Against All Authority Interview

The interview is done 10-19-2000 by Kim Ahl/Viewpoint Webzine


How and when did you get involved in the hardcoremovement/scen?
Well when I was 13 I got involve with the punk scene. I kind of stumbled into
it after a kiss show my cousin took me down to a club called max’s kansas
city were I saw this awefull band and i thought if this clown can do this
than so can I. That clown was sid vicious!!!

Why did you chose to dedicate your life to hardcore instead of some other

Well I never chose to dedicate my life to anything but myself. It was just
what I needed. these were people that i could relate to. People walking out
of step with society…..

What´s the biggest difference between how the scene was in th early 80es
compared to now days.

Well it was smaller and tighter. it was more like a family. Today it is
bigger and seems to be too diversed. To many clicks and bounderies. funny
this is what we were all against.

The scene got a bit rough in the 80es with gangviolence and stuff so they
had to close venues like CBGB´s down. How´s the situation now, Are there
still problems with violence between different crews etc?
No, things are a lot better. I have a theory that the shitty rap music
invaded our scene to destroy it. Thats why i hate rap music. its all
crap!!!!–gotta,gotta go!

What do you think about the worlwide  Hardcorescene today?
It is increadable! I am very proud to be one of the bands to have started
such a great scene.

I know that the the skinheadmovement was strongly represented in the 08es
NYHC scene. Why do you think that the NYC-skins got in to Oi-!inluenced
Hardcore Instead of “Traditional” skinhead music like European Oi! And Ska?

Well, the Oi movement is a street movement and that is exactly what early
hardcore was– true music from the streets by rebels.
I am not a big ska fan so i can’t answer that. But as for Oi, well that is
what us street kids were all about.

The skinheadmovement (SHARPs and Trads, not nazis!) is getting stong (at
least in Europe) now , are there a lot of skins at your shows and how do the
other “kids” react about it, and what do you think about it?
Hey like i have said not every skinhead is a racist. They are people like us.
Some have different oppinions than others but it is all good. As long as
everyone is having a good time. We need to stop fighting one another and
start strenghtening our movement.

Hows the unity between Punks, Skins and Hardcorekids in NY?
It’s pretty good. it can be better. people need to leave there attitudes at
home sometimes.

UNITY is just word to some people, what does the word UNITY mean to you?
It means just that! if we can all get along then we can all stand strong!

I know you´re all in to Oi!/punkbandsbands like The Business, Cock
Sparrer, Stiff Little Fingers, Iron Cross, Sex Pistols and more. What do you
think about the new breed of Oi!/punkbands?

Don’t get me wrong i am a big Dropkick Murphys, U.S Bombs, Templers, Rancid,
etc…newer Oi band fan. And i must add that i love the Anti-Heroes

According to Oi!/Streetpunk, I can here  that you got back more to your
roots on the two latest albums (Somethings Gotta Give & Roit Riot Upstart).

Well that is what this line up does best. Nothing was ever planned. This is
what us 4 write best.

I think that they got the spirit and sound  like Victim In Pain (first
album 1983), It´s like a perfect mix of Oi! and Oldschool Hardcore. What´s
your comment on that?
You are 100% right and only because it is the original victim in pain tour
line up.

Could we expect the same sound on the next AGNOSTIC FRONT album?
Yes i hope…..

Your sound has changed a lot over the years, could you make a comment to
each AFalbum?

United Blood
Not really one of my favorites but it is a classic.

Victim In Pain
This one is awesome! the real begining of NYHC!

Cause For Alarm
I really hate this one.

Libert and Justice…
I hate this one too.

One Voice
This one is really good. also one of my favorites. It is one of the 1st new
school sounding hardcore records.

Something´s Gotta Give
I love this one! a great comeback record!

Riot Riot Upstart
My favorite of all!!!!! this one is like victim in pain all over again!

You are now signed to Epitaph, how´s that.Like Distribution, how they
promote your records and how the staff is to work with?

