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Reel Big Fish

Im sure everybody has heard of Reel Big Fish. They originated almost 10 years ago in Orange County and have since then been a huge success. I had a phone interview with their new drummer Carlos on December 17th of 1999. Here’s how it went.

So… you’re Carlos and you play drums for Reel Big Fish?

What are the influences in Reel Big Fish’s music?

Earlier on we were influenced by the Southern California ska thing. We have always been into different kinds of music, right now especially. I think everybody in the band likes something different.

How long have you been with the band?

I just joined in January of this year.

You were in Suburban Rhythm before right?

What ever happened to Suburban Rhythm?
[laughs]. Well… I guess it was a lot of tension within the band.

What’s the writing process for Reel Big Fish?
Right now we are writing songs for the new album. The earlier stuff was pretty much all put together by Aaron. We write when we are on the road a lot in the bus. Right now we arent really sure where to go. We want to go with like 30 or 40 songs and pick the best for the cd. At this point we are kinda searching for something, but not sure what that special something is. We are looking for a producer to help us get this together.

It seems like each of your albums have an underlying theme. For instance, in TTRO the theme was chicks abandoning their boyfriends and in WDTRSH it was how record companies screw everyone over. Is there a certain theme for your new album?
Right now I couldn’t really say. I guess its like a whole high school thing. With chicks and guys not getting them. Its more about angst and not necessarily a relationship. Its still funny though.

How do you think it compares to the previous records?
Right now we are really stoked on what we have come up with. There are a couple songs that we are not sure about but for the most part we’re happy with it.

Is it gonna be any different musically?
Yah. Its kind of a difficult thing because we want to, like any band, let the music grow and try different things but are kinda scared to break away from our sound. We don’t want the fans that have been there since the beginning to back down on us. We want to do what we can to progress with the band. I think its gonna sound a bit more poppier and a bit simpler too but at the same time we want to keep our style as well. We have been into a 70’s rock type thing a lot lately. We have a traditional ska song, and a traditional Reel Big Fish song [laughs] and a couple other things. As long as it sounds good we’ll keep it.

You guys have a lot of songs on “Turn The Radio Off” about going mainstream and selling out and what not. For example, “Sellout”, “Join The Club”, and Trendy”… is there any reason?
I think at the time Aaron wrote the songs he felt that type of thing was happening. I think it has a lot to do with the scene out here where are you at?

Im in florida.
Well we’re in Southern California. I guess it’s the same thing everywhere though.

Which album would you choose over which, “Turn The Radio Off” or “Why Do They Rock So Hard”?
I dunno, it’s hard to say. I like “Turn The Radio Off” better overall. My favorite song by Reel Big Fish is “The Setup”, I think that’s a great song, and that’s on “Why Do They Rock So Hard.”

Is “Somebody Hates Me” directed towards anyone?
Umm… ya know I don’t know. I don’t think it is. [laughs].

What makes Scott a dork?
What makes Scott a dork? I think that uh… Scott’s not a dork… Scott’s cool [laughs]. I think when they wrote that song Aaron started singing “Scotts A Dork” and that never changed. I think Scott wishes hadnt did that now but… what are ya gonna do? [laughs].

Who thought of the band name?
Actually it was Matt Wong. Its one of those things where… its not our favorite name. We never had any idea we were going to be this big. He just I guess though of something clever. He didn’t even think it was going to stick at the time but… what are ya gonna do?

So whats life like on the road?
It kicks ass! Its fun seeing all these different places. It kinda sucks that your not in one place very long though. Its fun playing in places like Australia because it is totally different there. But if you are in the US, unless you are in one of the bigger cities, it can get a little boring. But its great to see fans all over.

Was touring with Blondie cool?
That was very cool. They were very nice to us. Debbie Harry is a legend ya know? It was pretty weird because I always listened to her growing up.

You never would have imagined?
Yah really… I never would have.

