Diesel Boy

This was the best interview I ever did. The questions flowed like lard in a university cafeteria, the band was comfortable and we had plenty of time. Of course, this initial statement is obviously setting you up for the giant ‘but’ part of the paragraph. This ‘but’ is that my stupid, stupid tape recorder thing ate the tape, and with this piece of tape it also ate a good chunk of my Diesel Boy interview. Diesel Boy are one of the coolest and most unique bands to come out in quite some time. However, this leaves them somewhere between speedy hardcore and slow pop-punk without sacrificing the best bits from either. Their CD ‘Cock Rock’ was released by Fat subsidiary, Honest Don’s, and just rips. Ups and downs, twists and turns, all with a slightly warped sense of humour. The band’s four personalities are not much difference from their music. Loud and quiet, fast and slow and all with the same slightly warped sense of humour. The bits that didn’t make it through the tape-eating ordeal covered a few things. First of all, Diesel Boy was originally signed to Fat, and when Mike heard the album, he said ‘it’s cool’ but asked for some more ‘Fat’-sounding material, when the band politely refused, he offered to start Honest Don’s, just for them to put out their own material. According to the band, it’s a more DIY label then Fat and they hope that more diverse stuff will come out on the label in the future.

What does Diesel Boy mean?
Greg: Nothing really. Well, we always wanted to have a band with the word Diesel in it.
Dave: Our original plan was to do a cover of U2 and call it, Diesel, Baby, because that was when Achtung Baby came out, and Achtung is a German word and so is Diesel. But when you look at it, it looks dumb and no one would get it. So we wanted to keep Diesel and it’s a little like Velocity Girl, with Velocity being ‘high’ and Diesel being ‘low’ and Boy and Girl, right? There’s a lot of Diesel bands too. Diesel Queens, Sweet Diesel.

What’s a Titty Twister?
Dave: Everyone’s had that night, you know, where nothing works out.
Mike: It’s more than that really. Dave writes most of the lyrics, and I wanted to write something so I just said ‘Eat a bag of shit you suck, I can’t believe the luck you have, It’s not bestowed upon me’ and that’s all I wrote, I said ‘what do you think Dave?’ and he said ‘that’s cool’ and he went ballistic on it.
Dave: From there I just knew what it was like. You’re drunk, you’re at a bar, everything sucks. You’re having a lousy time
Mike: Well, not you, you don’t drink.
Straight Edge Dave: I used to, I’ve had that night, trust me.
Mike: You know, two guys from our band are actually college graduates.

Well, I’m trying to be a college graduate. It’s not looking so good though.
Mike: I went through six years and I dropped out about two months before graduation to do this [Diesel Boy] and I’m not going back. I learned all I need to know. I don’t need paper.


Once I tried to convince my parents of that. I said ‘I’m gonna drop out of university and become a musician!’ and they said: ‘are you sure you want to do that? You might not be that good’
Mike: (laughs) Well, don’t worry, neither are we.
Dave: But that doesn’t matter. We’re not the greatest musicians, but we mesh well together. It’s weird to tour with a band like Strung Out where they are all good musicians, and we just kinda sit back when they say ‘let’s jam.’ Rob’s unbelievable, he’s got a computer bank for songs in his head.

What do you do besides play shows? You skate?
Mike: Good question. We were gonna play at this skate park in Illinois, but the show got cancelled because all these kids were drinking.
Dave: We were going to play at a skatepark, and before the show, Justin was being a rad skater guy and he was carving up on this half pipe We skate from point a to point b.
Mike: Well, I know how to skate, but I just skate straight. We can’t Ollie! (laughs)
Mike: Except for Dave, we like a lot of porno, we like to jerk off, we like to smoke weed. Justin’s a big snowboarder. He’s really into it. I ski though. Fuck all you snow -boarders! Fuck you guys with your fancy boards! Give me a pair of sticks, and I’ll smoke any one of you.

Where are you guys from?
Mike: Santa Rosa California. You know Stony County where they make all the wine?
Some guy walked in and they said hello and swore a lot. Then, we drank some free beer and it was generally pretty cool. They were really great guys. I hope they get the recognition they deserve and I hope that all of y’all buy their disc. It’s called Cock Rock, it’s on Honest Don’s Hardly Used Recordings.
This is the address:Honest Don’s Hardly Used Recordings, P.O.Box 192027, San Francisco, California, 94119, USA

Interview by :
Aubin (punknews.org)