On November 13, 1999 I interviewed Yuri, the drummer for the punk band MxPx, in San Antonio. It was my first interview, so I was a little nervous but I quickly got over it. There were a few things I might have done different if I had another chance but the interview turned out fine. Consider yourself lucky reading an interview with only Yuri because I don’t think I have ever read one with just him. If you ever go to an MxPx show go say hi because he is a really cool guy. A little brief history on MxPx is, they were formed in 1992 with Mike on bass and vocals, Yuri played the drums and Andy played guitar. After the release of their first album “Pokinatcha” in 1994 they got a new guitarist named Tom and have had the same lineup since. MxPx is constantly touring and plan to release a new album this coming February.


Is there a tentative release date for the new record?

Y:Its probably going to come out in Feb. 2000. Its not completed at this point. We spent all summer recording it. We are going go back in the studio next month, in December to record a couple more songs and then hopefully it will be out in February. That’s what we are shooting for.

Can you describe basically how it is going to sound?

Y: We are trying some different things. We had more time to spend on the songs. So they definitely sound more refined. I think the melodies are a lot stronger than our other records and musically they are more interesting.

I have heard you are on interscope records. Is that true or are you still on a&m records?

Y:We are on interscope records but on the next record the a&m logo will be on there, but we are on interscope. The mother company of a&m was bought out by the mother company of interscope. So now a&m and geffen records are merged into interscope. So a lot of people lost their jobs and so interscope takes care of us.

Has anything interesting happened so far on this tour worth mentioning?

Y:Well, there is always interesting stuff that goes on but you don’t remember them. Geez, I can’t think of anything.

After you guys left tooth and nail would you have signed with Epitaph or Fat Wreck Chords if they had offered you a contract?

Y:I don’t think so. It wasn’t the direction we wanted to move in.

In your video for “I’m Ok You’re Ok” is the guy serving donuts Aaron from Reel Big Fish?

Y:Yeah, I think it is Aaron

Do you still speak with Andy your former guitarist, and did Tom know Andy at all?

Y:We still speak with Andy, ya know. We hang out with him when we can. We’re always on tour and busy and he is married and has a child, and works. He lives sort of a more normal lifestyle. I’ve been friends with Tom since before I knew Mike and Andy. So when I became friends with them, we all sort of became friends.

How long do you predict you will keep touring and doing records?

Y:Its hard to tell man. I don’t know. I didn’t know it would last this long.

Can you describe a normal day on tour?
Y:For myself I usually wake up around 10 or 10:30. I’ll get up and call my loved one, my girlfriend. Then I will get something to eat. On this tour we have been doing a lot of filming because we are going to do a video for “Theme Fiasco”. It will be low budget but it should be cool. We do filming or Mike and Tom are in the back right now recording. We do

that, have some lunch, do sound check, do the show, and hang out.

What do your parents think of the band?

Y:My parents are really happy that I get to do what I like to do, ya know. Their really happy about it.

What is the best and worst part of being in MxPx?

Y:The best part of being in MxPx is probably number 1, getting to play the drums and make music. The travel is good. I guess the worst part is fighting about stuff, like when you’re making music with other people you are sort of depending on the other people to do their job well. A lot of times you slack and you forget your a professional band and that

can cause tension some times. That is probably the worst part being in the band.

What do you plan on doing after MxPx comes to an end?

Y:Well I am going to be married and have a family. That will take up a lot of time but I do not know about a job.

What is your favorite movie?

Y:Lately I like Jim Carey movies but I wouldn’t say it is my favorite movie of all time but like Cable guy and Liar Liar and stuff. Those are good lately.

What is the strangest thing you have done for money?

Y:Probably nothing too strange. Nothing, I do not think I have ever been that kind of guy.

What do you think of Britney Spears?

Y:She is a formula. Her music is catchy and everything but it is not like she wrote it.

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