30 Foot Fall

X-Tra Credit: What is your name & what band are you in?
Brian: Brian Davis- Middlefinger & 30 Foot Fall
X-Tra Credit: What instrument do you play for 30 Foot Fall?
Brian: Drums
X-Tra Credit: How long have you been playing for them?
Brian: A little over 2 years
X-Tra Credit: Have you recorded any albums with them?
Brian: Yes, i recorded “Ever Revolving, Never Evolving” with them
X-Tra Credit: That album is really good. How long did it take you to record that whole album?
Brian: Thanks…..I recorded all of the drum tracks and Rubio recorded all of the bass guitar in 2 days. Then we overdubbed guitar and vocals over the next 2 weeks. Then we spent about 2 weeks mixing and mastering…I guess about a month total….
X-Tra Credit: Who is a better friend to you, the other members moms or your hand?
Brian: Hahaha….actually I haven’t met all of their moms….
X-Tra Credit: Boxers or briefs?
Brian: Boxers
X-Tra Credit: Paper or plastic?
Brian: Plastic…..
X-Tra Credit: Is it true that you got a new guitarist & what is his name?
Brian: Yes….Jason
X-Tra Credit: Have you guys recorded anything new since Ever Revolving, Never Evolving?
Brian: We’re writing new songs and hope to have a new album out by the end of the year.
X-Tra Credit: Is it going to be out on Nitro Records?
Brian: No, we parted ways with Nitro records
X-Tra Credit: Are you scouting for a label right now?
Brian: Our new album is gonna be released on Plethorazine Records out of Houston.
X-Tra Credit: What is your best score on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater?
Brian: Well i’ve beat the game….i don’t remember individual scores…..
X-Tra Credit: Have you heard any good yo mama jokes recently?
Brian: No, but if you have any i’ll take em’.
X-Tra Credit: What was the weirdest job you’ve had in your life?
Brian: I sold shoes at Journeys….Needless to say i’ve got 30 + pairs of shoes.
X-Tra Credit: I heard that you live in your singers bathroom, is this true?
Brian: Uhm no….our old guitarist lived in our rehearsal studio…
X-Tra Credit: Do you prefer Vogue or Boy’s Life while on the crapper?
Brian: Actually Details or Maxim.
X-Tra Credit: When is 30 Foot Fall goin on tour next & where do you plan on going?
Brian: I’m not sure about the next tour. As for now we will continue to tour regionally including Texas and Louisiana. Sometime after the new record comes out.
X-Tra Credit: Would you ever want to hang out with me?
Brian: Sure, buy me a beer? haha

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