Sick Shift

On Monday, November 15, 1999 I did an interview with Gary and Dan, bassist and guitarist of the Santa Barbara band Sick Shift. This was my first AIM interview. I have done Email, Phone, and Live interviews but never an AIM interview. Here is how it went…

Sickshift1: ready, set, go!
PIRinterview:yah so this is sick shift? who all is in the band right now? has it
always been teh same band members?

Sickshift1: Jeff Feuerhaken – Vocals, guitar
Dan Simon – Guitar, vocals
Gary Braun – Bass
Ricky Rhiger – Drums

PIRinterview:always been that way?
Sickshift1: We’ve gone through two other bassists, but thats it
PIRinterview:what year did the band originate?
Sickshift1: 97
PIRinterview:was sick shift the first name you guys thought of?
Sickshift1: Yeah, actually Jeff was in a band with that name, and he moved here before
they really did anything.

PIRinterview:i bet that other band is pissed huh?
Sickshift1: haha, they all kind of went their own way at the same time. Jeff is the only
one who kept playing.

PIRinterview:thats cool… speaking of playing… does masturbation effect that
at all?
Sickshift1: Dan – For me it does, because i use my left hand.
PIRinterview:same here… i think its a guitarist thing to use your left hand
Sickshift1: Gary – I use both
PIRinterview:yah but your hair prolly gets in the way
PIRinterview:are you planning on cutting it anytime soon?
Sickshift1: No. Are you crazy? Chicks love it.
PIRinterview:hahaha… in that case im gonna start growing mine
Sickshift1: im gonna start a longhair boy band
PIRinterview:its tearin up my hair when im with you!
Sickshift1: haha
PIRinterview:so did you listen to a lot of slayer growing up?
Sickshift1: definitely, we all did. Slayer’s one of the best, do you have any of their
Sickshift1:Did you hear our cover song?
PIRinterview:i dont add that stuff to my collection… i have my stuff in
chronological order though… 98 degrees, backstreet boys, n sync

PIRinterview:is it the secret song you told me to listen to?
Sickshift1: ya
PIRinterview:yah but then you told me no
PIRinterview:well im on track 9 now so when the cover rolls around ill let you
Sickshift1: i was kidding, you said you didn’t like metal – didn’t want to scare you
Sickshift1:alright, 4 more
PIRinterview:hehe… how would each of you describe sick shifts music?
Sickshift1: Dan – I try to play the kind of punk that i wish other punk bands would play.
I think we play poppy punk with a metal influence.

PIRinterview:yah i agree with that
PIRinterview:what about you gary?
Sickshift1: Gary – I think we play a mostly fast punk, with singable melodic vocals,
melodic but sometimes metal guitars. Bass and drums are hopefully good sometimes.

PIRinterview:what do your moms say about the band?
Sickshift1: pretty much supportive
PIRinterview:thats really cool
Sickshift1: what does your mom say about your masturbation?
PIRinterview:totally supportive… she likes to help out everynow and then and
she likes to see my hobbies grow on her
Sickshift1: do you help her too?
Sickshift1: good for you,
PIRinterview:nah thats what my old baseball bats are good for
Sickshift1: you guys seem pretty close
Sickshift1: alright, ….
PIRinterview:oh i was wondering… where did u get that badger sound on the
beginning of the cd?
Sickshift1: From the movie UHF with Wierd Al
:whats up with the bold all of a sudden?
Sickshift1: sorry
PIRinterview:you better be boy!! you just messed the whole interview up…
now we have to start over!

PIRinterview:hehe jk
PIRinterview:ive never seen that UHF movie… i heard about it though
PIRinterview:whats the strangest thing both of you have done for money?
Sickshift1:Gary – Sex with yo’ mom
Sickshift1:Dan – I snorted a lot of salt and pepper
PIRinterview:how do you guys write songs?
Sickshift1: We write some music and develop it to something that we all like, and it
usually becomes more complicated.

PIRinterview:what is everyones job other then the band?
Sickshift1: Jeff works at pizza hut
Dan invents alternative modes of skateboarding
Gary does graphic design
Ricky is a Blockbuster maestro

PIRinterview:rad… by the way slayer just started
Sickshift1: awesome, what do you think
PIRinterview:this isnt my type of music… but you guys covered it well
Sickshift1: thanks,
PIRinterview:whats your favorite cereal?
Sickshift1: Gary – sugar and milk duds
Dan – Terriyaki beef jerky…with milk

PIRinterview:good lord!
PIRinterview:well rice krispies cut it for me
PIRinterview:whats your favorite movie?
Sickshift1: Gary – Basic Instinct
Dan – Lolita

PIRinterview:what about pornos?
Sickshift1: Jeff – Teletubbies movie
Sickshift1: Jeff – Teletubbies the Porno
PIRinterview:actually… that wouldnt be too bad
Sickshift1: do you have a question for jeff?
PIRinterview:oh is he there now too?
Sickshift1: on the phone
PIRinterview:does masturbation effect his guitar playing and/or singing?
Sickshift1: Jeff – I practice the switch-stance overhand, under-the-leg technique,
increases finger dexterity for maximum fretboard wizardry

PIRinterview:he needs to make a “masturbation in 30days” video… that
technique seems really helpful
Sickshift1: he jacks off to Guitar World magazine
PIRinterview:i jack off to kids life
Sickshift1: or to Cat fancy
Sickshift1: you should get a magazine called Nugget, you’d like it
PIRinterview:to get serious for a moment… jeff what inspires your songs? (the
answer doesnt have to be serious)
Sickshift1: too late, your one question is up
PIRinterview:ok well then… yah.. umm… nugget
PIRinterview:im gonna need to get some rest in a minute so im going to leave
you with this…

PIRinterview:do you like britney spears?
Sickshift1: i like her tits, she auditioned for drummer in our band, but Ricky had a
higher voice

PIRinterview:who siad that?
Sickshift1: haha,
PIRinterview:hehe.. now your gonna point the blame
Sickshift1: …Ricky did
PIRinterview:i knew it!
PIRinterview:hey i was prank calling last night and i looked up spears in the
phone book and i called this dude and asked for britney and he was like talkin
about her tits and shit

PIRinterview:i was like “bro its just a prank… peace”
PIRinterview:he was psychotic bro..
Sickshift1: no way, did you start raving about masturbation
PIRinterview:well he was like “shes my cousin” like fuckin with me and i was
like “oh so you like incest too”

PIRinterview:i was in the incest chat room earlier today
Sickshift1: damn, you are sick. jk
PIRinterview:yah.. i know
PIRinterview:im a sick shift
Sickshift1: do you frequent the christian chat rooms ever?
PIRinterview:nah i dont touch those with my ten foot stick
PIRinterview:any last words before i depart?
Sickshift1: Have you heard of Assuck
PIRinterview:ass suck?
Sickshift1:the band, from Tampa
PIRinterview:no i havent
Sickshift1: Is there anything you still are wondering about
PIRinterview:yah… why do dogs sniff other dogs asses?
Sickshift1: better than fetching balls.
PIRinterview:good answer
PIRinterview:alright well you guys heard (read) it all, that was the famous
superstars tehmselves, sick shift

PIRinterview:thansk for the interview
Sickshift1: yuour’e dwelmoe
PIRinterview:alright we’re off the air

Interview by :
Josh Stern