Good Riddance

On April 6, 2000 I had the pleasure of interviewing Luke from the hardcore punk band, Good Riddance. I interviewed him before the Fat Wreck Chords tour ‘00 at the White Rabbit in my hometown of San Antonio, Texas. He was a cool guy and if you find yourself at a Good Riddance show, go say hi.


How has the tour been going? Do you have any interesting stories about anything that has happened on the tour?

The tour has been going really good. We have only played, I believe six shows. So it is still pretty early in the tour. Probably the most noteworthy incident of this tour took place in Phoenix. There was a near riot because a monitor man punched one kid in the face and that led to a series of fights. Other than that everything is going real smooth.

Can you give a brief history of Good Riddance including when you formed and how you got your name?

Russ, the singer, formed the band in 1986. He is the one that came up with the name. Since 1986 the band has gone through a lot of member changes. I have been in the band 11 years now. Chuck, the bassist has been in the band for about 7 years and Dave, the guy playing drums with us right now has been in the band about 3 months. Our old drummer Sean recently quit and Dave is filling in through the summer time.

Whats up next for Good Riddance after the Fat tour?

We are going over to Europe with NOFX on a tour called the “Deconstruction Tour” for a 3 and a half week tour in western Europe. After that we are doing this summer’s Warped Tour in the U.S.

Do you guys fight a lot on tour or in the studio?

Our fights are more like silent types of fights, where we get on each others nerves. We are not very vocal with each other. We tend to be mild mannered people. Yeah we have our disagreements, but nothing that makes us not friends.

How would you define the music and lifestyle of punk rock?

My definition of being punk rock has always been very simple and that is being yourself, and feeling free to be the person that you are, whether thats means you are a sensitive type of person, or a more aggressive type of person. I just think honesty is a good thing and recognizing something about yourself is in need of improvement to acknowledge it and work on your own type of personal growth. I think that the bottom line is being yourself is punk rock and not giving a shit what other people say.

How did you get introduced to punk rock and what was it that attracted you?

I started out being more into metal like hard metal, like Slayer and Metallica in the early 80’s. Back in that time, about 1985 there was a lot of crossover between the metal scene and the punk/hardcore scene. You had these shows with metal and hardcore bands on the same bill. So through that I got introduced to a lot of punk rock bands. I just became more interested about what punk rock bands had to say in their music. I liked the aggressiveness of it and i liked the message behind a lot punk rock. It had a little more intelligence than heavy metal did. Throughout the years there have been quite a few bands that have had big influences on my life and have helped shape who I am today.

If change or improve society in one way what would you change or improve?

Probably, for everyone to respect each other. Have an understanding that everyone is different but at the same time there has got to be a way that we can coexist with each other.

What are your favorite bands at the moment and what are your favorite bands of all time?

My favorite of all time is Kiss. They are the reason I play music today. Throughout the years my favorites have been bands ranging from Metallica, Slayer, to hard rock bands like the Cult, to melodic punk bands like Bad Religion, and on the far end of things bands like The Exploited, GBH, and gutter punk type of bands. I’d say now my favorite hardcore band is Sick Of It All. All around I think they are the best band that is playing today.

If you could have a conversation with any person that has died who would it be?

This is going to be kind of bizarre but I am going to say John Lennon. I think he had a lot of interesting views and ideologies and I would be interested to see what he would say about a lot of things that are going on in the world today.

Do you think you will vote this year?

Yeah I just did. I voted in the primaries.

What sucks and what rocks?

Cheesy boy bands, I hate them! They are the worst thing in the world. Those guys have to go as far as I am concerned. Everything that is loud, has a lot of attitude, and has something to say rocks.

What do you want to do after Good Riddance isn’t together any more?

That is a good question. I have been pondering that question for the last 10 years of my life. I have a number of different ideas of things I would like to do from going to back to school and getting a degree in anything ranging from psychology, to sociology, to business management. That is yet to be determined. Also I am interested in producing music and cooking. I like to cook a lot and I would be interested in opening some type of vegetarian restaurant.

Are you a vegan or a vegetarian?

I am just a vegetarian.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

10 years from now I will be 39 years old. I see myself doing something that I love to do. Being my own boss, doing things my own way. I can’t say at this point what that will be, but I want to be happy in life. There a lot of things that have to fall in the place to make me happy. So I can’t be specific at this point.

What do you thing of Britney Spears?

I can’t stand her. I think all that pop crap is just a bunch of garbage.

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