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Punk Party Setlist


…and as usual, the setlist from tonights crazy party at

Frantic Flintstones – Its hard to be humble
The Cramps – Dr Fucker M.D.
The Vibrators – Sweet Sweet Heart
Toyah – I Want To Be Free
Big Fat Snake – Bonsoir Madame
Nightmares in Wax – Birth of a Nation
Tenpole Tudor – Love and Food
88 Fingers Louie – Irreparable Damage
The ID – I Wanna Be Your Dog
Guana Batz – Radio Sweetheart
The Stooges – No Fun (request)
Robbie Williams – Angels (request)
Johnny Hobo – Whiskey is my kind of lullaby
Denis Leary – Asshole
Mekanik Kommando – Pain in Eden
Angry Samoans – They saved Hitlers cock
Alice in Chains – Got me wrong
Mirtazapine Dreams – Bitch
Agoraphobic Nosebleed – They all burned
H20 – All That Glitters (rust in time)
Skitzo – Victim
Scissor Sisters – The Skins (request)
Drongos For Europe – Punk Rock Radio (request)
Pet Shop Boys – West end Girls (request)
Butter Beans – Born To Die
Across The Border – If I Cant dance (its not my revolution)
NOX – Il Ballo Del Blocchetto
Agent Orange – Serve The Servants
All The Kings Men – Death By Misadventure
3Oh! – Punk B*tch
The Vandals – People That Are Going To Hell
Killing Joke – Love Like Blood
The Stalin – Stop Jap
Nephew feat. LOC – Hospital (request)
Wild Billy Childish & The MBEs – Coffee Date
Prefab Sprout – Desire as (request)
Six Minute War – Kung Fu Killers (request)
7 Seconds – Regress No Way
Strike Orange – Edjucation Systerm
Skin – Fooling Yourself
Avskum – I hate your fucking war song
Red Warszawa – Narko og Porno (request)
Part Chimp – Dark Entries
Legendary Stardust Cowboy – Paralysed
Alternative TV – Action Time Vision
The Termites – Kicked in the teeth
The Amazing Clowns – Losing Streak
Frank Zappa – Shine On You Crazy Diamond (request)
Johnny Cash – One Piece at a time (request)
The Meteors – Awake with the wolf
The Mr.T Experience – King Dork
P.Paul Fenech – Daddys Hammer (request)
The Bodysnatchers – Frantic
The Trashmen – A-Bone
Frantic Flintstones – Its hard to be humble

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Thanks for all the feedback, the crazy obsceneties & the requests. Stay tuned for next weeks weirdness !

All the best, Grumpy

Punk Quotes

“Don’t wait for me, I got a lot to do, I got a lot to be, and in the end maybe i’ll see you there.”
-catch 22 – as the footsteps dieout forever
“Why line up to conform, why wear a uniform, to grow old and die in the same fuckin town?”
-good riddance – shadows of defeat

“Racism sucks and so do you if you hate somebody because they’re not like you.”
-30footfall – people are stupid
“This music ain’t your fuckin industry.”
-nofx – its my job to keep punk rock elite

“If I could fly high above the world would I see a bunch of living dots spell the world stupidity?”
-bad religion – stranger than fiction
“In my younger years, I used to be so free But i don’t know what’s happening to me, We all know by now that time’s the enemy It controls us; tells us where to be.”
-mxpx – the wonder years

“But what is selling out? Do you know what the band’s about? Putting food on the table, More power if you’re able, You could be dumb or you could be smart, My definition of a rockstar. Is when the music’s in your wallet And no longer in your heart. ”
-bigwig – sellout

“Some birds talk most others sing, I dont see you eat a talking bird.”
-nofx – clams have feelings too

“Talk is cheap and lies are expensive.”
-green day – walking contradiction
“Briana cried all night her one true love was dead and while she thought he loved her back she never heard him say it. So later on she put a gun up to her head. Blew her brains out found a place where Tim could love her there.”
-unsung zeros – story of a stamp

“Should I say goodnight? Go to bed turn out the fucking light or leave you shinning in the past? Should I try and forget? Even though next week it’s something I’ll regret or should I try and make it last?”
-the ataris – make it last
“I dont care where I belong no more/what we share or not I will ignore/ and I wont waste my time fitting in/cuz i dont think contrast is a sin, no its not a sin”
-millencolin – no cigar