Truthfully they do very minimal for us. we can’t depend on them thats why we
depend on our true fan base.

What´s the most important thing about a label?
I don’t know but it ain’t us.

Have you planned anything for new album and have you writen any new material?
Yes, we have a new record we will be recording in january and hopefully will
be out by may of 2001.

How do you discribe the new material?
It is our style . Original New York Hardcore from the true bastards of punk.

Have you planned where and when you´re goin to record it and when do you
expect to have it out?

The location still has not been figured out. We just want to get it out by

How are yourworking when you´re writing the songs, whos doing the music,
lyrics and how do you put it together etc?

Jimmy Colletti does most of the writing. Most of the time it is good. if not
then we make the apropiate changes and that goes the same with the lyrics.

Where do you get inspiration from when you´re writing songs and lyrics?
Life…the injustice system that keeps us bitter. Most of our songs have to
do with social politics.

Do you Rehersal a lot before a tour and when you´re going to the studio?
Never before a tour because its in our hearts and blood. No need to rehearse
what is a natuaral to us – hardcore!!!! We will rehearse alot before recording
because we want to have a lot of live experience with it. The location still has
not been figured out. We just want to get it out by

You been Touring a lot the last two years, how´s that, do you enjoy being
on the road?

It’s really good most of the time because you always meet new people and see
old friends too.

Is it any difference to tour in Europe compared to America, like the kids,
veues etc. and are the Skins, Hardcore & punkkids different in the US and

I think it is pretty much the same.

I heard that you have problems getting in to other counrtys sice you have
Cuban citizenship and you also have problems getting in to USA after tours
etc.  That’s Kind of a “fucked up” situation, isn´t it anything you can do about it?!

Nothing i can do untill i become an american citizen wich I have been trying
for 12 years!!!

There are a lot of “new” kids coming to your shows that haven´t been in to
hardcore for so long and I guess that they are more in to the
Metal/Newschoolsound , how do they react on your Oi!/punk influenced

Well this is what we love. There is nothing wrong with the new school sound if you
like it the main difference is the back ground. Oldschool kids have roots to
Punk/Oi/and early HC style bands and new schoolkids come from the Pantera, Slayer
Metallica back grounds….

Regarding your supportacts/tour package, do you choose band the bands your
self or do the bookingcompany or label take care of that?

I participate in choosing the bands. It is tough because i know so many bands
an d friends but i can’t take everyone with me.

The 3rd UNITY FEST tour is about to begin, and I think it´s a awesome
comcept to put together bands with different styles like  last years line-up
with Agnostic Front, US BOMBS that are a 77punkband and No Innocent Victim
who´s more of a Metal/Newschoolband. How do you se it?

That is the concept to get different kids at the same show…..unity!!!!

Is the UNITY FEST tour a annual thing?
Yes it is. it happens once in america and once in europe. It is my concept
and creation.

You´re also playing bass in a band called band Lady Luck with your wife
Could you tell me a little about the band like members, releases etc?
Check out our site and you can read what it is about.
It isn’t punk or hardcore. it is alot more melodic but I really like it.

How is it to play bass in a Emosounding band compared to sing in AF?
I really enjoy it. i am very open minded and i like any type of music as long
as it is done right.

Have you planned to come over to Europe with Lady Luck?

Yes Lady Luck begins tour on the 12th of december. Go to our labels site and look under tour news for the countries and dates.

Since you and your wife are involved in the hardcore/punk scene is your
daughter Nadia also involved and in to hardcore and punkstuff?

My daughter loves Lady Luck but she isn’t a big fan of Agnostic Front.

How do you think that the Hardcorescene will look like in ten years?
I can’t tell you because if you would have asked me 15 years ago that
hardcore was going to be a world wide alert i would have probably doubted it.
I hope that it grows stronger and stronger and that people do not forget the

Why do you think that?
Because hardcore is my life, because I live hardcore!!!!


Interview by : Kim Ahl