth_live: Jamie: They actually welcome them, if they can even read ’em.
guttermouth_live: Mark: Ty would not know about mothers because he was raised by a gay couple, males, in the Midwest.
guttermouth_live: Ty has two fathers.
guttermouth_live: Ty: My father had a hard time giving birth.

nichamp: How do you feel about your drummer taking ecstasy at raves?
guttermouth_live: Mark: That’s his problem, not mine, and especially not yours.
guttermouth_live: Jamie: We welcome that lifestyle for Tyler, he has to come into his own sometimes. He could OD and die, but we’re all for choosing your own path on dope.

Epitaph_Records_Punk: what do you guys think of Napster
guttermouth_live: Mark: We welcome Napster, it’s a fantastic way to learn about new music.

illpgcill: What do you think of Napster, cuz i would have never discovered you with out it.
guttermouth_live: And I have downloaded thousands of songs myself and will continue to do so. So we welcome you to download our new record. And buy it as well.

gram16420: will you guys be playing at warped tour in L.A.
guttermouth_live: Mark: There is a slight possibility, but most of our dates are in the Midwest.

subb_is_nice: Hey Mark will the punk-o-rama tour will stop in Montreal,Canada?
guttermouth_live: Yes.
guttermouth_live: Mark: Room did you know that our new record came out today and is available in all stores today….

bikeboy197: what is the largest influence on your music
guttermouth_live: Ty: Drugs. Mark: My largest influence is fun, I have so much fun playing for all the people I meet across the world. I’ve got the greatest job ever.
guttermouth_live: Jamie: And the greatest voice!

wesocp: are you gonna do ‘stonehenge’ tonight?
guttermouth_live: Ty: No, we’re playing Big Bottom.

punkkid12: why did Jamie switch from drums to bass?
guttermouth_live: Mark: I saw Jamie Switch, it w as a long time coming….Jamie is so overflowing with talent that we couldn’t keep him caged behind the drums, he needed to showcase his talent in front of the crowd.
guttermouth_live: Ty: Look out!

ataris_girl00: is the song “she’s got the look” about anyone in particular?
guttermouth_live: Ty: Her.
guttermouth_live: Mark: Yes it is.
guttermouth_live: Mark: I actually dated a girl from the east coast, I’m from the west coast, there was major conflict.
guttermouth_live: When you think of the east coast you think of cold, sodomy, buildings, guido looking people with gold chains….
guttermouth_live: Anyway, the west side’s the best side.
guttermouth_live: Sunny and mild everyday.

bikeboy197: what advice would you give to aspiring musicians
guttermouth_live: Mark: Your best bet with being a musician is to stick with the same lineup, and stick with it, and don’t think success will come over night, we’ve been doing it 12 years and we’re still not successful.
guttermouth_live: Ty: Quit while you’re ahead.
guttermouth_live: Jamie: Learn a backup trade or skill, like begging or juggling.
guttermouth_live: Mark: That’s very true…put yourself through college all the time you are an up and coming act, so when your band fails, you can go get yourself a job. Otherwise you will wind up like me. Virtually homeless.

sobriquet_films: If you weren’t busy w/ the band – what do you think you’d be doing?
guttermouth_live: Jamie: I can only speak for myself…and that would be moonwalking across the boardwalk!
guttermouth_live: Mark: I would be selling town homes in the Manhattan Beach area.
guttermouth_live: Ty: I would be a farmer. Tulips.

impy73: What’s the reason for the voice FX in the new album? Mark sounds way cooler normally
guttermouth_live: Mark: We just got to try something new, you don’t want to make the same album over and over again, it’s just a little experimentation, and it makes it more fun for us as a band.
guttermouth_live: Jamie: Obviously you are on glue, he sounds a lot better now.
guttermouth_live: He keeps getting better with time, like a fine Chardonnay.
guttermouth_live: Ty: Mark is the worst singer on the planet, so we need everything and anything we can get our hands on to make him sound better.

trashy73: the kids want to know if you’ll be on Loveline?
guttermouth_live: Mark: In LA it will air this Thursday, I believe in the rest of the country it will air Monday, the 16th.
guttermouth_live: Please feel free to call in and ask us more of these interesting questions.

aj_the_pornstar: are you overwhelmed by fame, or do you like gettin’ laid lotz?
guttermouth_live: Mark: We are really not that famous.
guttermouth_live: And who doesn’t.
guttermouth_live: Ty: Yes and yes.

