Alcaline Trio News

Hello people. It’s sunday night and it’s update time. First things first. The winners of the Alkaline Trio contest will be declared in our mid-week update this week. I know I said they would be ready on Sunday but some unfortunate family events occured and a lengthy interview was being typed so the time wasnt there. Tomorrow is my last official day at work so will have some cool shit happening in the near future. I know this update is small but small is the key word, for my interview with the legend Joey Cape is now available. Please take the time to read it and spread it. There is a lot of rad information in there and I spent a lot of time on it. In addition to that is the No Clubs Productions section. Basically, is affiliated with No Clubs Productions (they promote all of the rad shows in the Tampa Bay area) in the sense that we will be providing an online home for the major punk shows that come to town. Check it out. Take it easy.