Bouncing Souls Interview

Bouncing Souls is one of my favorite bands because they just make cool music. So far I never had the chance to see them live, but I heard they are really good live and now I can say they are. They played at ‘t Lintfabriek together with Avail and they kicked ass! ! Friday before they also played in Belgium with Lagwagon. We had a talk with Gregg, the singer. We talked about the new album, the tour and Star Wars. I hope you enjoy the interview.


Hitwonder: How are you guys doing?

Gregg: Really great. The tour is really good, the shows too. It is all nice.

Hitwonder: How was the show last Friday with Lagwagon?

Gregg: You mean in Vosselaar?

Hitwonder: Yeah.

Gregg: It was fun. It was a really cool show.

Hitwonder: It is not the first you play in Belgium, is it?

Gregg: We had a show that was cancelled. I don’t even remember. It was in 1996. A friend of the guy who organized the show, was run over by a car, so all his friends were sad and the show was the next day, so he cancelled it. It might have been a festival; I don’t remember it for sure.

Hitwonder: It is the first and only show on the tour that you don’t play with Lagwagon. How come?

Gregg: Every show is with Lagwagon, except this one. Normally we had a day off, but someone arranged this show. It is OK for us, you know. It is really good for us.

Hitwonder: It is a bit a pity you have to drive so far because yesterday you played in Germany and tomorrow you play in Germany again.

Gregg: That is touring. If you tour you always spend a lot of time travelling.

Hitwonder: Do you expect more from this show because you sort of headline this one?

Gregg: I have no expectations!

Hitwonder: I understand, but Friday all the people came to see Lagwagon and now people also come to see you.

Gregg: It is a smaller show, that is true. But I still don’t have any expectations. We know we are a very small band here, so any people that know us are good.

Hitwonder: Something about the new album now. How are the reactions so far?
Gregg: Good! In America we had a radio play and sold a good amount, I don’t exactly know how much we got sold here in Europe, but it seems to go pretty well.

Hitwonder: What are the biggest differences with the previous albums?

Gregg: There are always differences. It is fun to make new songs, especially ‘cause they sound different. But most people ask me: Why doesn’t your new album sound like your last album? Then I say: Because I don’t wanna do the same thing twice. So that is why we always make other songs.

Hitwonder: Did you already make any video for the new album?

Gregg: Yeah, we have a video from ‘Fight to live’, which should be coming out now.

Hitwonder: How can we get that video? The Epitaph compilation videos are the only videos that you can find easily.

Gregg: I don’t know. You probably will know that better than me.

Hitwonder: Why do you make videos?

Gregg: ‘Cause they are fun! It is fun to create them.

Hitwonder: Let’s talk about your hobbies. Are there any hobbies the band has?

Gregg: Yeah, of course. Lots of different things. I play soccer sometimes, Bryan does Kung Fu, euhm…

Hitwonder: I think you also ride bikes?

Gregg: Yeah sure! We ride them in our video of ‘East Side Mags’.

Hitwonder: Are you interested in soccer?

Gregg: I play, but I’m not interested in professional. I like to watch, but I’m not a real supporter.

Hitwonder: Do you know anything of the European Leagues?

Gregg: No, I don’t.

Hitwonder: But, as I am right, ‘Olé’ of your new album is a soccer song from Anderlecht, and that is a Belgian team, so you know them?

Gregg: Yes, yes, we heard that song on the street. I thought it was a Spanish song. I heard it on different places. So I had the idea to make other lyrics on it and put it on our new album, just write silly words about drinking beer,… but when we sent it to Epitaph they said: someone has already written this song. Some guy from Europe. But I didn’t know it was from a Belgian soccer team.

Hitwonder: Enough about soccer, do you like watching movies?
Gregg: Yeah, I love movies.

Hitwonder: Name a few you really like.

Gregg: ‘Good fellows ‘, ‘Taxi Driver’ with Robert De Niro,…

Hitwonder: The reason I ask this is because today ‘Star Wars’ is coming out in Europe today.

Gregg: Really, it is a great movie. I saw it and it was like: Whoooo! !

Hitwonder: So you enjoyed it?

Gregg: Yeah, the music starts, the letters come on the screen,… I saw the first one when I was a little kid and I thought it was well done, I liked it.

Hitwonder: It is about space and all those aliens, but how do you think about aliens?

Gregg: Aliens? What I think about aliens? Euhm, I believe there is more live in this universe. I don’t know if anyone has ever seen it, but I believe there is much more than this small planet. Earth is just a small part.

Hitwonder: I think it is time to stop because you have to go on stage now, so any closing words?
Gregg: Just about to rock ‘n roll.

Hitwonder: Thanks.

Interview by :
Hit Wonder – Ivo Goossens