Atom And His Package

1) Have you ever had a flaming Homer? If not, would you like to try one?
I have not. It sounded rather disgusting from the episode of the Simpsons…. I have had a flaming Doc though

2) What are your 3 favorite websites?
I have no idea… my fantasty baseball league thing on yahoo is pretty often checked. has really awesome record reviews…

3) Were you the type of kid that you describe in ‘Punk Rock Academy’? Did people make fun of you? Did it bother you at the time?
I’m not quite sure what you mean about “the type of kid” described in Punk Rock Academy. I did have a hard time in high school, as I was in a school, which consisted mostly of jock pricks… and yes, I was given a hard time, though not as hard a time as some other. Kids can be very mean to each other.

4) What do you think of emo? Is going to be the new disco?
Emo? I don’t think about it very often… I don’t even know what the hell it is anymore. It used to be stuff like Embrace and Rites of Spring… then it was jazzy-fall on the floor stuff… and now it’s bad rock I guess… however… there are bands who do it well, and lots of bands who suck, as in most cases.

. 5) Speaking of emo, when was the last time you cried?
Hmm… not sure… probably about something I’d rather not share with you.

. 6) Do you have a girlfriend?
I have a ladyfriend… yep. and a dogfriend

7) Any pets?
Hey… I didn’t even see that question! Crazy ya ya. Yes… I have a big pet dog… named Books. She is sweet.

8) How do you feel about sampling? I mean, when someone like Will Smith or Kid Rock ruins a great song, does that bother you?
No… I don’t take it personally.. Some people use samples creatively, and some don’t… it doesn’t bother me though… I have the ability of thinking something sucks, and not letting it bother me, because usually,it’s not unavoidable.

9) How did you feel about Doctor Who sampling you?
Huh? Who’s that? Oh… the guy on I was flattered that he wanted to use something i made for a song… he gave me credit so I have no problem with it.

10) So, what’s up next for you? Touring, new record?
I am starting to play shows again more consistently… I play everywhere… and am writing new songs for a new full length record… there are two EPs due out before then though.

. 11) How are things over at File 13 going?
Good… we’re working on fall releases by the Lilys, National Skyline and Lenola… all of which I really like a lot

12) Who sucks the worst – N’SYNC, Kid Rock, Sugar Ray, or Eminem?
I know who they are, but am not really familiar with any of their music… I imagine that i wouldn’t really like any of them though.

13) Would you consider a waste of time?
I haven’t seen it… but it’s probably not a waste of time for everyone. Atom

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