Dynamite Boys

This interview was done with Adrian, Danny, and Scott of Dynamite Boy on their tour with The Queers on Feb. 9th, 2001.

So these are the Dynamite Boys?
Danny : Yes I am Danny. I play guitar and sing back-ups.
Adrian : And Im Adrian and I play bass and sing back-ups.

How long have you guys been together?
Adrian : Actually the band has been together for about 5 or 6 years but me and Danny have actually been in the band, we’re the newest members, Danny has been in the band for about 2 years and I have been in the band for like 3 years.
Danny : Adrian conned me in to joining.
Adrian : I made him quit school.
Danny : He made me quit school. He threatened to give me a terrible wedgie if I didn’t join.

Were you guys in any bands before this?
Danny : I was in a few bands in high school but actually when I moved to Austin, I moved to Austin for school, I had been wanting to play in bands so I knew some people so somehow Adrian and I met and he was playing in a band called The Cripples at the time and their bass player left to go to law school. His brother was the singer of the band and I knew both of them in high school so I kind of just weaseled by way into that.
Adrian : This was after I had already joined the band. This band right now, Dynamite Boy.
Danny : Adrian was in like 6 bands at once. He’s a band slut.
Adrian : I still helped the band out and I still played drums for them here and there when they did shows and stuff like that but I was pretty much permanently in Dynamite Boy. And then we had to kick our guitar player out. It was pretty much a mutual thing when we kicked that guy out he had a lot of shit going on and he couldn’t really tour anymore so ya know that’s when I, after being friends with Danny for so long, brought it up to him “hey ya know, you wanna be in the band?” And he quit school and [to Danny] I ruined your dream!
Danny : We’re straying man. We’re going off on tangents here. He just asked us if we had been in any other bands.
Adrian : Im rambling on dude.

How old are you guys?
Danny : I’ll be 22 on monday. My birthday is in 3 days.
Adrian : [beer in hand] No comment.
Danny : Adrian is 19.
Adrian : No comment… 21.

Who thought of the name Dynamite Boy?
Danny : I think it was the nickname for the old bass player Matt. They used to call him Dynamite Boy because he had a bad temper in high school or something like that. That’s the legend, from what I know. It was before Adrian and I were in the band.
Adrian : Yea… way before we were in the band.

Do you guys get a lot of Kid Dynamite comments?
Adrian : Yes we do!
Danny : All the time. Ya know what one we get a lot, Diesel Boy.
Adrian : Kid Dynamite, Diesel Boy, Dynamite Hack. Anything with kid, boy, or dynamite they always get mixed up.

So I hear you guys have a lot of bad luck?
Adrian : Well yea, I guess you could say that. If anyone in the band particularly has bad luck its me. The first tour that I went on with Dynamite Boy I lost my wallet. And everytime time we go to eat food, whether its fast food or a dine in place, Im always the first to order my food and last to get it or I don’t get it all. It’s true, everytime we go eat.
Danny : And then there’s other random things that always happen like the van breaking down or equipment fucking up. We move on man, shit happens.
Adrian : You learn to live with it.

So did both of you guys record of “Finders Keepers”?
Danny : No. He did, I didn’t. Actually that was when their old guitar player was leaving the band and I was kind of weaseling my way in. That’s Scott.
Scott : Hi, Im Scott. Im the drummer.
Danny : So yea, It was basically recorded as a three-piece.

How do you guys feel about it?
Adrian : Finders Keepers? Ohh… I can say that when we did it, ya know, I was completely stoked on it for the fact that the producer was really actually a kind of intimidating person with the fact that he had done Face To Face, and we are all pretty big Face To Face fans. So the fact that he had done that, the Face To Face record that Im really into, the fact that he was doing our record was kinda… ya know.
Scott : We left it all up to him.
Adrian : Yea, we left it all up to him. We didn’t have really any kind of “say” in any of the stuff so we kinda left it up to him and it turned out not really how we wanted it to ya know? I mean the songs are good its just the quality of the album isn’t really what we sound like. The way we sound is more raw, its more powerful, and that’s not really what I sounds like on the record.