poopenthusiast: what is the meaning behind the track “Black Enforcers” on the new album?
guttermouth_live: Jamie: Good one. The answer is I cannot tell you because you are not a Black Enforcer.
guttermouth_live: Mark: You do not know the handshake. More or less it’s a secret society with its own secret handshake and secret sauce.
guttermouth_live: Look for Black Enforcer’s Secret Sauce in your local supermarket, it will be coming this fall. It will be next to the Paul Newman variety of Secret Sauces.

roller_skate_skinny: how is Covered with Ants different from your other albums?
guttermouth_live: Mark: This one is covered with ants. The previous ones were not.

gap_girl_cool: When’s your video gonna be on the air
guttermouth_live: Mark: We really are not sure yet. But it will be available for download very soon on the Guttermouth and Epitaph websites….

bikeboy197: what types of instruments do your prefer to play

zooey_franny: did you guys teach yourself your instruments?
guttermouth_live: Jamie: We play really good instruments and obviously we did not teach ourselves, we are very, very well schooled.
guttermouth_live: Mark: I do not play an instrument but I can assure you that the other members are semi-professionals….Tyler claims to have been playing since the age of 3.
guttermouth_live: LOL!
guttermouth_live: I think he’s good but not THAT good.

schnockmeoll: Do you regularly check the message bored on your website?
guttermouth_live: Mark: Myself and Tyler check it probably daily I’d say.
guttermouth_live: Jamie: The answer is no, yes and perhaps!

punkhabits: When are you coming to Australia
guttermouth_live: Mark: October —-Rocktober that is

pennywise_22_99: Hey why did you guys only play two new songs at the S.D. Show
guttermouth_live: Jamie: Because we didn’t think anybody would know more than a few or would want to hear them.
guttermouth_live: Mark: But rest assured we will play more next time. Including the Black Enforcers.

gutterpunkxl: Is the song “Secure Horizons” really about you?
guttermouth_live: Mark: No, this was a song Jamie and I wrote while channel surfing and surfing for a topic to sing about.
guttermouth_live: We happened to land on the financial network, listening to key words and phrases while they were talking about other people’s money, and formed a song about it.
guttermouth_live: It really has nothing to do with anyone in the band.
guttermouth_live: We couldn’t think of anything to write about.

poopenthusiast: who played the piano in “cram it up your ass” on the new CD?
guttermouth_live: Mark: The Captain played the piano throughout the album.
guttermouth_live: Jamie: This is the Captain, and I would like to compliment the pooper on the name…you are my friend.

tallperson77: What do you think of “She’s Got The Look” being your first hit song on commercial radio?
guttermouth_live: Mark: I think it’s fun. Really….from doing a band so long, to hear yourself on the radio is actually damned exciting, and I’m honestly having a little bit of fun with it.
guttermouth_live: Even though the band has a song on the radio we are the still the same band as before.
guttermouth_live: Jamie: We still love parades, and I’ve gotten even more into watching the royal family.

blackflagllll15: Do you listen to your own CD’s?
guttermouth_live: Mark: Yeah, definitely, I love to hear my own voice, it puts me to sleep at night.
guttermouth_live: Sometimes I scream at my nieces and nephews songs like Lucky The Donkey…
guttermouth_live: It helps put my family members to sleep.

outlaw_jim81: who is Don Camaro? just a fictional guy? (I am of course talking about the song on the short music comp)
guttermouth_live: Jamie: Don Camaro is a very real person, he lives in flesh and bone, and he is an excellent engineer of music, and owner of a magic and pet supply warehouse.
guttermouth_live: Get your disappearing ink, get yourself a fish.