“What’s a bond, if it desolves in water?”
-saves then day – through being cool
“The only real drug problem is scoring real good drugs”
-nofx – herojuana     “Music written from devotion not ambition, not for fame. Zero people are exploited there are no tricks up our sleeve. We’re gonna fight against the mass appeal we’re gonna kill the seven record deal. Make records that have more then one good song.”
-nofx – dinosaurs will die

“I can feel the pressure coming down from all around, so many deadlines to meet, life has gotten crazy again, so many people counting on me.”
-pulley – working class whore

“Hard to believe my heart stopped pounding Hard to believe i played this game, My worst nightmares became real I got so scared that i forgot my name and that’ll be me someday. With stolen wings and evil ways, Straight south with the keys to the pearly gates.”
-alkaline trio – southern rock

“Mcdonalds will bloom as the major competition between Jesus and the Devil for this government’s religion people so caught up in the ‘freedom’ that they see while america’s fucking over every single country.”
-choking victim – fuck america

“Im just Fuckin’ lazy, and my whole life is making me crazy. But i woudn’t give any of it up, even if you payed me.”
-swingin’ utters – i need feedback

“I don’t know what’s cool anymore, who am i to say, if you can’t make that desision on your own, then your pretty fucking dumb anyway.”
-pulley – one shot

“Go Straight Ahead, It’s your fucking life.”
-pennywise – straight ahead
“I refuse to build the wall by adding my own bricks, that seperate us all. Id rather die, then be a part of your pride.”
-no use for a name – pride

“When I see your eyes like a liberation there’s nothing to brake my disperation is gone away”
-no one – burn out

“You cant change the past, its over and done. You cant trust the future it might never come.”
-all – cant say

“Can we start again, go back to what it meant back then, open minds and open hearts the things that sent us apart.”
-bane – can we start again
“Never had a drink that I didnt like. Got a taste of you – threw up all night.”
-alkaline trio – crawl

“It’s in the things that we said, and all that it ment, ideals that wont fade, and every effort made.”
-bane – every effort made

“I’ve missed you about three weeks now, I’m dying just to taste your lips could we stomp around your backyard and wreck our clothes in the mud?”
-saves the day – the vast spoils of america

“There’s a beautiful sky tonight and
if you were by my side then we could share it but your gone. So come at me with your moon and burn me in the stars cause nothing matters anymore.”
-saves the day – sell my old clothes im off to heaven
“I’d like to get on with my life If it’s with or without you; and it breaks
my heart to see all that we’ve done just thrown away and I don’t wanna live
like this today.”
-pulley – over it

“Trust is something that comes easy when you’ve never been a victim.”
-face to face – disconnected

“As I passed her by I could see her cry and I’ll never forget the look that
was in her eye and the music you know it played on & and on & on; so won’t
somebody tap her on the shoulder tell her life goes on?”
-catch 22 – on & on & on

“Don’t leave yet, it’s still early and I haven’t even said a word. And I’m
hoping that I might upset you by saying what I want to, because it’s not like
you don’t know I’ve fallen for you– but it’s in my head and that’s where you
can’t see it”
-saves the day – the choke
“Sometimes you gotta stop and remember, youre not gonna live forever. Be young, stay smart, stay true and just follow your heart.”
-the ataris – up, up, down, down, left, right, b, a, start

“How will I get through tomorrow if I can’t make it through today?”
-mxpx – today is in my way

“Its all too often we stop before we want to, its such a shame to see your
dreams die. its not an option to trade yours for another life so it shouldnt
be a choice not to try”
-link 80 – right hook

“Give the man a key, he cannot not open the door. Give him something free and he’ll resell it to the poor”
-nofx – take two placebos and you can call me lame
“I’m always assuming the worst, but you’re going on none the less.”
-dashboard confessional – living in your letters

“I said, ‘that boy’s handsome’ and a little bit of me wanted to be beautiful ­
Carrie said, ‘it’s hard to look in the mirror these days when everyone has
everything you’d rather be.”
-saves the day – handsome boy

“Do we settle for the system or do we fight for our own voice? Will we force them all to listen? It’s all coming down
To one choice”
-strike anywhere – notes on pulling down the sky