If the opportunity arose to tour with any band who would it be?
Hmm… for me personally I would like to tour with Rocket From The Crypt. They are a great band. I like to Foo Fighters a lot too.

Yah they have No Use For A Names old guitarist now…
Yah that’s right. We just finished a tour with 22 Jacks and he used to play with them also.

He’s also in Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.

He’s been around.
He is an outstanding guitarist.

Is there one show from your whole career that just totally stands out in your mind?
Yah we did a show in Japan. It was insane. They don’t know hardly any english and they are singing along with all of the songs. And that’s crazy.

Haha, they don’t really know what they are singing but they are singing it.
Yah… yah exactly, Its unreal, that was a great experience. The fans out there are wonderful.

What are your views on sXe and veganism?
I personally don’t drink or smoke. Im not a vegetarian really, I just eat healthy. I don’t really care, its everyones on decision.

How long have you known the band?
I’ve known them for a long time. They used to open up for my old band.

What was it like to do Baseketball? I don’t think you were in the band then but Im sure you heard some stories.
It don’t think it was as exciting as it would have seemed like. They were in a trailer for like 8 hours and then they filmed their set which didn’t take too long. I think the best part was watching the hot chicks dance around.

Yah that was my favorite part.

Whats your favorite movie?
I liked that movie Buffalo 66. I like a lot of movies. I don’t think I have a favorite favorite. Its like asking what my favorite band is, it always changes.

Do you have any favorite cartoons?
I think it has to be the Simpsons. That has been the best cartoon on TV.

Do you have any Y2K predictions?
I don’t think anything’s gonna happen. I don’t know why everyone is worried.

Do you have any New Years Resolutions?
I have really come up with any yet. I guess I could say lose weight. Even though Im not that fat, that’s what everyones resolution is.

I guess that about wraps it up, I got one more question for ya. Do you like Britney Spears?
Do I like her? I don’t personally. Im not a big fan. Isnt she from Florida?

Yah… I think she is. It’s a disgrace… we have her and Marilyn Manson.
Hahahaha yea.

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Josh Stern 

Funky Punk – DJ Grumpy

Funky birthday party this evening – that of course culminated in the 3 drunken DJs going completely nuts on air….but heres the Grumpy bit of night setlistet….

13/03 Grumpys Surprise Birthday Set
Frantic Flintstones – Absolution
NOX – Il Ballo Del Blochetto
Frank Megabody – Feel It
Stray Cats – Runaway Boys
Minutemen – The Politics of Time
Frenzal Rhomb – The Ballad of Tim Webster
D.A.D – Counting the Cattle
Brigitte Handley/Danny Harvey – Control Freak
The Monochrome Set – Jet Set Junta
Sigue Sigue Sputnik – 21st Century Boy
Iggy Pop – Dog Food
The Rain Devils – Jane
Adam & The Ants – Sally Is A Brat
The B52s – Dirty Back Road
The Ting Tings – Shut up and let me go (remix)
Fede Finn & Funny Boys – Kærligheden Brænder (remix)
Danny & The NoGoodNiks – Bike
The Birthday Party – Nick The Stripper
Tenpole Tudor – Rock & Roll Music
Ex-Voto – Slice of Life
Brain Donor – Where do we take you
Tenpole Tudor – Real Fun (request)
Anna & The Psychomen – Cannibals love to rock n roll
The Cramps – Dont Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk (live)
Slashs Snakepit – Monkey Chow (request)
Johnny Cash – Sugartime (remix)
The Rain Devils – Surfin Bitch
The Gun Club – Bad America
Mad Sin – Ticket Nach Costa Del Hell
The Klf – Justified and Ancient
The Specials – Doesnt make it allright
Fungus Brains – Death Dance
Nitkie – Beetle Juice
Los Pardos – Bajo El MAnto De La Noche
The Twistin Tarantulas – Ace of Spades
The Spectres – 57 Deathtrip
Mucky Pup – Three Dead Gophers

Greetings, DJ Grumpy

Mustard Plug

After the release of the newest Mustard Plug CD, Pray for Mojo, I got the opportunity to talk to Jim, Dave, Brandon, Colin, and Craig of Mustard Plug to ask them a few questions about the release and just about the band in general.

