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Proyecto Jipi – Spanish Punk with a Brass Section

Proyecto Jipi playing live at the premium venue for original, alternative and punk gigs in Javea – Penelope ( Penelopes Facebook ) … these spanish punk rockers include something as unusual as a brass section that is integrated in largely all their energetic hard rock and punk tracks. The coastal town of Javea couldnt produce a huge audience for the night, where Proyecto Jipi was on the ticket with acclaimed punkrockers Discordia and the local upcomers from Cleptomans De Bancal. However, those who did turn out for an evening of headbanging, pogo dance and crazy vibes were blown away by the hyper energetic and crazy vibrant performance from Proyecto Jipi.

Cleptomans De Bancal did a solid job of warming up the crowd as the first act of the 3-band ticket for the night. Theyre performing a speedy rocking style of indierock with a punk slant that pleased the punters having obviously bought the ticket to view the 2 main acts of the day – Discordia and Proyecto Jipi … but Cleptomans De Bancal can be headlining their own tickets soon enough if the up and coming Javea punkrockers manage to develop a more charismatic scene show and build a following around their basis in speedy punk tunes with catchy vocals and some enticing ecquilibrism on the guitar.

The night was concluded by Discordia. A classic old school protest punk band with lyrics inciting all forms of rioting and revolts – just as we like it. It took Discordia a fair long while to get warmed up for real but as soon as they did the crowd joined in with enthusiasm to the heavy vibes of solid punkrock with attitude and skill presented from the stage. Discordia might well have the strongest national following and largest back catalogue of punk tracks to choose from, but on this night at Penelopes they were given a hard run for their money as act of the night by Proyecto Jipis wild and charismatic performance.

Proyecto Jipi is a protest punk band formed in Alicante-Spain influenced by bands like Mano negra, Tonino Caratone and Banda Bassoti.

After belonging to various groups as BANDA JACHÍS, SALTIMPANKIS and his beloved DISIDENCIA. Carlos Jipi for all-decided to do an “in pass” in his musical career, disappeared from the stage and began to compose his own songs with the special stamp that has always accompanied. As a fruit of the season PROYECTO JIPI was born and the studio album “HUMOR, AMOR Y RESPETO” (2006) released, in a style that could be defined as Blood Rock, releasing positive energy from all sides for his strength, and positivism, addressing issues such as immigration, prisons, abuse, … from a new perspective. A total of 11 tracks and a video clip in which collaborates with the Charanga las Tiesas 301, the reduced occupational center for people (APADIS) of Villena. Txus produced it (DISIDENCIA) and was recorded at the Sonic Novelda. The people who worked hard to help were among other OBRINT PAS, GAIA DUB SINDICAT, DISIDENCIA, Maiki from BANDA JACHIS … It was distributed nationally. The album highly accepted and appreciated by the public and the year 2008 presented the work at every possible scenario and music venue in Spain, satisfying the cravings of fans who had not yet been able to enjoy live Proyecto Jipi.

proyecto jipi live at penelope in javea
Proyecto Jipi live at Penelope in Javea, Spain

Proyecto Jipi presented March 5, 2009 their second studio album, “COMO ESTÁN LAS COSAS” (2009). Immortalize this occasion, eleven songs with a special stamp that characterizes them and, a, as always, very committed. His style can be defined in two ways, mestizo rock, punk and flamenco filled with positive energy and good vibrations. Recorded at Sonic Studios Novelda (Alicante), between the months of November 2008 and January 2009, artistic production has been borne by Oscar Martinez and Carlos himself “Jipi”, being made in the same studio mastering and mixing final. Have on this album with multiple collaborations among which are: Javier Abreu, Javier Moro, Ovid, Txus (DISIDENCIA), July and Txus (TRASPIES), hip hop Mr. SIRT, Dj Scratch and bases. KROMIK, among others … with special emphasis in many of the issues, the brass section instruments. The cover and graphic design have been the work of Maki (Obrint PAS), note that it is a humble tribute to a cover of the Clash. Another tribute this album is dedicated to Federico Garcia Lorca, and a third the Alicante writer Vicente Ramos. Regarding the songs, highlight the theme of a couple. “Como están las cosas” the opening track and title track, is how bad it looks like things are getting and this “crisis” that everyone refers to. “Sueño de paz” talks about a reality that we splashed every day, those wars that spilled so much innocent blood and that their perpetrators appear to be deaf and not hear the rest of the world. In short, an album for everyone, easy to listen and highly recommended in these times.

proyecto jipi at penelope in javea, spain

And back to the gig … We highly recommend checking out DiscordiaCleptomans De Bancal & Proyecto Jipi … have a listen to all 3 variations of spanish punk rock! They each have some unique new approaches that deserve a listen! Should you be living in the Javea area or come to these parts on holiday, take some time off away from the beach – go and listen to the real treasure of alternative and original music that you wont find in lazy beach bars – in Javea Penelopes is such a venue along with Hacienda up on Montgo … check out what they have to offer if youre here & get some real mindblowing entertainment to take home! 🙂

Punk Rock Picnic

Ya Dont Wanna miss the punk rock picnic !