So whats up with “Somewhere in America”? Is he doing that one again?
Adrian : No actually we got a guy who has done a lot of crazy like MTV bands and stuff like No Doubt, Lit, uhh… Danzig, he did Danzigs new record. The Offspring, he’s done all those bands. We were actually pretty intimidated by that but after hanging out with him.
Scott : We found out he was a big dork.
Adrian : He’s a big dork, but he’s literally the coolest guy. The nicest guy. He basically didn’t tell us what to do, he WAS the fifth member of Dynamite Boy and he helped us out. He helped us out on ideas, we had pre-production before we actually started recording and he came up with a bunch of ideas that were like…
Danny : There was like a good clash of ideas. Everything he came up with was taken to heart like everybody thought about it for awhile and if we didn’t like we told him we didn’t like it and he didn’t have his feelings hurt and if he didn’t like something you did, he told you. It was really cool, it was a good relationship.

How did the record come out?
Danny : I’m super happy with it.
Scott : I’m very very happy with it.
Danny : There are some things on there that I cant believe we pulled off. It comes out March 20th, on Fearless Records.
Adrian : Way more powerful then Finders Keepers.
Danny : We tried to capture what our live sound was like because I think the problem Dynamite Boy had with Finders Keepers was that it was too polished. So the new record has like, its more like stuff we do live. Shawn sings more like he does live, its really cool.

How did you guys get on Fearless?
Scott : Bigwig.
Adrian : The band Bigwig. They are really good friends of ours, they’re our bros man, and like basically whenI first joined the band, I think it was the summer of ’97 or ’98, and it was my first tour with Dynamite Boy and we were going up the east coast and we happened to run into Bigwig in Pennsylvania. They were actually really into us, we ended up playing like three shows with them. They were on Fearless at the time and they let us crash at their house and they called Bob that night, really late at night, ya know Bob was asleep and he wouldn’t let Bob get off the phone until he at least listened to us so Bigwig basically hooked us up with that, and we really really appreciate that from them, we owe them big for that. It has gotten us to the point where we’re all very happy where we are with the band and all that.
Danny : We’re breaking up after this tour. Im actually leaving the band tonight. Im finding the nearest bus station and Im going home.

What do you guys listen to know?
Adrian : Shit man, a lot of stuff.
Danny : Its hard like I mean you listen to so many things… one night I was driving from LA to Phoenix, these guys were asleep, and I was listening to Oasis like anything I haven’t heard in a while. But mainly we listen to like No Use For A Name, a lot of Green Day.
Adrian : The new Green Day!
Danny : Im not a big fan of Propagandhi but they all are, Scott just bought the new Propagandhi cd today so Im sure we will be playing the shit out of that one.
Scott : And our singer listens to a lot of country records.
Danny : Scott, Adrian, and I pretty much listen to the same stuff. Ya know, we can all put up with what each other wants to listen to.

What got you into “punk”?
Danny : Oh I dunno man, I got tired of everything else I was listening to. I had been listening to a band called “Little Boy Henry” back when I was in High School. I guess they were like a big Op Ivy type band. After that I started listening to a lot of MxPx, I had always listened to Green Day when “Dookie” came out. I wasn’t one of the old-schoolers, ok, Im not gonna lie. I wasn’t a big fuckin’ “Kerplunk” fan.
Scott : He just got into punk last week.
Danny : I don’t even know, what’s punk man? I just fuckin’ stick around, Im trying to pull grunge back. I have my flannel in the van.
Adrian : And your fuckin’ cut off cargo pants.
Danny : Fuck you man.
Adrian : [singing]”Jeremys spoken…”
Adrian : Growing up a I listened to all kinds of shit. My mom basically got me to where I am now for the music part of it, for the experience on styles of music I listen to like metal and rock ‘n roll, stuff like that my mom basically got me into that. I started with metal and there is a lot of bands now that have metal influences, ya know, that you can tell by listening to the record that they have that metal influence and that’s what I kinda bring to the band, that’s the stuff I kinda listen to right now, because I grew up on it. Definitely metal.
Danny : He actually listens to Tahana (spelling), he’s a big Mexican.
Adrian : I don’t speak Spanish so I cant understand a damn they’re saying.
Scott : Man I’ve been into punk since before I was born man. Even in the woom I was like punk rock.
Danny : Scott invented punk rock.
Scott : I did invent it.
Danny : He’s the grandpa of punk. He was in the Ramones for a while. Scotty Ramone.