“If you make it up and start to use your mind it isn’t difficult you don’t know what’s there if you don’t try”
-face to face – ordinary
“Listen, Alls we trying to say is before you go wavin flags, you better know what you stand for.”
-h20 – here today, gone tomorrow

“If seeing is believing then you might as well be blind, because the searching leaves you faithless and the outcome undefined.”
-cooter – full house

“This house is full of ears but I can’t talk to anyone They’ve heard this one a thousand times… This house is full of eyes but I can’t look at anyone They’ve seen this face a thousand times ”
-alkaline trio – maybe i’ll catch fire

“And this bitter pill is leaving you with such an angry mouth one that’s void of all discretion such an awful tearing sound and the measure’s only equal by the power of my stare glaring over you and over you this feeling of despair is never wearing out.”
-dashboard confessional – this bitter pill

“Say what you must, do all you can break all the fucking rules and go to hell with superman and die like a champion”
-bad religion – do what you want

“And learning to be an individual was the best gift I got from growing up punk. I am conscious of stereotypes, and try not to fit them.”
-greg graffin

“And if you stare too long, it all becomes a blur, and its easy to forget just who we are. dont stare too hard, take a look around….”
-strung out – too close to see

“Here’s to us fools that have no meaning, I tip my glass to you, Let’s toast the night away to friends, and forget about tomorrow”
-new found glory – ballad for the lost romance

“There’s a million fine looking women in the world dude, but most of em
don’t bring you Lasagne at work. Most of ’em just cheat on you.”
-the ataris – bad case of a broken heart

“Like-father, like-son “rebels” bloated on korn, eminems, and bizkits.”
-propagandhi – back to the motor league

Dropkick Murphys

Ken Casey, Bassplayer in Dropkick Murphys.

Your influences obviously come from all kinds of bands, but is there any band (or record) in particular that has inspired you to play Punkmusic? How did you get into punkrock?
-Well, I got introduced to punkrock through Hardcore which was huge in Boston when I was 12-13 years old, I got in to the music and bands like SSD, Gang Green that’s not so apparent in our music, I have to say that it
Inspired me into the whole lifestyle which eventually led to the music and playing music, you know.  But you don’t hear that music as a main influence when you are listening to Dropkick Murphys. That’s just the bands that got me involved in punkrock.

Ok, so you got into punkrock through Hardcore.
-Yeah, But back then punkrock and hardcore was the same thing.

What’s the current line-up?
-Right now it’s my self on bassguitar,  Al Barr on vocals, Matt Kelly on drums, James Lynch on guitar, Marc Orrell on guitar, Ryan Foltz on mandolin and tin whistle and Spicey McHaggis on bagpipes.

Your Line-up has been changing a lot since you started out, what positive / negative effects do you think has come out of that?
-I don’t really se the negative because the two people that left the band
left because other things in their lives where either more important or they had to many other worries or didn’t want to be on the road, travelling or so. Those things have a tendency to bring a band down when there’s someone out on the road that don’t want to be there you know. I don’t know if it has been negative since the people who has joined the band in place of the people that had left had just kind of wanted it more and more and to do it more. It has not been like fallouts or anything, people has left and we are still friends with them for most parts. It´s kind of like Manuto* (*I don’t know how to spell it) that old Spanish band where just new  members pass. Then you know its like Punkrock Manuto*.

How has the line-up changes affected your sound? What influences have the new members brought?
-We have two guitarists and we could do so much more musically and melodywise.  And then we have mandolin, tin whistle and bagpipes live which we used to dub this things on all of our records. We never wanted to do it to much because we knew that we where not  going to recreate it in the live show. Now that we do recreate it in the liveshow we decided, well let’s put a lot more of this musical influence on the records.
It just makes it so much more fun to write songs and easier to write songs and to make songs more lively.

So now you can do what you always wanted to both live and in the studio?

Do you see any difference between the European,  American and Asian scene?
-We have only been to Japan and that was great so I can only speak for Japan. In America the scene is pretty much the same all over America.
Europe is hard to say because each country is so different, we could get to one country and have huge turnouts and great response and then travel two hours to another country and barely anyone knows us. It’s much more of a roller-coaster, up and down in Europe, the scenes are very different and that’s not  to say that there are no strong scenes in those countries.

