All (Band) – Interview

Names from all of the ALL members.

I’m Chad I sing, Bill Plays the Drums, Stephen plays guitar, Karl plays the bass.

For those who don’t know of the Descendents/ALL family shrub could you briefly go over it?

Well, a long time ago there was a band called the Descendents. Shit I’m gonna fuck up the order of people. In the Descendents there is Bill, Milo, Ray, Doug, Frank, Tony, there was a number of people. Then Milo quit singing, to go to school, that’s when they changed the name to ALL. I’m the third singer. First was Dave Smalley, then Scott Reynolds, third is me.

Since recording for the Street Skater video game have you thought of putting any other tracks on a game?

I don’t know, that song I just wrote for Mass Nerder the record. One day I see this video game just sitting there, I pick it up and saw our song on there. In fact I didn’t even know it was on there, must have just been an Epitaph thing. Hopefully I’ll get some money from that.

How has Epitaph treated ALL?

So far really good. You know we just came from Interscope, and it was a full on major label. Everyone there was a bunch of business types, they just didn’t know what to do with a punk rock band really. So finally they just said we know you want to go, so just go. Then we signed to Epitaph. Everyone that works at Epitaph is a bunch of punkers, They care more about the music than anything else. They don’t care about the business part of it, they really like the bands and work pretty hard. So we’ve been really liking Epitaph.

What are the most asked questions in interviews across the nation?

uhh… Why the name ALL, how’s Epitaph treating you (hehe), no actually since we signed Epitaph that has been one of the most asked questions. Most of the time people don’t really care about the label. But now that we’re on Epitaph people seem to care about what they’re doing.

How long until the next album? If any?

I think we’re gonna tour all summer and fall for Mass Nerder, then we’ll probably start recording another album around winter time.

O&O, or Epitaph?


The new album, with all the greatest hits on it, have you gotten a lot of praise for that?

Yea I’ve read some reviews in some magazines. People seem to be really stoked about it, because what they like about ALL is the poppier stuff, they really don’t want to deal all the fucked up music. So everybody’s glad that there is an album that is start to finish pop songs.

Did you do that through the internet?

Yea we just asked our fans to pick their three favorite songs. They voted, we tallied it up and that’s how we got those songs.

What are some of your biggest influences?

Well, me personally, Beatles, KISS, ACDC, Cheap Trick that’s about it really.

What are some of the coolest bands you’ve toured with so far, for Mass Nerder?

pretty much everybody we’ve toured with has been cool. Like Less Than Jake, they took us out for like three months along with a slew of opening bands like Hot Water Music, Discount, Ann Beretta. All the bands have been really good, and all the people have been really cool, of course Lagwagon, they’re friends of ours and that tour has been really fun.

Any last words for the kids of Denver, CO?

Don’t Believe anything I just said. (haha)

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