What’s been the funnest tour you’ve done so far?
Danny : This tour has been really fun so far. The Queers are fuckin’ awesome. I would have to say that the best band we have played with so far is No Use For A Name.
Adrian : But the funnest tour we have been on so far I would have to say was Luckie Strike, Beefcake and Bigwig. Just because we were already friends with Bigwig and it was just fun to go out with them and then Luckie Strike and Beefcake, we made really good friends with them.
Danny : It was always like a party. Even if nobody showed up to the shows. It was awesome, I enjoyed that tour a lot.

What has been some of the craziest that has happened?
Adrian : Shit.
Scott : Crazy stuff never happens, we are like the most boringest band in the world.
Danny : Straight Faced called us Dynamite Little Boys or Dynamite Bore or something. Anything that is on that Conditioned Response video is about as crazy as we get. We’re not the typical band ya know, we don’t fuckin’ go out and party all night. We go to a hotel and check our email, that’s all we do. That’s crazy, that’s pretty crazy huh?
Adrian : We don’t do anything, we’re fucking boring.
Danny : I dunno things are getting a little crazier though. As the tours go on they get a little crazier.

What was it like doing Conditioned Response?
Danny : Uh, it wasn’t really like, I dunno I didn’t really think about it while we were doing it. Im always a dumbass so there was no acting involved in that. Its really embarrassing. In fact my parents want a copy of it but Im not gonna give it to them. Im having the guy from Conditioned Response make like a rated G version for my parents. It was cool though, those guys are good guys and they’re doing a good thing. And they have like really good bands lined up like Midtown, New Found Glory, Beefcake.

If you could pick any two bands to tour with who would you pick?
Danny : Green Day. I dunno man, I really enjoyed doing the four shows that we did with No Use For A Name. If they could arrange a tour – Dynamite Boy, No Use For A Name and Green Day, I would retire after that.

What’s the weirdest thing you have done for money?
Danny : I dunno man, Im not too exciting. I don’t do any crazy stuff, Ive never like sucked dick for money or anything like that.
Scott : We’re all so rich, ya know, that we really don’t need to do shit for money.
Danny : Yea, I don’t suck dick for money. I suck for the pure enjoyment of sucking dick. Man, now everyone’s gonna think we’re fags. In the Conditioned Response video Im like giving air blowjobs.
Scott : Fags.
Danny : What have you done crazy for money Adrian?
Scott : He does all the landscaping at my house.
Danny : Yea Adrian is a Mexican so he does a lot of lawn mowing. Im a Mexican but I don’t want anyone to know that, Im embarrassed of my culture.

