88 Fingers Louie

Everyone has missed you guys…were you in prison or somthing?
No we weren’t in prison, but some of us are still wanted by the police. We were off doing our own seperate things for awhile.

What sparked you fellas to reunite the band?
The fact that over the year and a half away from each other, we all matured and in talking on occasion, we were able to iron out the wrinkles that split up the band in the first place. And hell, we just really wanted to.

Who is the new guy? Has he been able to keep up with the rest of the band’s masturbation habits?
John from South Bend, IN (no jokes, please) is our new drummer. he hasn’t been able to reach Denis’ record, but then again, none of us have.

What is the overall opinion of your first tour back together?
It was a great tour. Not only was it our first tour back, but it was our first tour of the East Coast. We had some really awesome shows, and most of all, we had a lot of fun.

Besides Digger, who are some of the funner bands that you guys played with lately?
We’d like to start by saying that “funner” is not a real word, but we can’t expect much from Rosebud. Some fun bands that we played with on this past tour were Kid Dynamite, Humble Beginnings, Time Flies, The Enkindels, and Five Driver, just to name a few.

What is the most memorable show ever in the history of 88 Fingers Louie?
Probably the most memorable show was a last minute gig in which we supposedly insighted a “riot.” We can’t go into detail due to legal entaglement.

How have the shows been in hometown Chicago, il recently?
We have only played two Chicago shows in the area since the reunion, but both have been incredible. It’s nice to see some of the old faces, as well as the new ones.

If you guys didn’t live in Illinois, what state would you like to be living in?
I would like to move to Santa Cruz, CA because there are so many fucking hippies (Denis). I really think Florida would be cool (Dan). It would be nice living on the oceanfront. If I could go up to Canada, I really think I’d move to Toronto because it’s similar to Chicago, and I love Chicago. No for all places mentioned in the previous question (except for Chicago, of course).

After all of your tour experience so far, what state is home to the best looking women?
Normally we would say Chicago, but after this last tour, we both agree on Florida (no offense ladies).

Which one of you is the smoothest with the ladies?
Denis is, but he’s also got the hairiest ass and the biggest (beer) belly.

What is the root of Dan’s metal influence?
The root of Dan’s metal influence goes back to the glam metal days. Unfortunately, that’s where it all started. It soon went to real metal like old Metallica, Slayer, and DRI. I haven’t really listened to any new metal since the late eighties, but I did start getting into some awesome death metal a couple years ago. At the Gates and Grave especially.

Name your top five metal bands with Dan getting the final decision on the top two.
Denis has a warped idea of metal but here goes. #5 Night Ranger (yeah that was one of Denis’) #4 Anthrax (Joe) #3 old Metallica (all of us) #2 Strung Out #1 At the Gates.

When is Dan going to get a perm?
Too late, Dan’s hair has been permed twice in his high school days. Due to this, he was ostracized at both school and home. We probably shouldn’t mention this, but Dan is permantly scarred from this upsetting turn of events.

Does anyone in the band sport a mustache?
In this band there is no such thing as “just a mustache.” It would depend on if she had a mustache as well. Denis likes the Billy Dee Williams look.

Are you guys happy with everything at Hopeless?

Have you boys gotten excited about the upcoming release of your new album yet?
Of course we have, silly man. We’re very proud of it and we believe it is our best stuff yet (that’s not necessarily saying much).

Did you have any fun in the studio, or was it just a painstaking way to spend even more Hopeless greenbacks?
It was a lot of fun and we milked the Hopeless Cow for all she’s worth.

Can you give us a clue on what the new album “Back on the Streets” is all about?

Do you guys have a message for your loyal young fans?
Thanks for supporting us. It’s people like you that inspired the reunion, and we all look forward to seeing you.

Interview by :Hopeless Records ‘Zine #2, Summer 1998