Punk Party Setlist


…and as usual, the setlist from tonights crazy party at http://www.MusicWorldRadio.com

Frantic Flintstones – Its hard to be humble
The Cramps – Dr Fucker M.D.
The Vibrators – Sweet Sweet Heart
Toyah – I Want To Be Free
Big Fat Snake – Bonsoir Madame
Nightmares in Wax – Birth of a Nation
Tenpole Tudor – Love and Food
88 Fingers Louie – Irreparable Damage
The ID – I Wanna Be Your Dog
Guana Batz – Radio Sweetheart
The Stooges – No Fun (request)
Robbie Williams – Angels (request)
Johnny Hobo – Whiskey is my kind of lullaby
Denis Leary – Asshole
Mekanik Kommando – Pain in Eden
Angry Samoans – They saved Hitlers cock
Alice in Chains – Got me wrong
Mirtazapine Dreams – Bitch
Agoraphobic Nosebleed – They all burned
H20 – All That Glitters (rust in time)
Skitzo – Victim
Scissor Sisters – The Skins (request)
Drongos For Europe – Punk Rock Radio (request)
Pet Shop Boys – West end Girls (request)
Butter Beans – Born To Die
Across The Border – If I Cant dance (its not my revolution)
NOX – Il Ballo Del Blocchetto
Agent Orange – Serve The Servants
All The Kings Men – Death By Misadventure
3Oh! – Punk B*tch
The Vandals – People That Are Going To Hell
Killing Joke – Love Like Blood
The Stalin – Stop Jap
Nephew feat. LOC – Hospital (request)
Wild Billy Childish & The MBEs – Coffee Date
Prefab Sprout – Desire as (request)
Six Minute War – Kung Fu Killers (request)
7 Seconds – Regress No Way
Strike Orange – Edjucation Systerm
Skin – Fooling Yourself
Avskum – I hate your fucking war song
Red Warszawa – Narko og Porno (request)
Part Chimp – Dark Entries
Legendary Stardust Cowboy – Paralysed
Alternative TV – Action Time Vision
The Termites – Kicked in the teeth
The Amazing Clowns – Losing Streak
Frank Zappa – Shine On You Crazy Diamond (request)
Johnny Cash – One Piece at a time (request)
The Meteors – Awake with the wolf
The Mr.T Experience – King Dork
P.Paul Fenech – Daddys Hammer (request)
The Bodysnatchers – Frantic
The Trashmen – A-Bone
Frantic Flintstones – Its hard to be humble

It can be streamed live on http://www.musicworldradio.com
-> or stream directly in your Windows Mediaplayer – load url: http://www.musicworldradio.com/MWR.wpl

Thanks for all the feedback, the crazy obsceneties & the requests. Stay tuned for next weeks weirdness !

All the best, Grumpy