Unorthodox Paradox Bands

Omnia Opera

With last year’s ‘Nothing is Ordinary’ album released to universally lavish praise, Omnia Opera are set to burn up the stage at Fellfoot again this year with their own unique brand of heavyweight psychedelic epics, dripping with plasma. A feast for the eyes and ears, this will be one of only a handful of performances by the band this year, and with a set designed specifically for The Unorthodox Paradox, you’d be foolish to miss it!

Dog Food

An enigma in British music (or any music come to that), Dog Food have been ploughing a totally unique furrow for over 20 years. Classics like ‘Beware the polythene monster’ and ‘Remember Yogi Trumpet’ hint at what Captain Beefheart & The Bonzo Dog Doodah Band might have sounded like, if they had sired a lovechild, plied it with magic mushrooms, and had it brought up by Mark E. Smith whilst watching early Cardiacs videos. Undeniable genius.



They were so good at last year’s Equinox Paradox that we just had to get them back again! Wirral-based Vert:x is the core of Neil Whitehead and Keith Hill with friends joining them for gigs and recording. Kraut-infused spacerock with heavily delayed, phased, distorted guitars fighting for attention with analogue oscillations to a motorised backbeat evoking journeys through endless expanses of time and space at breakneck speed.


Improvisational and spacey, with a touch of jazz, Shropshire’s Glowpeople have come a long way since their inception just over two years ago. Formed from a core of experienced musicians, and pulling in a variety of guests as and when needed, their style is the perfect soundtrack to a lazy summer’s evening, basking in the halflight, with shards of psych energy flitting through the air and into your brain…