Jord has been hitting the drums with Propagandhi since their inception as a two piece speed metal/ melodic hardcore band 10 years ago. In that time Jord has become one of the most prominent and best drummers in hardcore as Propagandhi have become one of the best selling and popular bands on Fat Wreck Chords. Anyone who knows Jord, know him to be a out going and generous man with a heart of gold. It is always a pleasure to talk with Jord, which is why I had him type in his answers to this interview. Actually, that’s his fault, he was procrastinating. Follow ups on this interview will appear on the webpage, check it out.

So how were the gardening lessons with you mom?
Oh, great, and thanks for asking! Got a few tips, planning on growing a little more than weeds in the ol’ flower bed next year, maybe some tomatoes, peppers, that kind of stuff. That is if I can count on your dog Molly to keep spraying our soil with her soil. A good fertilizer I’m told.
You spent a time of you childhood in shackles due to problem with club foot I believe. How do you feel this affected you as a person and if it has anything to do with you current desire to break free from the shackles of capitalist society?
Uhhh yeah…..sure….. had an physical problem as a young laddie, and then overcame it, and wish to overcome capitalist society as I overcame my illness…yes,yes…I guess that explains why I had a mohawk at the age of seven…
You tried to get on the wagon for the month of June, in terms of no booze, but did not fair very well, do you think your an alcoholic? What is longest period of time over the last 4 years you’ve gone without getting high?
No I don’t consider myself an alcoholic, although I sure do enjoy drinking a beer here and there, especially in the summer. Who fuckin’ wants to know? The last four years? About a minute and a half. That’s ‘cus I was born high, high on life baby!
Big Rock vs. Sleemans?
Yes it’s Big Rock vs. Sleeman’s competing for sales to those who like brew without 75 added chemicals. Smaller than Molson’s and Labatt’s, bigger than basement homebrew. Sleemans gets my nod.
Okay, while you would never sit and have dinner with a racist or sexist scum, you do have dinner with people who are eating animal flesh? Do you see this a compromise? Is animal rights not that important to you? How do you feel about animal rights organizations that assassinate vivisectionist and ranchers and people wearing fur?
Well, maybe a compromise, yes, but following the ethic of acclaimed drummer Bobby Rock, many of the meat-eating types are frequently interested in why one is not partaking in the consumption of meat. Reasons are stated, meathead maybe learns something new. No sympathy for capitalist fucks who get what’s been comin’ for too long. As for fur, possibly the most ridiculous fad of all time. Seems to be waning, hope that continues.
You claim to be a ‘gay positive’ band, as such, many people automatically assume you are therefore gay, which you obviously are not. Does this bother you, not that people think your gay, but that by supporting gay rights people think you have to be gay?
Yeah, that attitude stinks of shit + punkers’ B.O. It’s as if people think that if a problem doesn’t immediately concern themselves, then it’s not really a problem at all. Same for men who don’t give a shit about womens’ rights, or honkusmolonkus’ lack of respect for issues regarding race…..
What do you look for in a woman?
Advice on what to look for in women, and maybe for directions to the shitter.
Last good movie you say and why?
Well, when I think of the word “movie”, the words TRULY UNBELEIVABLE BADLY DONE PURE SHIT HOLLYWOOD PROPAGANDA I CANT SEE HOW PEOPLE PUT UP WITH THIS CRAP SAME OLD FUCKIN’ FORMULA EVERY FUCKIN’ TIME come to mind. Citizen Ruth was a good show, pretty funny.
At first it seemed you guys embraced the Food Not Bombs (FNB) basement show crowd and shunned the big PA club touring network. As you have progressed as a band and musicians you seemed more inclined to play bigger shows with better PA systems to accommodate your larger fan base. How do you strike a balance between the two without upsetting the punk purists while making sure everyone who wants to see you play can see you play?
