Dillinger Four

How old are you guys?

When did you start, and how?
We started in the spring of 1994. Patrick and I had been friends since High School. We had done some bands together before but he had never played bass and I had never sung. We didn’t really mean to be a serious band, we were just fucking around and decided to keep doing it.

How did you get on HOPELESS?
They just called us up. We were ready to do an LP and they seemed like a good way to go.

Your CD, Midwestern songs of the Americas, what does that phrase mean?
We thought it had a nice sound to it. It kind of describes the way I think we feel about our music and our band. We have influences from all over but I like to think there’s something distinctly Midwestern about the way we are.

How do you describe yourselves? I think of you guys as Political/beer influenced Punk.
That’s about as good a description as I can think of. Except you didn’t mention the sexiness factor.

Is D4 your Job or do you make money somewhere else?
We all have jobs. I own a bar. Billy is a bartender. Lane works with developmentally disabled adults and is getting his doctorate. St. Patrick works as a litigation copy specialist (makes photocopies all night for lawyers).

Aren’t you cold in Minnesota or where ever you guys are?
No. We’re burning up with our forbidden love for one another.

Your CD is awesome, what motivated you to put all those old sound clips on it?
We wanted to make the record not stop. We thought that using soundbites was better than just running the songs together.

Does D4 tour a lot? If so, with who?
We don’t tour very much. We’ve gone out with Discount a few times, The Strike once. We’re touring for awhile with Fifteen, FYP, Scared of Chaka, and Falling Sickness in June.

Who can drink the most in the band?
It would be a toss up. Definitely not me. I think it would be between Lane and Patrick although Billy would probably disagree. It would also depend on whether we’re drinking beer or whiskey.

I love your dual vocals how did you guys decide on that?
It wasn’t really a decision. It just seemed obvious.

Were you guys on mutant pop records?
Yep. We have a 7″ on Mutant pop that’s still available.

I ask every band this – What’s your favorite joke? Mine is “Why did Woody Allen see a doctor?… He had a diaper rash!!!
I don’t know any good jokes right now. Wow. That sucks. I really don’t.

Were do you see D4 in 5 years?
I’m sure we’ll keep getting fatter. Hopefully we’ll be doing the same thing we’ll just be fatter.

I heard rumors about you guys signing to Fat Wreck Chords in a couple of years , False or fact?

What’s your Favorite D4 song? Mine is Mosh For Jesus, or O.K.F.M.D.O.A.
Mine is called “Holy Shit,” and it’s on a 10″ comp called Limited Options. It will also be on a CD we have coming out soon with all our old stuff on it.

Who are some of your influences?
The Jackson 5, The Partridge Family, Menudo. Any of the family groups really. Oh, and leatherface and motorhead.

What is your favorite food, beer?
Yes, beer is our favorite food.

Describe D4 in 5 words.
Put ’em on the glass.

What’s your all time favorite band

What does D4 stand for?
Dillinger 4 very obvious

Interview by :
Blast-Off Zine – backrat1@hotmail.com