GokuSayjin4: how familiar are you with your opening band at the upcoming palace show: Tsunami Bomb, and are you excited to have them open for you?
guttermouth_live: Mark: I was recently introduced to them and have grown quite fond of their CD. And can hardly wait to perform on the same stage as them. To me it will be like Christmas when that day arrives.
guttermouth_live: Jamie: Like the third day of Hanukah…

xafterthoughtx: Whose house did you shoot your new video “She’s got the Look”at?
guttermouth_live: Jamie: Yes it is a real house, it’s not the 3 little bears’ house.

tallperson77: So who’s Mom is the influence behind Lucky The Donkey?
guttermouth_live: Mark.

blackflagllll15: Do fans ever piss you off?
guttermouth_live: Mark: No, not me.
guttermouth_live: I enjoy every single person who comes to a show or leaves a message on our message board or approaches me on the street and tells me how much they love Lucky The Donkey.
guttermouth_live: Jamie: They are all so smart and so fresh scented, how can I not love each and every one of them.
guttermouth_live: Ty: I like my fans to kick me in the balls.
guttermouth_live: Mark: Ty does not represent necessarily the rest of the band.

syzygy_energy: Is the song Abort Mission true or just some s*** you made up?
guttermouth_live: Mark: 110 percent true, except the names were changed to protect the idiots.

gutterpunkxl: which one of your moms is the song “Lipstick” about?
guttermouth_live: Mark’s mother. She’s a popular subject.

motomad_uwsp: hi band, i have just want you to know i have been a fan since i heard whisky on the crusty demons of dirt 2 video. I’m curious, are you playing in Wisconsin anytime soon?
guttermouth_live: Jamie: Wow, wow, wow, finally a fellow dirtbiker like myself. Hell yes we’ll be somewhere in Wisconsin soon, in May, probably the Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee area. Check for cities and dates on the website,
guttermouth_live: And feel free to ride your bike to the show.

xoipolloix: where can i find lyrics?
guttermouth_live: In the CD sleeve….maybe in some sort of magic box….

GokuSayjin4: Do you remember your tour with the Toy Dolls, have you planned on touring with them anytime in the future?
guttermouth_live: Jamie: I don’t remember it and no.
guttermouth_live: Mark: Not a chance in hell.

lessknowncharacter: Is the upcoming Punk-o-Rama Tour going to consist of most of the the new songs? PLEASE PLAY THE OLD ONES!!!
guttermouth_live: Mark: We will play mostly old soon and maybe only 4 or 5 new ones. So rest assured, you’ll hear your favorites!

bikeboy197: are you all aware of your popularity in Mexico
guttermouth_live: Si! Buenas dias! Buenas noches Mexico, como estas? Bien?
guttermouth_live: Gracias!

blackflagllll15: Do you guys ever sing political songs?
guttermouth_live: Jamie: You bet.
Yahoo_Host1: Drew – wanted to know – why are you guys so f*& cool?
guttermouth_live: Mark: You bet. Thank you Drew, I’m sure you are equally as cool in your own special way.

porn_store_pete: why don’t you guys ever play Summersong? i screamed at the last show but i guess ty’s lil’ voice over powered me
guttermouth_live: Jamie: Ty doesn’t know how to play it….
guttermouth_live: Mark: Even though he’s been playing since the age of 3, he still doesn’t know how to play that one.
guttermouth_live: Ty: I haven’t wanted to even hear that song. I hate my band.
guttermouth_live: Jamie: Obviously Tyler is lying. There is no way in hell he can match my complex rhythmic frenzy.

GokuSayjin4: Do you feel a certain growing maturity in your music in conjunction with the age of the band?

stupidkid112: Do you think you are progressing or regressing as a band?
Yahoo_Host1: Last question chatters!
guttermouth_live: Mark: Tough one! All you need to do is listen to the 11th track on our new album, it is called Cram It Up Your Ass.
guttermouth_live: That should remove any doubts…
guttermouth_live: Jamie: The sense of maturity in that song speaks in leaps and bounds, and obviously spells out our future direction.
guttermouth_live: Mark: I have 3 of our new CD’s in my ass as we speak.

robpunk: When’s your new album out?
guttermouth_live: Today!!!
Yahoo_Host1: Thanks so much to Mark, Jamie and Ty for stopping by to chat!
guttermouth_live: Mark: Thank you all for joining us in this afternoon’s chat, look for one in the near future, and I can’t wait to see each and every one of your smiling faces on the Punk-O-Rama tour. So long amigos!
guttermouth_live: Ty: Ditto.
guttermouth_live: Jamie: I would like to thank everyone as well in a firm handshake sort of way,
guttermouth_live: and invite you all to pick up the record which is out today, and God Bless You all!
Yahoo_Host1: That’s it folks – Guttermouth has left the chat room!
Yahoo_Host1: Thanks for your excellent/amusing questions – the band loved ’em!

xoipolloix: see ya

gutterpunkxl: You guys are great

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