Ahhh, the impossible balance. It’s difficult to please the- “I like your band but hate your crowd” types with “ machobaby moshin’ fucknuts trying to impress others through crowdsurfing” types in attendance. Well, what we’re trying to do is play in venues that can accomodate whatever size of a crowd that can reasonably be expected in a particular city. We don’t want to play in huge places if we know we’ll draw a small audience, but at the same time we don’t want people to be turned away at the door. And we prefer to play places that can also accomodate activist organizations doing info tables. It just simply makes way more sense to do larger shows if they are feasible, more exposure to the music, the ideas, and the info. And hey, it’s not like we were all pooped out as ethical punk rockers from the beginning or some shit. As a small boy from a small town, I didn’t get into the ideas behind the music for years after I was initially exposed to it. I’d like to think of people as ones who sometimes change as they grow. I’d also like to think that anyone is welcome to our shows (except for violent assholes, I don’t give a tinkers’ fuck about them).
You spend a lot of time getting in shape and working on your body via weights and cardio exercises, do you think the anarcho community may be lacking in the physical department whilst striving for “revolution”?
Well, I don’t really see any revolution right around the corner, those exercises are practiced to allow myself to run away from the scary folk faster, and more effectively, and hopefully to build on last years hockey stats. I’m simply not satisfied with 5 goals in 30 games anymore.
Frank Zappa, man or myth?
What? Man, I guess. An extremely talented artist, currently being devoured by a large number of worms.
You have carved out quite an enviable nitch under this so called evil capitalist system- you basically play punk rock for a living, not a bad gig? Do you think there is something to be said for capitalism?
Yeah, there’s something to be said. Captialism is the dominant all-encompassing economic model under which we live, and if we don’t find workable alternatives for ourselves in the very near future, it’s going to be GAME OVER friends! Oh, but yes we could all run into the bush (with an ‘spontinaiety rules’ attitude of course) living free of societys’ evils, picking berries naked, smelling really unreal bad as the orgy continued…..maybe if I was born 50,000 years ago. Too many cornholio poseurs in that scene. Anyhoo, we’re all involved with the system and we’re all controlled. I’m not really into retreatism, might as well try to change things from within….
You spend a lot of time practicing drums and improving yourself as a musician, which used to be a bad word in the punk field, do you see yourself as a musician? What tactics do you use to become the best drummer in hardcore? Who influenced your drumming style? You often poke fun at Erik Sandin and his same old beat, you also said he wasn’t able to carry your jock. Elaborate.
Yeah I’m a musician all right, I play this thing called the anal tuba. Been practicing daily for 27 years, maybe you’d like to hear it again sometime soon. Influences – Pete Moffat (GI); Jesus Bonehead (Dayglo Abortions). As for the Eric Sandin comments, I thought you said that some drunken night. I remember thinking, “well Sandin’s a pretty strong guy, but there’s no way he could carry Dereks’ jock. I mean who could? The fuckin’ thing was custom-built at a Boeing plant by NASA techs. Didn’t it have to be assembled here in Winnipeg”?
Propagandhi vs. One Life Crew, who would win?
Win at what? A game of street hockey? Tennis match? Chess? Nintendo RBI Baseball 3? Belching contest? Farting contest? Beer drinkin’? Or are you insinuating something more physical, like an all out brawl? Cus’ you Derek of Dead Herring infamy LOVE to FIGHT!! And you would like to know who would win between us and them in a fight. Well that’s easy. We’d win at anything, anywhere, anytime. Lookit! We have Killer Kowalski on one hand and Psycho-Tongue-Bite-Hannahman on the other. Just give that guy a shot of vodka, watch him turn into a crazed incarnatoin of Jim Morrison and let him fly! All I’d have to do is stand around and collect from the bettors.
Cousins, your view?
Every time I go by that place there’s some fuckin’ guy with a beard floating in a chair, right in the middle of the room. Everyone in there is on their knees, heads bowed. I think it’s the headquarters of some kind of cult. Oh well, I heard that there’s good tunes there anyway.
Whose a better guy, Gilles or Frank?
What? Maybe if there’s an International Better Guy Competition I’d have a better idea. Until then Gilles and Frank are just two great guys, neither one even slightly better or worse than the other. Hey, if you do hear any word on such a competition, I’d love to be a judge. There might be some of the good willy-wacker-tabacker goin’ ‘round at one of those.

Interview by : Dead Herring Zine