New Found Glory

On Thursday April 19th, I had the opportunity to sit down with Chad, Cyrus and Ian from new found glory and ask them a few questions, here is what they had to say. (Steve)

LTW: ok, first question, last night, you got the chance to play on Conan O’Brien, what was that like?

Chad: cool as hell

Cyrus: It was awesome

LTW: was it any different playing so far away from the audience?

Chad: Nah, the crowd was still there cheering and everything

LTW: did they get into it as much?

Cyrus: yeah, defiantly

Ian: there were a lot of parents there though, so it was a little weird, but you have to think of it like, it’s not really for the people there, it’s for the people at home, so we just did what we always do.

LTW: will you be doing anymore TV appearances in the future?

Cyrus: we don’t have any scheduled

Chad: I think we might be doing Jay Leno in a couple months

LTW: what about MTV, trl?

Cyrus: all that stuff happens, like, a couple days in advance

Ian: we did stuff for, like the internet stuff, the MTV net radio

LTW: your video is getting a lot of play on MTV2, what was it like making the video?

Ian: it was a lot of fun, but it kinda sucked cause so many people showed up, and we had to send like 300-400 people home

Chad: we weren’t prepared to have that many people show up

LTW: I read on your website that you did something else for the people you sent home

Ian: yeah, we sent them all shirts

LTW: that’s cool, what is it like being signed to MCA?

Ian: it’s cool

Cyrus: the label is so cool, it’s not like a whole bunch of people in jackets and ties, it’s just a bunch of regular guys.

LTW: compared to drive-thru?

Chad: now you get to see our CD’s everywhere

Cyrus: It’s like the same thing as drive-thru only on a bigger scale, like more people work there

LTW: who was your favourite band to tour with?

Cyrus: well, we just finished the less than jake tour, I’ll have to say them

Ian: Less than Jake also

Chad: I’ll have to say less than jake, and midtown, and saves the day, they were cool

LTW: if you could play with any band that you haven’t. Who would they be?

Ian: I would like to play with Britney spears

Cyrus: you would really like to play with Britney spears

Chad: I’d like to play with they might be giants

Cyrus: I’d love to play a show with incubus, that would be really cool, I would love to play a show with 311, and now we are, on warped tour this summer

LTW: what dates of the warped tour are you playing?

Cyrus: we’re just doing the first 7 dates, then we’re going on tour with blink

LTW: are you going to be touring with blink all throughout their tour?

Cyrus: yeah, it starts in July and goes all the way through till august, like 50 shows

LTW: have you guys played with blink before?

Ian: we played one show, on new years

LTW: how was that?

Cyrus: it was awesome, there were like 20,000 people there

LTW: are you looking forward to touring with them?

Cyrus: would you look forward to touring with them?

Ian: it’s cool for me cause the first to bands that I started listening to, well, punk wise, were unwritten law and blink, so they’ve been my favourite band since I was like 17, so it’s like a dream come true, we get to do 10 weeks, like 52 shows, its gonna be a lot of fun

Chad: they’re really good live, they’re hilarious

Ian: I think I am gonna watch them every single night, I am gonna try and reserve us seats, on new years we all went to like the first row all the way in the back, I am gonna sit there every single night and watch the show

LTW: that’s a lot of shows

Cyrus: we’ll watch every one, it’ll be rad

LTW: any advice for bands that are just starting out?

Chad, Ian and Cyrus: tour

Chad: play good shows, and practice

Ian: Masturbate a lot

Chad: don’t let anyone do anything for you, book your own tours and everything

Ian: Give out a lot of free stuff too, a lot of free tapes and stickers

LTW: how long did it take you to get a record?

Cyrus: we actually recorded the first EP about 3 months after we formed

LTW: how long till you got on drive through

Cyrus: we got on drive through summer of 98

LTW: ok, the cover songs, why did you pick those songs to cover?

Ian: we had played the titanic song and the Armageddon song live, so we knew we were going to do those two, each person in the song then picked a song that they wanted to do

LTW: my fave is the Bryan Adams song

Ian: Steve picked that one, Cyrus picked the glory of love, I picked the goonies song, Chad picked never ending story

Chad: actually, I picked both that thing you do and never ending story

Ian: yeah, Chad got two picks, we gave him Jordan’s pick cause he really didn’t care

LTW: what was your favourite place to play?

Ian: I’d say the Eagle ballroom in Milwaukee

Chad: Asbury Park

Ian: yeah, Asbury Park was a lot of fun

Cyrus: New years in san deigo was cool too

LTW: What influences you guys, what music do you like, what is in your CD player right now

Cyrus: right now in my CD player is the new Fenix TX that isn’t out yet

Chad and Ian: yeah the new Fenix TX

Chad: the new band on drive through records, the starting line, they are really awesome, so them

Cyrus: Tic and Tac

Ian: the A*Teens

LTW: Ian, you said that unwritten law and blink were the first punk bands that you started listening too, what about you guys

Cyrus: I dunno, I started out with like a lot of Metallica

Chad: I’d have to say, Fugazi, and Earth Crisis

Ian: actually, my first band would probably like, stormtroppers of death, I’ve been listening to them since I was like 8

LTW: how old are you guys?

Cyrus: I’m 21

Ian: 23

Chad: I just turned 20

LTW: who is the youngest in the band?

Cyrus: Chad is, Jordan and Steve are both also 21

LTW: how long have you been together?

Cyrus: 4 years now

LTW: that’s cool, it’s awesome that you got this far in four years, congratulations on that, that’s really all I have, so thank you very much for the time.

Ian, Chad and Cyrus: Thank you.


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