How’s the unity between skins/punks and hardcore kids in those scenes?
-In Japan and America it’s good  but there are some  American cities that there ain’t so much unity. It’s some times hard to say ,but once with Europe I’ve seen some countries where there is no unity at all and other countries where it’s great, you know.

According to Hardcore, I know that you’re in to HC… Do you think it’s important to bring more unity between the HC and Punk-scene?! Cause some Punk-kids turn their back on HC as well as some HC-kids turn their back on punk-music..
-Yeah, I mean it’s all from the same base, it’s all from the same roots,
we should be in this together. I think a lot of bands now days are adopting that attitude, I know in Boston in the late 80:es, early 90:es it was very divided. But things has turned around a lot and I think it’s very important with that unity because it’s all from the same roots, it’s all punkrock!

I think it’s important for the HC people to know their roots.. some people think that HC comes from Pantera and Slayer.
Ha ha ha ha, yeah!

The scene is growing strong and lots of new bands are up and coming, what do you think of the new breed of Punkrock and Streetpunk bands?
-There is a million great new bands, I mean Boston alone has new great bands coming out every day. In America we got bands like Hudson Falcons, Tommy & Terrors The Authority, there are so many bands that are really good. Sweden has a lot of great bands like Bombshell Rocks and Voice of a Generation all those bands are just incredible

How was the last tour? How did the audience react to the new line-up?
-It’s  been great, nothing but positive! I think that people has always wanted to experience what they get on the record with bagpipes and all the other instrumentation. Also the new members that have joined the band are all pretty young and something about their youthful enthusiasm has really caught on the whole band.

Are there any plans for another European tour, including  Scandinavia yet?
-Yeah, we’re gonna do some shows in Europe in I think May-June and then we’re gonna come back in September-October. We are not sure where we are going when so at the very latest we in the fall.

Are you going to play at any festivals in Europe like Hultsfred in Sweden?
-We would love to play at Hultsfred I hope that works out we had a great time when we played there a couple of years ago!

What’s your favourite DKM song?
-That’s a tough one, It’s some of our old songs probably Boys On The Docks because it’s about my grandfather so it kind of have most personal meaning to me, but there are a lot of songs on the new record
that I’m kind of really proud of that wrote like the song “Heroes Of Our Past”, that’s probably my favourite song from our new record.

Could you please make a short comment on each of your albums.

Boys On The Docks EP
-That was the first thing we put out on CD and there are some of our original songs on it. We recorded it in a lousy studio but it’s written when the band started to be a real touring band. It wasn’t our first release but
it was the first album we went out on tour with and supported and it’s kind of our first album.

Do Or Die
-Do Or Die is the one when people started to find out about us and it’s the first record on a big label. It had a lot of success and surprise to people. It’s like, Boys On The Docks was our beginning on a national level and Do Or Die was the beginning for us on a international kind of level

The Gang’s All Here
-I think that The Gang’s All Here is like a hard record or angrier record.
We had success with Do Or Die and so many bands after they get a little bit of success try to be rockstars and release some wimpy second record and try to be stars. We wanted to make a something that takes people by surprise and a thing that catches people and just a little bit more heavier and hard hitting than the other records.

Sing Loud Sing Proud
-I will call it the perfect combination of all  three records before it!

Like “The Complete  Record”?
-Yes exactly!

Shane MacGowan is singing on  two of the tracks on the new album, how did that happen?
It was just very spontaneous, he happened to be in Boston doing a show and we have met before in the past. We went down played him the song and asked him to do it and he said yes. I think that it’s the only way to get Shane MacGowan to do something like that, if you try to make
big fancy plans with the manager and all that, it would never happen. But he liked the song and said yes, we couldn’t  believe that he said yes!

The sound on the new record is more rock n roll and more Irish music, was that something you really wanted to do, or was it simply a natural development of your sound?
-I think it’s just a natural development. We just get in to the studio and write songs, we never start a record off by saying “we want the record to sound like this…”.  We just make the music and it just started to develop in that way. Looking back at it having the album finished I wouldn’t want it to turn out any other way.

