Earth Crisis

Karl: Hi there, we’re on tour with Sepultura right now and tonight we’re playing the Rialto Theatre in Tuscon, Arizona. VOD is also on the bill.

Q: I’d like to ask how it is to be on tour so much and being away from friends and family for so long periods.

K: It’s amazing to get to see all the different parts of the world that we do. We appreciate it but we definitely do miss our families and everyone back in Syracuse.

Q: What are your feelings on the Internet. I heard you don’t really like it for the most part.

K: The internet is like anything else, television or the radio. You can learn new things of value through it. But a lot of times it’s a funnel for misinformation.

Q: I like meat, and sees the utility in hunting to keep populations in check because predators have been pushed out due to urban sprawl. How can you say that the preservation of the environment through such means is bad?

K: Hunting for population control of animals is a scam. Unlike in the natural world, where animals hunt each other, humans seek out and strike down the healthiest for trophies rather than weeding out the weak. Through veganism, there would be more wildland for creatures’ habitat. Vast tracts of forest and praire are converted into pasture and fields for livestocks food to be grown in, disrupting the balance of the natural world. By the way Arabic, Italian, Mexican, and Chinese food – obviously not all, but a lot of it – is traditionally prepared vegan. Vegan food is not hard to find at all.

Q: How is it being on tour with Sepultura?

K: Sepultura has been one of my favorite bands since the Arise album, so it’s an honor for us that they took us out with them.

Q: Why did you change labels?

K: The point of moving to Roadrunner is to reach more people with our message, and so that we can do this band as our career.

We’ll do an extensive US tour in November and December with Hatebreed and Harley from the Cro-Mags’ new band; Samsarah. We’ll be headlining. We’re looking for a support slot with a bigger band in Europe so keep your fingers crossed for us. Breed the Killers has been out for a couple of weeks, it’s our new eleven song full length. Kids are already singing along to the new stuff. See you guys later! Thanks for coming out.

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