Amen / Casey Chaos

Jay’s Interview with Casey Chaos, lead singer of Amen.

Jay : How did you get together with Sonny and John of Snot?

Casey : AMEN was looking for a guitar player and Sonny called Larkin to get an audition and he got the gig. Several months later, after Snot broke up, Tumor joined.

Jay : I heard that you used to be a pro skater, do you still skate?

Casey : I fuck around but nothing serious. Too many broken bones.

Jay : What are some of your influences for when you write your music?

Casey : It varies from song to song. Different emotions, life in American society, sex, the disease of being and the beautiful scars from all the face lifts of the Hollywood facade. Everything influences you in one way or another whether you know it or not. I think Britanny Spears is influencing me right now.

Jay : Your live show has been described as “a hurricane” and “the most energetic show ever.” How do you feel about these statements?

Casey : It’s very flattering. I just hope people leave feeling impacted in one way or another, good or bad, angry or happy – just to envoke emotion.

Jay : What are your views on the radio and mtv as promotion?

Casey : It’s great if you have enough money and want to be sold that way. If you don’t, then you don’t have to. It’s all about consumerism and the sellability of Tommy Hillfiger and Tampons.

Jay : Some bands have a message that there trying to get across in their music, does Amen have a message?

Casey : AMEN definitely has a message and it’s up to the listener to decipher what either his/her message is.

Jay : What is in the future for Amen?

Casey : This is just the beginning of AMEN. We plan on recording the next CD in a few months with Ross Robinson producing, and also have offers to tour. Whatever the future may be it’ll be unpredictable.

Interview by : Jay of The Underground :