Punk Quotes

“Don’t wait for me, I got a lot to do, I got a lot to be, and in the end maybe i’ll see you there.”
-catch 22 – as the footsteps dieout forever
“Why line up to conform, why wear a uniform, to grow old and die in the same fuckin town?”
-good riddance – shadows of defeat

“Racism sucks and so do you if you hate somebody because they’re not like you.”
-30footfall – people are stupid
“This music ain’t your fuckin industry.”
-nofx – its my job to keep punk rock elite

“If I could fly high above the world would I see a bunch of living dots spell the world stupidity?”
-bad religion – stranger than fiction
“In my younger years, I used to be so free But i don’t know what’s happening to me, We all know by now that time’s the enemy It controls us; tells us where to be.”
-mxpx – the wonder years

“But what is selling out? Do you know what the band’s about? Putting food on the table, More power if you’re able, You could be dumb or you could be smart, My definition of a rockstar. Is when the music’s in your wallet And no longer in your heart. ”
-bigwig – sellout

“Some birds talk most others sing, I dont see you eat a talking bird.”
-nofx – clams have feelings too

“Talk is cheap and lies are expensive.”
-green day – walking contradiction
“Briana cried all night her one true love was dead and while she thought he loved her back she never heard him say it. So later on she put a gun up to her head. Blew her brains out found a place where Tim could love her there.”
-unsung zeros – story of a stamp

“Should I say goodnight? Go to bed turn out the fucking light or leave you shinning in the past? Should I try and forget? Even though next week it’s something I’ll regret or should I try and make it last?”
-the ataris – make it last
“I dont care where I belong no more/what we share or not I will ignore/ and I wont waste my time fitting in/cuz i dont think contrast is a sin, no its not a sin”
-millencolin – no cigar

“What’s a bond, if it desolves in water?”
-saves then day – through being cool
“The only real drug problem is scoring real good drugs”
-nofx – herojuana     “Music written from devotion not ambition, not for fame. Zero people are exploited there are no tricks up our sleeve. We’re gonna fight against the mass appeal we’re gonna kill the seven record deal. Make records that have more then one good song.”
-nofx – dinosaurs will die

“I can feel the pressure coming down from all around, so many deadlines to meet, life has gotten crazy again, so many people counting on me.”
-pulley – working class whore

“Hard to believe my heart stopped pounding Hard to believe i played this game, My worst nightmares became real I got so scared that i forgot my name and that’ll be me someday. With stolen wings and evil ways, Straight south with the keys to the pearly gates.”
-alkaline trio – southern rock

“Mcdonalds will bloom as the major competition between Jesus and the Devil for this government’s religion people so caught up in the ‘freedom’ that they see while america’s fucking over every single country.”
-choking victim – fuck america

“Im just Fuckin’ lazy, and my whole life is making me crazy. But i woudn’t give any of it up, even if you payed me.”
-swingin’ utters – i need feedback

“I don’t know what’s cool anymore, who am i to say, if you can’t make that desision on your own, then your pretty fucking dumb anyway.”
-pulley – one shot

“Go Straight Ahead, It’s your fucking life.”
-pennywise – straight ahead
“I refuse to build the wall by adding my own bricks, that seperate us all. Id rather die, then be a part of your pride.”
-no use for a name – pride

“When I see your eyes like a liberation there’s nothing to brake my disperation is gone away”
-no one – burn out

“You cant change the past, its over and done. You cant trust the future it might never come.”
-all – cant say

“Can we start again, go back to what it meant back then, open minds and open hearts the things that sent us apart.”
-bane – can we start again
“Never had a drink that I didnt like. Got a taste of you – threw up all night.”
-alkaline trio – crawl

“It’s in the things that we said, and all that it ment, ideals that wont fade, and every effort made.”
-bane – every effort made

“I’ve missed you about three weeks now, I’m dying just to taste your lips could we stomp around your backyard and wreck our clothes in the mud?”
-saves the day – the vast spoils of america

“There’s a beautiful sky tonight and
if you were by my side then we could share it but your gone. So come at me with your moon and burn me in the stars cause nothing matters anymore.”
-saves the day – sell my old clothes im off to heaven
“I’d like to get on with my life If it’s with or without you; and it breaks
my heart to see all that we’ve done just thrown away and I don’t wanna live
like this today.”
-pulley – over it

“Trust is something that comes easy when you’ve never been a victim.”
-face to face – disconnected

“As I passed her by I could see her cry and I’ll never forget the look that
was in her eye and the music you know it played on & and on & on; so won’t
somebody tap her on the shoulder tell her life goes on?”
-catch 22 – on & on & on

“Don’t leave yet, it’s still early and I haven’t even said a word. And I’m
hoping that I might upset you by saying what I want to, because it’s not like
you don’t know I’ve fallen for you– but it’s in my head and that’s where you
can’t see it”
-saves the day – the choke
“Sometimes you gotta stop and remember, youre not gonna live forever. Be young, stay smart, stay true and just follow your heart.”
-the ataris – up, up, down, down, left, right, b, a, start

“How will I get through tomorrow if I can’t make it through today?”
-mxpx – today is in my way

“Its all too often we stop before we want to, its such a shame to see your
dreams die. its not an option to trade yours for another life so it shouldnt
be a choice not to try”
-link 80 – right hook

“Give the man a key, he cannot not open the door. Give him something free and he’ll resell it to the poor”
-nofx – take two placebos and you can call me lame
“I’m always assuming the worst, but you’re going on none the less.”
-dashboard confessional – living in your letters

“I said, ‘that boy’s handsome’ and a little bit of me wanted to be beautiful ­
Carrie said, ‘it’s hard to look in the mirror these days when everyone has
everything you’d rather be.”
-saves the day – handsome boy

“Do we settle for the system or do we fight for our own voice? Will we force them all to listen? It’s all coming down
To one choice”
-strike anywhere – notes on pulling down the sky

“If you make it up and start to use your mind it isn’t difficult you don’t know what’s there if you don’t try”
-face to face – ordinary
“Listen, Alls we trying to say is before you go wavin flags, you better know what you stand for.”
-h20 – here today, gone tomorrow

“If seeing is believing then you might as well be blind, because the searching leaves you faithless and the outcome undefined.”
-cooter – full house

“This house is full of ears but I can’t talk to anyone They’ve heard this one a thousand times… This house is full of eyes but I can’t look at anyone They’ve seen this face a thousand times ”
-alkaline trio – maybe i’ll catch fire

“And this bitter pill is leaving you with such an angry mouth one that’s void of all discretion such an awful tearing sound and the measure’s only equal by the power of my stare glaring over you and over you this feeling of despair is never wearing out.”
-dashboard confessional – this bitter pill

“Say what you must, do all you can break all the fucking rules and go to hell with superman and die like a champion”
-bad religion – do what you want

“And learning to be an individual was the best gift I got from growing up punk. I am conscious of stereotypes, and try not to fit them.”
-greg graffin

“And if you stare too long, it all becomes a blur, and its easy to forget just who we are. dont stare too hard, take a look around….”
-strung out – too close to see

“Here’s to us fools that have no meaning, I tip my glass to you, Let’s toast the night away to friends, and forget about tomorrow”
-new found glory – ballad for the lost romance

“There’s a million fine looking women in the world dude, but most of em
don’t bring you Lasagne at work. Most of ’em just cheat on you.”
-the ataris – bad case of a broken heart

“Like-father, like-son “rebels” bloated on korn, eminems, and bizkits.”
-propagandhi – back to the motor league