What does mom say about the band?
Scott : My mom is dead you asshole. What kind of shit is that?
Danny : OOOOOOHHHHH…. and he’s laughing too.
Adrian : Oh you assholes!
Danny : My moms fuckin’, at first she was kinda freaked out cuz shes been a teacher for like 30 years so it was kinda weird cuz I dropped out of school but shes at all our shows now. She fuckin’ styles our shit, she like…
Scott : Gives head.
Danny : OOOOOOHHHHH… Im about to kill Scott.
Adrian : My mom loves it like everytime we come up with a new song…
Scott : Adrian’s mom is hot dude.
Adrian : Ok alright alright ok alright ok enough.
Danny : Its not what your mom thinks of the band its what the band thinks of your mom.
Adrian : Whatever dude. No seriously, when we recorded the new record and had actual copies for ourselves…
Danny : She blew us on the spot.
Adrian : She was actually fuckin’ begging me for us to burn her a copy.
Danny : She cried when she heard “AV 99″.
Adrian : Yea theres a song that I sing on the new record and when she heard it she started crying. Ya know, emo mom.
Danny : [in a crying mom tone]”You sound sooo much like Mike Hererra you asshole!!”
Adrian : Fuck you man, I love my mom.
Danny : I love my mom too, shes totally down with the cause.
Scott : My mom is dead.
Danny : No shes not! I met Scott’s mom in Lake Jackson. I was walking by and she was like “Danny!” and I was like who the heck..
Adrian : And she was flirting with you dude.
Danny : She was flirting!
Scott : Im sorry guys. Im sorry about that.
Danny : All our moms, Shawn’s mom super supportive, they all fuckin’ love us.

What are your summer plans?
Danny : Tour, tour tour.
Adrian : Tour, tour, tour tour.
Danny : We cant say any band names cuz we don’t any right now. We’re gonna try and do Warped Tour and we’ll do regional dates if we can. We’re playing with Midtown for 5 or 6 dates in Texas and Louisiana and in…
Adrian : And maybe the Impossibles.
Danny : Yea maybe the Impossibles, we’re working on that.

If you weren’t in the band what do you think you’d be doing?
Adrian : Id probably be mowing lawns like these guys were saying. Id be your everyday Julio actually.
Scott : Id probably be married and having kids somewhere and uh…
Danny : Id be in school.

What was your childhood dream?
Danny : I always wanted to be a lawyer., but I’m fuckin’ too stupid. Now I’m a fuckin’ waste.
Adrian : Growing up I actually did want to be in a band, that’s what my dream has always been.
Scott : Me too.
Danny : Wow.
Adrian : Hey me too!
Danny : His dream was to be able to live in a pot plant. Move to Amsterdam. My dream was to legalize marijuana.

What are some of your favorite movies?
Adrian : Tommy Boy, Goodfellas.
Danny : The Goonies! Right now our favorite thing is the Dave Chapelle stand up comedy routine. Shawn has been listening to it for a while on cd, we just saw it last night. Scott, Adrian, and I had all seen it on HBO but Shawn had never seen it and we watched it last night. Its amazing, Dave Chapelle is a genious.

What do you guys do in the van to pass time?
Danny : I read. I just finished my second Harry Potter book.
Adrian : I just stare out the window, that’s all I do. If I read in the van I’ll fuckin’ puke all over the place.
Scott : Basically I either sit in the van and look out the window or listen to music.
Danny : I sleep a lot. I read a lot of Stephen King and I just finished my second Harry Potter book so Im gonna start the third and I hope to finish the whole series by the time this tour is over. They are amazing man.

What would be the ideal girl?
Danny : Punk rock girls man, I love punk rock girls.
Adrian : Girls that are named Ca and have tattoos.
Me : That’s my fuckin’ girlfriends name.
Adrian : Are you serious??? That’s my girlfriends name! That’s why I said that! My girlfriends name is Cat, is it with a C or a K.
Me : K.
Adrian : Oh, mine’s is with a C. Short for Catherine.
Danny : Thanks for doing the interview, Im gonna go watch the Queers.

What do you think of Britney Spears?
Adrian : I think she is most amazing girl I have ever seen in my life but ya know shes famous, shes on MTV so, uh, I dunno I mean I don’t have anything against her cuz I think shes hot and you know every guy in the world thinks she is amazing. Shes just hot that’s all I have to say, I like her.

Interview by :
Josh Stern : josh@punkinterviews.com