ADKG: First off, I’d just like to ask about something I’ve been curious about. How did you guys start off? Did you like just jam as a garage band, and eventually build up a following or something like that?

Colin: Dave and I used to go to the ska shows in Michigan like Bim Skala Bim and the Toasters and stuff. We were both at seperate colleges at the time and we got back to Grand Rapids and thought it would be cool to get whoever we could find and play in a band just for fun. We started out with like 12 guys at the first couple of practices. We never had any other plans but to just play and goof around or whatever, and just hope to get free beer somewhere along the way.

ADKG: Did you guys start off by saying you were gonna be a ska band, or did your sound just evolve into whatever you guys ended up playing?

Jim: We started off being a ska band. We always had intentions of being a punk influenced ska band, basically.

Colin: Yeah, pretty much our first CD, Skapocalypse Now, a lot of that’s like our first few months of goofing around.

ADKG: Did your new album title come from the Simpson’s Episode?

Everyone: Yes!

ADKG: Do you guys have any plans of hitting the studio again in the near future?

Everyone: No!

Craig: Maybe in about 2 years…

Dave: No, this just came out about a week ago, so we’re just planning on touring like crazy to get the word out about this album.

Colin: We’re going to do a video in like a month or so. That’s kind of a release, I guess. It’s a product.

ADKG: Do you guys think it’s better to have songs with serious meanings, or just songs that are just entertaining, like Skankin’ Pickle?

Colin: We can do both!

Craig: I think there’s a lot to be said for both. I think we tend to have that balance pretty well. There’s a lot more silly bands than us and there’s by far a lot more serious bands than us.

Colin: We just try to find a good balance. That way we don’t get too bogged down and too burned out with a lot of stuff. It’s nice to have a little side area to go into and just be goofy sometimes.

ADKG: What do you guys think about the ska scene right now, as far as bands that are selling out and going mainstream? What are your viewpoints on that?

Craig: That it’s done.

Jim: They still wanna sell out, but no one wants to buy it anymore!

Brandon: I think it’s a lot stronger than it was just because it was forced to go back underground again.

Craig: We just kind of predicted that the bands that had been around for a long time and touring would like totally just pull through all that and keep being able to do what they’re doing and keep being successful. And I think that’s kind of happening now; the trend’s like pretty much over, and the major labels aren’t racing to sign ska bands, but we can still go on tour on Hopeless and hope to do bigger shows than we did our last tour.

Brandon: The whole punk rock scene has just been going forever without the help of the major label money, so it’s not going to end.

ADKG: That’s basically all I had to ask, unless you guys wanted to add something.

Colin: Come see us!

Interview by :
Kevin of A Different Kind of Greatness


It’s always interesting to see a young talented punk band develop over time into a more mature entity that still knows where its place is in the punk scene. ANTI-FLAG have easily one of the most rabid fan bases among all in punk rock, and one doesn’t usually have to look too far to find someone with an ANTI-FLAG shirt or patch at a show. This summer will yield this band’s fourth full length, and their first on the hugely sucessful Fat Wreck Chords. This interview was conducted by Dave Castillo by telephone with drummer, Pat, sometime in January 2001.

pastepunk: First off, how is the new album coming along? Stylistically how does it compare to the others?

Pat: The new album is about seventy five percent done. Stylistically it is along the same lines as the old record “A New Kind of Army.” This record is more mature ideologically though. We address more specific issues in this record compared to the last one.

pastepunk: How has this recording experience been compared to others?