There’s lots of younger kids in the scene today, how do they react to your traditional songs?
-It’s been great, its kind of like we are the Pouges of that generation.
We are teaching them in traditional music and folk. It’s great when you see a kid with a shaved head or a guy with a mowhawk  come up and say that his favourite song is a folksong of your record. That’s when you know that really broaden peoples horizons

Last year, one of Sweden’s daily newspapers accused the DKM for being a racist band, and Anti-Flag made comments about you beeing racists. Things like that are as old as the scene, but does it surprise you that people never learn?
-It just continues to be the whole misconception in media that all skinheads are racists and we have a bit of skinhead following a non racist following we made it clear from the start that we are completely antiracist, and we’ve done things, played shows to support causes such as the ARA (anti-racist action). It’s just the simple continued iscommunication and misjudgement of skinheads.

You got a lot off support from the Swedish scene, a lot of people called and e-mailed the guy who did the article and list of racistbands and told him that a lot of the bands on is list not where racistbands.
-Yeah I heard that and that’s good because you should check your facts before you make a statement like that. I actually called that guy my self on the phone last year and he said “well, whitepower people runs some whitepower website where your band was listed” and I said “ well if a whitepower guy says he reads your column  in your newspaper does that make you a racist?”. I mean we can’t control if it’s any whitepower people that are listening to our music, If they do listen to our music I’m sure it’s less than 1% because no one wants to focus at the 99% of positive punkrock audience that listen to us, what is it for the media to focus at, something good and positive, there is always gonna to be something negative.

How did the “Mob Mentality” Split CD with The Business come about? Will there be any follow-up, like a tour or something?
-That was just supposed  to be a 7-inch we went in to do for fun but Curties the owner of Taang Records was there and just kept pushing and pushing “do another song, do another song!” and every one was drunk and tired and we just kept on recording songs and next thing a know was a full-length CD. I still don’t know how that happened but it was fun.

Heard that you called the singer in Slapshot and asked him for the lyrics to “Hang Up Your Boots”…
-Yeah, that’s how was deciding the songs, like last minute and then just recording them at the spot in the studio, It was fun and spontaneous.

Will there be any follow up like a tour or something?
-I don’t know, It’s been no talk of it, we’ve toured in the past together, that’s probably the main reason why we haven’t talked about it because you don’t see bands tour together twice to often.

I heard that some people have been selling bootleg copies of the not yet released “Sing Loud, Sing Proud” at various punk shows, what’s your spontane reaction to that?
-We worked on this record over the last year between tours and it’s just frustrating when you put a year in to something and someone has that lack of respect for the band that they just go out and bootleg it before its comes out. I don’t even mind all the Napster stuff and every thing else to but I just wish that every one will wait until the record comes out before they start bootlegging it.

I don´t think it will hurt your record sales, I think that the people who likes DKM will buy the record anyway.
– We have such a cool fanbase that wants the words and every thing so I don’t think it will hurt us.

What’s happening at FLAT Records? Anything coming up? 
-We have a record coming out in January  by a band called Thug Murder it is a all girl punkband from Tokyo. They are really good it’s like old Clash or early rancid sound.

Do you want to add something to the interview?!
-I just like to say that we can’t wait to get back up to Sweden, I have many friends there and people has always treated us great in Sweden. We wanna come up there on tour and hopefully we will every one soon!

Thank you for your time!
Well, thank you!

Interview by : Kim Ahl

Bonesaw Romance – New CD

Bonesaw Romance CD!!!!!


 Should be in our hands in the next few weeks. Stay posted and we’ll let you know when theyre available.

Also, look to catch us at a dirty-ass rock club near YOU this September.  We’ll be the old dudes, drinking beer and slinging Ghostbusters and Back To The Future quotes all night.


Flogging Molly

Flogging Molly is LA-based, right? Did you grow up there as well?
No, I grew up in Dublin, in Ireland!

Oh yeah? I should have guessed that!
I moved to LA about ten years ago, though.

Ten years ago? So where’d you meet the rest of the band?
At a place called Molly Malone’s, it’s an Irish Bar.

“Molly”, did you say?
Molly Malone’s, yeah.

So is that where the name came from?
Yeah. We got this band together, and we felt like we were flogging it to death, y’know? So we called it Flogging Molly.

So what did you grow up listening to that influenced the Flogging Molly sound?
Well, the first band I really got into in Ireland was a band called Horslrts (did I spell that right?), and they were like the first band I saw that mixed traditional Irish music with rock music. And, it really blew me away when I was a kid. Then, I got into bands like T-Rex and Bowie and all that, and I sorta had this rock edge as well. I loved rock. I really did. I loved punk, I loved glam, I loved everything.

