Shag Nasty Bootleg Available

A brand new asskicking bootleg is ready featuring classic uk punks Shag Nasty in all their filthy glory doing gigs round dodgy venues mainly round London. You can get their new single Punk Rock Anthem 77 on a free download or grab the entire bootleg album for just 3 pounds … Speedy punk with an attitude all the way through and a strong mixture of their own material and classic covers.

Heres what the band has to say: We are the original UK punk rock band SHAG NASTY not to be confused with later pretenders and inferior US imports. We’ve been gigging and making records since 1977… all for your enjoyment. So lock up your Grans because SHAG NASTY are back…We dont disagree – go grab the Shag Nasty Bootleg album at Bandcamp / Shag Nasty