Gob is (at this moment):
Theo-Guitar, Vocals age 69.
Tom-Guitar, Vocals age 73.
Craig-Bass age 79.
Gabe-Drums age 72.

Favorite foods??
Nuts, Balls, Wieners

Tell us about the rumors GOB is the all-god of chick magnets?
Craig gets the most chicks but Theo gets the most dudes, we all get so many girls its not funny rock”n”roll, 2 girls for every boy girls, girls, girls so many girls, sonlittle time chixdiggus, GOB meetsgirls girls just wanna have fun with GOB.

Fearless seems to have a good handle on things. How’s everything going with them?
Fearless is great!! They’re on OUR side.

How does the band come up with the lyrics?
Theo & I (Tom) usually write all the songs (well, steal them from collective soul).

Okay on that rate who else do you really look up tp?
Danny, Joe, Jon, Jordan, Gonzo

How do you describe your sound?
Um, Heavy Metal?

Who do you love with all your heart?
I only have eyes for Elizabeth Shue.

Tell us about the difference between fast food in Canada versus here in the U.S.?
We don’t have french fries here in Vancouver but we had them once in Quebec,they were really good. I think they were saggy.

What do you find yourselves listening to frequently?
It’s a toss up between; do you remember the time=Billie jean=abc123=beat it=black & white=thriller=bad=the girl is mine=state of shock=human nature, they’re all so damn good.

What’s the best show you ever attended?
June 24,1989, Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver BC. Huey Lewis & the News with Bruce Hornsby & The Range, this show changed Theos life, or maybe the Metallica ‘& Justice For All’ show when Theo broke his upper level seat off & threw it into the audience below hitting someone in the head, rock “n” roll, this is all true.

Basically GOB is about having a good time, right?
Oh, Fuck yeah dude, we go into pits & we go off, kicking ass in the mosh pit fuckin eh,we like to go into the pit naked & rub up behind guys, grab they’re balls & jerk off. Grab guys asses take a shit or a piss on someone, wipe your ass with your hand & rub it on someones shirt. We essentionaly just to like to have fun.

Tell us about of your best moments as a Gobster?
We saw W.Axl Rose at LAX & his girlfriend was smalling at us, she said we are cute so he sent his bodyguard over to beat us up & the bodyguard asked , “what’s your problem?” & we said, “your ugly face!” Then the bodyguard laughed & we said, “we mean Axl’s biker shorts!” & with that, the bodyguard lost it. The bodyguard punched Gabe & Gabe was standing close to Craig & his head bounced off Craig’s head. That made Craig very angry so Craig booted her in the groin (the bodyguard was female) that affected her so much, she looked up at Craig & said, “Thank you” & Craig went on a date with her that night & they lived happily ever after.

Interview by : Skratch Magazine