Pinhead Gunpowder – Shoot The Moon

Pinhead Gunpowder – Shoot The Moon. This CD took me by surprise. Pinhead Gunpowder – Shoot The Moon is the Adeline Records’ third release, and one to be proud of. From the looks of the CD I expected some really old school oi music but in turn I got upbeat punk rock. Innovative guitar riffs and the basic profound drums brought together by the bass techniques of “Bill” and the vocals of either Jason or Green Day’s own Billie Joe Armstrong. I had no knowledge of Pinhead Gunpowder before getting the cd, I had heard the band name a few times but never really payed attention. The first song “Cabot Girl” was sung by Jason and it sounded really good but when “My Boot In Your Face Is What Keeps Me Alive” came on and I heard the Billie Joe’s voice I was quite shocked. Pinhead Gunpowder has a great sound. Get this 7 song masterpiece for only $8 from Adeline Records.