With: Duane Peters & The Hunns, D.I., Angry Samoans, Fang, Deniz Tek and the Golden Breed, Co-Dependents, Bonecrusher, Whitekaps, Drain Bramaged, Monster X, Ill Repute, Dissension, The Grim, The Gears, The Mentors, The Crowd, Walk Proud, Symbol Six, The Breakdowns, Dirty Filthy Mugs, The Generators, Yeastie Boys, Doggy Style, Fire Exit (UK), Dime Runner, The Uncivil, The Pegs, Dirty Hammer, Splntr, Death on the Radio, Fiction Reform, Unit F, Child Abduction, MBD, The Maxies, Broken Patron Saints, Riot Gun, Wastey Face, The Rift, Decry, The Supplement, Bananarchist, The Rocketz, The Dips, Gasoline Addicts, Radioactive Chicken Heads, Downtown Brown, Public Nuisance and more… TBA

Punky Dance Party

The Buffoony Punk Danceparty – Grumpy Setlist
DJ Grumpy covering for DJ Magick – cheers for the requests, feedback – and do check out some of the new exciting acts featured such as The Fast Forwards, Frank Megabody & Whiskey Priests….and that was one obscene party to trash your head against the wall to, cheers crazy girlies !
See ya for the regular Grumpy show wednesday at midnight till 2 (uk time) next week – on april1 DJ Magick will be covering. Heres the patchy setlist:

Frantic Flintstones – Its hard to be humble
Army of Lovers – Obsession
Saybia – I Surrender
Bruce Springsteen – Youngstown (live)
The Cramps – Goo Goo Muck
Prince – Purple Rain (Live)
Scatman John – Scatmans World
Crash Test Dummies – Mmm Mmm Mmm
Deep Blue Something – Breakfast at Tiffanys
Madrugada – Blood Shot Adult Commitment (live) (request)
Billy Ray Cyrus – Acky Breaky Heart (request)
The Mobiles – Drowning in Berlin (request)
Psychocharger – Bastard Son
Disneyland After Dark – Isnt That Wild
Sophie Ellis Baxton – Murder on the dancefloor
Motorhead – Too Good To Be True (request)
Sound Box – El Bichito
Frank Megabody – I would rather kill the child
Scatterbrain – Arguments in Vain
New Order – Blue Monday (request)
The Nobodys – They Didnt Offer Me You
The Subhumans – Slave To My Dick
Joy Division – No Love Lost (request)
Bennet – If you met me, you would like me
The Fast Forwards – An Act of Courtesy
The Zero Point – Working Class Zero
Butthole Surfers – Wichita Cathedral
Tiernan – I pray that you are ok
Hellhounds – White Trash Mama
Sean Taylor – Freedom
Whiskey Priests – Legacy of the lionheart
The Bangles – Manic Monday
Aeronautics – Its a fine day
Lady Gaga – Just Dance

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Cheers – Grumpy

Angry At The World – Grumpy Special

Anger at the world – Grumpy Setlist

DJ Grumpy cranking out some furious floppabilly & ferociously freezing funkpunk…or something lame like that on a random wednesday night….

See ya for the regular Grumpy show wednesday at midnight till 2 (uk time). Heres the drunken punky setlist:

Frantic Flintstones – Its hard to be humble
The Beautiful South – The Mediterranian (remix)
Whiskey Priests – Legacy of The Lionheart
Human League – Empire State Human (request)
Henning Stærk – Sweetheart
New Order – In a lonely place (request)
1000 Mexicans – Manipulating The Dummy
Happy Spastics – Heee Hawww
Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London
Javea – Himne CD Javea
Flash & The Pan – And The Band Played On (Down Among The Dead Men)
Jamie Walters – Hold On
The Weirdos – Fort USA
John Dowie – Hard To Be An Egg
Jointpop – Monday Morning Love situation
The Sugarcubes – Fucking in Rhytm and Sorrow
Jim Carroll Band – People Who Died
Love Shop – Copenhagen Dreaming
Dufus – Farting Without Fear
Jacob Haugaard – Venner Lad Værktøjet Ligge
TV2 – The whole worlds gonna speak german again
The Raveonettes – Momma, Im a communist
Turbonegro – You Must Bleed/All Night Long
The Motion Sick – Walk on Water
The Legendary Stardust Cowboy – Radar
17 Pygmies – Suit of Nails
Butthole Surfers – Wichita Cathedral
Oblivians – Im not a sicko, theres a plate in my head
Snew – Kick me over
Four letter lie – Baby, youre my bad habit
Asylum Party – The Sabbath
Frantic Flintstones – Too Sweet To Die

