Punk Rock Picnic

Ya Dont Wanna miss the punk rock picnic !

With: Duane Peters & The Hunns, D.I., Angry Samoans, Fang, Deniz Tek and the Golden Breed, Co-Dependents, Bonecrusher, Whitekaps, Drain Bramaged, Monster X, Ill Repute, Dissension, The Grim, The Gears, The Mentors, The Crowd, Walk Proud, Symbol Six, The Breakdowns, Dirty Filthy Mugs, The Generators, Yeastie Boys, Doggy Style, Fire Exit (UK), Dime Runner, The Uncivil, The Pegs, Dirty Hammer, Splntr, Death on the Radio, Fiction Reform, Unit F, Child Abduction, MBD, The Maxies, Broken Patron Saints, Riot Gun, Wastey Face, The Rift, Decry, The Supplement, Bananarchist, The Rocketz, The Dips, Gasoline Addicts, Radioactive Chicken Heads, Downtown Brown, Public Nuisance and more… TBA¬† www.punkrockpicnic.com