Have you ever heard of a band, a Canadian band actually, from Newfoundland, they’re called Great Big Sea?
… no.

They’re cool. They kinda do that Celtic rock sound. They wouldn’t really be punk influenced, but they’re a fun band too.
Yeah, I think it’s great music! It’s very energetic, and it’s very lively. And it’s not out there to tell people what to do or anything. It’s just about having a good time.

Yeah, I’ve liked that Celtic sound for years. So what kind of an audience gathers at a conventional Flogging Molly show, like in LA?
A range, a huge range of people, from people in their 50’s and 60’s to 15 year-old punks. It always amazed me to see all the 15 year-old punks down in the front, absolutely insane, and down back, the somewhat more, how to describe them, sedated, type of crowd, y’know? And that’s what’s amazed me, this vast type of audience that we have. We did the Warped Tour this year, you know?

Yeah, I was going to ask about it!
And that was pretty amazing, because we didn’t know how our music could be handled. Know what I mean? ‘Cause we’re going on with all these bands like Green Day, and nofx, and mxpx, and stuff like that.

And Snapcase. Hardcore.
And Snapcase, yeah! And … the crowd loved it!

Yeah, well I imagine it wouldn’t be too tough for the crowd to get into it, because Warped Tour has always been pretty diverse.
Yeah, it’s a really good show. It really is. It was a great showcase for the bands, y’know? The hardest thing about the Warped Tour is playing in the daytime. We’re more of a night time band. You know, have a pint of Guinness and away we go.

*laughs* I know…
It’s pretty hard to have a pint of Guinness when you’re in the middle of nowhere at twelve o’clock in the afternoon.

What song would you say best got the kids moving on the Warped Tour?
Ummmm… I would have to say songs like, “Salty Dog” … “Black Friday Rule”. Uhhh, “Delilah”. We do a cover of Tom Jones’, “Delilah” and we really pump that one up. Those were some of the songs they really got into. You can really rock and have an acoustic guitar, know what I mean?

‘Cause, punk to me… it’s an attitude. Know what I mean? It doesn’t matter what you are or what you do, if you got fuckin’ attitude, or a passion about what you do, you’re a punk like anybody.

Absolutely! I couldn’t agree more.
It’s the one thing I learned being in this band, to be honest with you, is … we can be standing up there with seven people and an accordion, and tin whistles, and a fiddle, and all that, but we’ve got fuckin’ attitude. And the kids can see that.

How did you get hooked up with Side One Dummy, a punk label as well?
Actually our accordion player, Matt, was friends with Joe who is one of the co-owners of Side One. We had been going through several record deals at the time. We had several companies that were basically interested, but it never quite hit the ink. So, Matt called Joe and said why don’t you come check out the band. And he came down and checked out the show, and he loved it! We wanted to go with them, because Flogging Molly didn’t even do a tour at that stage. We needed somebody who was gonna put us out on the road, and we’ll take care of the rest. And that’s what they’ve done. They’re a great street label and I love being with them. You can call them up at any fuckin’ time, y’know… “wanna go out for a beer” … it’s not like a “record company” type of thing. Which I’m really fuckin’ fed up with…

*laughs* yeah…
It’s so stupid! We were in LA, playing for two and a half years before we got a record deal. And as soon as we get the deal with Side One Dummy, and start to sell records, we start gettin’ calls from everybody. … It’s like, “you guys are selling CD’s … we have to talk … blah blah blah”. It’s bullshit, y’know? It’s like they want other people, like Side One Dummy, to do the work for them, then they’ll take the cream off the top, which I’m not really into.

So now that you’re back from the Warped Tour, what’s up next?
A couple of us have gone back to Ireland for a little while. Then we’re gonna go on tour with the Mighty. Mighty Bosstones, from September through to November. We have a few shows lined up before that, but they’re west coast dates, just to keep us in tact before the Bosstones tour. I’m really looking forward to going on tour with the Bosstones. They’re a great bunch of guys, and we have a great time with them. And after that, I couldn’t tell ya! Haven’t a clue!


Alright. Well … that’s about it! Thanks for the interview, and I’ll try to get down to Seattle to check you guys out when you’re with the Bosstones!


Interview by :
Tim Krysko : CTRL-ALT-DEL