Daryl: Lets rock homey.

9fingers: Alright, I didn’t have anything written, so I’m just gonna freeball this interview.

Daryl: Sure…

9fingers: Ok, lets start with the basic shit. How’d the band get started?

Daryl: Um, It started in like, 1993, before we had the name “Glassjaw.” I started playing with my guitar player, Beck. We both worked together at a day camp for kids, I was like 13, he was like 14.

9fingers: Damn, you started young.

Daryl: And we were little kids’ counselors. Then the rest of the band just joined bit by bit over the past few years. Then we finally got under the name “Glassjaw” since about ’94.

9fingers: Where’d the name come from?

Daryl: It was just…At the time when I was 13, I liked alot of metal and old hardcore from the 80’s. SO like, it was a name that sounded cliche like, all the bands had names like “Strongarm”, or “Incite.”

9fingers: Yeah, all those tough-guy band names.

Daryl: So I figured I’d have a name like Glassjaw. And uh, it really doesn’t mean anything now, that much anymore. It’s just something we’ve had since we were young at the time, and it means alot because, well, the words themselves don’t mean anything, it’s just the name…it has sentimental value.

9fingers: What abou tthe stuff you write about? Because I remember when i got the press kit a few months ago, and I read about how you tie everything in with Godzilla movies.

Daryl: (eyes light up) The biggest inspiration to me, like, imagery-wise, is Japanese animation and Godzilla movies. Godzilla, to me, is a metaphor for life. It might sound silly, but it’s just something I relate to. It’s just…probably my favorite thing in the world is Godzilla and Japanese live action movies.

9fingers: Do you like Ranma (awesome anime)?

Daryl: Yeah, I love all anime movies. I love anime.

9fingers: Cool, Ranma is fucking nuts.

Daryl: (laughs)

9fingers: So is there any one person in particular that you write about? Cuz alot of that’s like, the perfect “pissed at my girlfriend” record. It is for me at least.

Daryl: Yeah, most of the record is a concept record about two-and-a-half years of my life that I didn’t wanna be alive for…that I almost made myself not alive for. Um, about one persona who i was in a relationship with in particular, and…and also being sick, cuz I’m often sick, I have many health problems. So it’s like a concept record on how she wasn’t there to help me with that, and how she left me, and blah blah blah, you know the story.

9fingers: What about the names of the songs? In particular, Siberian Kiss, that’s by far my favorite song on the album. I’m gonna wig out when you play that tonight, I’ll lose my voice guaranteed.

Daryl: Good, that’s what I wanan hear. Um, it’s just, I dunno, the notion of…

9fingers: A kiss being something warm and sweet, and Siberia being cold as hell?

Daryl: Yeah man. It’s just like, she couldn’t have been any more empty when she was with me than she was. She, when she was with me was a completely empty person in everything she did with and to me…and was completely empty for a long time. That’s what that’s supposed to mean..a kiss, something that’s fulfilling and warm, and it was just the coldest shit. (looks down at the red ink stamp on his hand, stamped on by the club owner, and has since smeared onto his shirt and pants) I’m trippin out about this red shit. I hate that.

9fingers: What was it like working with Ross Robinson? (the mega-producer of Korn, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Sepultura, and others)

Daryl: It was amazing…perfect. I wouldn’t change a damn thing from the whole experience. He evoked in us exactly what it was that made us write that music in the first place. He made me as miserable as I was when the situation I was writing about happenned in the first place.

9fingers: Yeah, that’s what he’s known for.

Daryl: He’s a member of the bands now. He’s the 6th member. He will always be. Even if we don’t use him as a producer, which we will. But even if we didn’t, he’s still a member of the band. He’s my best friend, ya know? He’s the magic, everywhere he goes, he brings the magic.

9fingers: Were you guys the second signing on Ross’ I AM label?

Daryl: We were the third. First was Amen, I think, second was Slipknot…or however it goes, but I know we were the third.

9fingers: At any rate, as far as I’m concerned, Glassjaw is definitely the best band on RoadRunner right now. You guys have that perfect blend of heft and melody. I especially like you voice. From harmony to hell in a split second, that nice high-pitched hardcore scream.

Daryl: Like VOD (Vision of Disorder) 9fingers: Yep.

Daryl: VOD are our closest friends from home. They’re the big reason why we are where we are right now, cuz they’d been putting us on all the time. But yeah, you can tell there’s a hardcore influence in our music. And I guess that shining through is what alot of kids with an underground music mentality are drawn towards.

9fingers: Yeah, that’s kinda what drew me into it initially. Usually I get stuff from RoadRunner that I don’t give two shits and a fuck about, but when I got the Glassjaw CD, I put it in, and wow.

Daryl: Thanks man, you can tell there’s a hardcore influence in there, but we’re not hardcore, which is cool because we are influenced by hardcore, but we’re not hardcore.

9fingers: The music stands out more that way. So, you ever give up the mic?

Daryl: Of course.

9fingers: Alright, well look for me during Siberian Kiss.

Daryl: Be right there and it’s all yours.

9fingers: Word. So how have the reviews been on the album since its release?

Daryl: I haven’t read a bad one yet, thank god.

9fingers: I still have yet to post my reivew, but it’s a good one. Glassjaw’s way up there for me.

Daryl: Thank you, Glassjaw’s way up there for me too. I’m glad someone else feels the same way.

9fingers: Yep. So what’s your take on mp3s?

Daryl: Napster?

9fingers: Not just Napster, but mp3s in general.

Daryl: I don’t really know about the wholewave of fans with Napster right now. I thought it might hurt sales, but it supposedly helped.

9fingers: I don’t think that bands like Metallica should cry about it. But I can see where indie labels would suffer. But huge bands aren’t going to lose any money over it, because they’ll still sell millions of records, and people still want to buy the album for the artwork.

Daryl: I don’t know, it’s a touchy subject for me. It just hurt my feelings when I’d worked for hard on something for over 2 years and people are stealing it. So, that’s all I can really say about that.

9fingers: What’s the band been doing on tour?

Daryl: Playing with Shelter, and going out in about 2 weeks with the Deftones in Europe, and then we’ll do some U.S. dates with the Deftones.

9fingers: What about for recreation?

Daryl: I go to record stores.

9fingers: Ah hah, my favorite pastime.

Daryl: Hip hop and dance music record stores, that’s about it. And we eat alot…I listen to my walkman when we’re on the bus. (looks down at his hands) I’m gonna go wash this shit off my hands now. If there’s anything else you need throughout the night, just let me know.

9fingers: Thanks.

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