On Friday, October 29th I interviewed KJ, lead singer, of Chixdiggit.


What role do you play in Chixdiggit and what is the current lineup?

I’m the singer, sometimes driver, work in the mailroom and other related duties. The lineup is: Mike Eggermont (Bass), Mark O’Flaherty (Guitar), Dave Alcock (Drums) and Myself KJ Jansen (Vocals, Guitar).

Has this been the same lineup since you guys started or has anyone new left or join?

It’s been Mike, Mark and I and Jason Hisch was replaced by Young Dave

When did you start? How did you guys meet?

Mark and I met in 8th grade ’cause we played on the same soccer team. Mike was in my English class in 10th grade and Dave was the engineer of our first record. We started playing in 1992.

You guys got a rad name. Who was the brain behind that operation?

Thanks. It was just a name to make fun of all the other guys in bands that thought they were pretty hot.

If you could tour with any two bands who would they be?

Groovie Ghoulies and The Beatles

If you weren’t in Chixdiggit right now what would you be doing with your life?

Going to school.

Are you happy with Honest Dons? How would you react if a major label approached you?

We’re very happy with HD’s. Everybody there is cool and totally supportive. If a major label wanted to sign us, we’d probably eat them out of house and home before saying no thanks, depending on what they had to offer.

What is your favorite restraunt? Is it “My Restraunt”? HAHHAHA im soo funny… *frowns*

Cafe de Tokyo in Calgary (The restaurant in the song is called 4th Street Rose and they fired me. Good food though.)

What are you guys planning next? Another cd, tour, whats on your agenda?

Putting out the next record next year sometime.

What is the funniest story you could share with us that has happened either recording or touring since the band formed?

Nothing funny ever happens to us (my mom reads this stuff)

Do you like Britney Spears?

Only when she dresses up like a school girl.


Thanks for the interview

My pleasure. Thanks for having me.

Interview by :
Josh Stern