On Sunday July 23rd I interviewed Guttermouth vocalist Mark Adkins in St. Petersburg, FL.

How long have you guys been Guttermouth?

We’ve been Guttermouth for 11 years.

Did you do anything before that?
Yea I did all kinds of stuff before that. Like lots of different little garage bands and stuff with all my friends from high school and everything. I have been playing with Scott since 1982. So we have been playing a long time.

Have you had any lineup changes?
Just the bass players have changed. Bass players are very unstable people. I don’t know what it is but I think that because it is easy to play bass, it is only four strings, their mental capacity is far lower then those that play six strings or drums or anything like that. So yea, bass players are generally retarded.

Is that the only change?

How many bass players have you had?
This is our third. Except this bass player used to play drums. The Captain as we call him used to play drums but he graduated to bass so we hired a retarded child to play drums.

What is your favorite Guttermouth record?
Musical Monkey, no question.

So whats up with the label change?
Umm… nothing really. We put out six records on Nitro and we thought “well lets try something new, it sounds exciting. Why not?” so we went to Epitaph.

Is it any different?
Oh, I don’t know. We don’t know yet, we don’t have a record out yet so we have no idea. But we wanted to try something new and we got bored doing the same thing over and over again. They do a good job there but we just wanted to try something else.

What are your plans for a new record?
We are making it right when we get home. We got home from this tour tomorrow (7/24), tonight is the last show, and we start in the studio at midnight Monday night (7/24).

How many songs?
I dunno. Who knows? It just depends how everything comes out. We don’t really plan ahead too much. We are a punk band, we don’t have to. Nothing matters, its all easy.

Have you ever been faced with any lawsuits?
Not in a long time. But yes, I have been busted for assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer. Assaulting security, insighting a riot, and exposing myself in front of a bunch of moms. I got arrested in Canada for getting naked on stage and got asked to leave the country. I was kicked out of the whole country for two years and I just got a lawyer and I just got back in so now I can go back, I have to be fully clothed at all times. We just did our first show there last month and over 3,000 people came to see us. Quebec City, it was soo good.

I got an email about an outside show you guys played and asked everybody to rush in and when that happened things got really control, what’s the deal with that?
It was a stupid setup. It was at a place that like Bob Segar would play, ya know like an outdoor shed/arena type place. And they had a punk show there, like a big festival in southern California. And we went on when the sun started to go down and people were starting to get a little more rowdy. Everyone was drinking all day, they were serving beer to minors, and it got pretty out of control so they busted me saying that I caused it. It never even went to court, they didn’t have a case, it was retarded and it wasted all of our time and money, a pretty typical police move. From what I have learned, what the police do is point the blame at somebody to make themselves look good for the immediate press release the follows such an incident as a riot or whatever and they blame blame blame you you you and then the story dies down and it makes them look good. And it’s all forgotten and my attorney explained all that to me. Its scary because police can charge you with anything they want, whether its true or not, and take you into custody.

Who is on the cover of “Gorgeous”?
My friend Wayne. Wayne is a transvestite, part time. He has a regular job and stuff but he dresses up as a woman sometimes like on Wednesdays and Thursdays he has his places he goes to.

Is there an overall message that you are trying to convey through music?
No, not at all. Messages through music, to me, are a waste of time because you an interpret things in so many different ways. We like to leave people a little bit confused.

What motivates your lyrics?
I dunno. A bringing I guess, a coming. Jamie and I write all the lyrics and its just whatever we are thinking about at the time. There are no real interesting stories behind it at all.

What does your mom say about the band?
My mom doesn’t take knowledge of the band. She would rather me stayed in school.

How far along in school did you get?
Just to my second year in college.

Well you have a career now soo…”
Yea I guess you could say that. It has its good points and its bad points.

Is there anything you would rather be doing right now?
I’d rather be at home with my girlfriend right now. Its hard being away for weeks at a time, it sucks.

Is there any reason why you guys didn’t do Warped Tour?
No. We decided to make a record instead and everything was about timing. There is only 12 months in a year but it feels like there is 4, you’re always so busy.

What did you listen to growing up?
All kinds of stuff. Everything from my parents disco to… my parents were total disco heads. When I was 9 or 10 they used to have big parties at our house, it was weird. They would have like a jukebox and just these huge parties and they would get drunk it was creepy. Me and my two brothers would peek in and watch all these drunk folks dancing and it was so freaky watching that. So then you got to know that music, whether you wanted to or not you learned it. That is what I listened to the most when I was like a little kid.

What made you chose to be a punk band, how did you get into that?
I dunno, I have no idea it just happened. I cant even explain it, if it’s a good thing or bad thing I dunno.

How old are you now?
33. I’ve been doing this a long time.

What was the biggest tour you have been on?
We have done so many big ones. We have supported Offspring several times, we have supported NOFX several times. We just got back from Europe with NOFX, The Bosstones, Snapcase, Good Riddance, and Terrorgruppe, and a bunch of other bands. We played a couple of shows with like 11,000+, it is great. It is such a rush to do that. We played this show in Australia it was like a Woodstock where everyone camped out for three days. And the drinking age was 18 so it was just chaos.

If you could change one thing in society what would it be?
The racist issues, those bug me. They bug me a lot, I don’t understand it. Ya know, its like… I have a Japanese girlfriend, she is great.

How long have you guys been together?
For about 6 months.

Is “Lipstick” a true story?
NOOO!!! No, not at all. I make up tons of stories.

What do you think of Britney Spears?
I think she is pretty hot, her appearance. Yea she’s a dish, I enjoy looking at her.

Would you like to play with her one day?
In private. Yea I would, who wouldn’t? If anyone says they wouldn’t they are lying.

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