Pat: All our recording experiences have been different. This is the first time recording completely in a studio. The last two records we rented out gear and recorded in my kitchen and at various other places. There are advantages and disadvantages to working either way. So far our recording experience for the new record has been great on all levels.

pastepunk: As many of our readers know Anti-flag has signed with Fat Wreck Chords what spurred the decision to leave Go-Kart?

Pat: Go-Kart was a great label for us and Greg is a great guy. Basically the reason we left was that with Fat Wreck Chords we could get our message out to more people. We figured that with bands like Good Riddance and Propaghandi there are already politically conscience record buyers going to this label that could get into us as well as other people. Another determining factor was Fat Mike being great with us and agreeing with our goals and what we had to say.

pastepunk: Throughout Anti-Flag’s Career you guys have toured with everyone from Flogging Molly to Rage Against The Machine. Do you guys like diverse tours?

Pat: Yes and no, we got screwed over on the Dropkick Murphy’s tour. We tried to go on tour with them to get our music and message out to a different crowd but it just went sour. Basically all that ended up happening was that the people we liked got beat up and there were a lot of fights. We as a band didn’t want to take part in any of that and dropped off the tour. This was not the case however with Flogging Molly. That tour was awesome. It was great because everyone had an open mind and was there to have fun. It is good to go on diverse tours because if you keep preaching to the converted are you gaining any ground?

pastepunk: From the “Their system doesn’t work for you” record to the “A New Kind of Army” record there has been a noticeable change in Anti-Flag’s sound. How have the fans reacted to this?

Pat: To me honestly it all sounds the same. I really don’t think we have changed that much. I have been playing the same drum lick since we started (laughs) and still am. As for the kids some of them come up to me and say, “Man, I really hate the new record” and some of the say “Man, I really love the new record.” We just make music that we like and hopefully other people like it as well.

pastepunk: I often wonder this about most political bands, does the music or the message take precedent?

Pat: Neither really takes precedent. On some songs the music is great and we just add words and other times the words are great and we just write the music. For us it’s a natural thing to write about politics – it’s not planned or anything, it’s just what comes out. Just like the way it is natural for some bands to write about girls.

pastepunk: What is your take on this past election?

Pat: I though it was…….amazing (laughs) I was sickened by the amount of political arm twisting done in Florida but not surprised at all. I was also not surprised that the people found it hard to choose between Al Gore and George W. Bush. When you have two people saying almost the same thing, it is hard to choose one or the other.

pastepunk: Anti-Flag has always had rumors and gossip swirling around them. What is the most outlandish rumor?

Pat: Well for some reason I die all the time. Everyone wants to kill me off – I don’t know why. Justin is always sick, which is true, but you hear of all different types of things that aren’t true. Justin has been sick ever since we were young with severe allergies. It doesn’t mean that he is not healthy at home, it’s just the lifestyle that we lead with touring and it is rough on him.

pastepunk: What have the fans meant to you?

Pat: I love the fans. Yet I hate calling them fans it’s more like they are friends. When we used to be young and go to shows in Pittsburgh we would go up and meet the bands on tour and by the end of the night we would all be friends and that’s the type of atmosphere we like. This doesn’t mean that we never get mad or we are never in a bad mood. Although we try treat each and every fan in a nice way.

pastepunk: What is going on with A-F Records? Are there any new projects in the works?

Pat: Yeah we have about two or three new projects on the way. We are putting out the Mody lemons from PA and two other bands. The releases should be coming out around March or April.

pastepunk: What kind of stuff do you guys like to do on your downtime away from the band?

Pat: We are always on the go and usually there is no downtime. We are either touring, working on music or on the label. When I was younger and I wanted to get into this, I never realized the huge commitment it was. If you love it and it makes you happy though it is worth it.

pastepunk: Anything else you would like to say?

Pat: Just for update on what is going on with us go to Anti-Flag go to or write us at A-F records P.O box, 71266 Pittsburgh, Pa, 15213


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Pastepunk :