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Speak directly to the DJs (when theyre on air) and make your requests – MSN Messenger:  – Requests can be made by hitting up the LIVE DJs on or in the shoutbox on

Cheers – Grumpy

5 Shots O’ Whiskey

5 Shots O’ Whiskey. Mainland Europe keeps delivering brilliant new takes on punk, and what better example than 5 Shots O’ Whiskey from Holland. They have already released a couple of albums, and are in the process of recording a third, to be released this year. They are wild, aggressive and just fabulously mad – give them a thorough dig.

Mirtazapine Dreams

Mirtazapine Dreams
A new British act from the filthy end of the spectrum. As you probably know,
mirtazapine is the kind of antidepressive that leaves you spaced out and
dribbling, which is rather fitting for this downright dirty round of in your
face filthy rock and punk. Url:

DJ Grump – Punk Rock Special

DJ Grumpys surprise tuesday party setlist

DJ Grumpys surprise tuesday party setlist – cheers for the requests.

Frantic Flintstones – Its hard to be humble
Pantera – Fucking Hostile
Guana Batz – Im on Fire
Leningrad Cowboys – Zastarovje
King Kurt – Lonesome Train
Bastards On Parade – St Patricks Day
Safety Orange – Smells Fishy
Milwaukee Wildmen – Struck By Dopamine
Herman Dune – My Is Baby Is Afraid Of Sharks
Charles Manson – Invisible Tears
The Hawaiians – My Babys Got Mystery Feet
Dead Kennedys – Bleed For Me (request)
Sex Pistols – Pretty Vacant (request)
The Methadones – Gary Glitter
Julian Cope – These Things I know
Siouxsie & Banshees – Spellbound
Waitresses – No Guilt
Madness – Razor Blade Alley
Happy Monsters – Clap Your Tentacles
The Very Things – Mummy, Youre A Wreck (request)
Otway & Barrett – Fashoin
Junior Battles – Decades
Liam Lynch & Matt Crocco – Mashed Potatoes
Dufus – Song For Bobby D
Beasts Of Bourbon – I dont care about nothing anymore (request)
Surf Punks – Locals Only
Captain Beefheart – Orange Claw Hammer
Kommunity FK – Junkies
Klamydia – Promillepuheluita
Karmic Jera – Do You Want To Cyber?
Liner Movement – Laughter Of A Madman
Captain Beefheart – When I see Mummy… (request)
Tallowate – Microscope
The Inchtabokatables – Rightful King
Drongos For Europe – Dance When Maggie Is Dead
Dennis Leary – Insane Cowboy (In Africa)
Konrad Broehmer – Aspekt

Stream directly in your Windows Mediaplayer – load url:

Cheers – Grumpy

Grumpy Punk Radio

DJ Grumpy Cover Show LIVE in 45mins (10pm uk time – 11 in central europe)

MWR ( ) has its big annual gathering today. Everyone was invited. Except DJ Grumpy. He gets all obnoxious & obscene if hes let out in public…so, tonight is the great DJ Grumpy cover show on

As always its gonna be pure filthy punk, downright dirty indierock & crazy psychobilly ! The show will feature new interesting acts such as Autonomads, 5 Shots O Whiskey, The Fast Forwards, Vampire Lezbos & Dream Police – along with classic maniacs such as Beasts of Bourbon, The Vandals, Krewmen & Mad sin.

Laurier Tiernan

Laurier Tiernan
The world’s only 6’7″ queer vegan recording artist, as he describes himself, is a completely loony poppunker from Tokyo. The lyrics are hilarious masterpieces (in english), though I have my doubts Arnold Schwarzenegger will ever replace Obama as president ! However, the raw unpolished punk riffs are capable of making any old punk thrash around in mad hysteria whilst laughing uncontrollably at the madness going on. Give Tiernan a good old fashioned kick of a listen ! DJ Grumpy

Punk Rock Radio

MAGICK is live tonight on Music World Radio with the second ever PURE PUNK SPECIAL.

Old School Punk, Oi and Hardcore for at least three hours straight. No compromise.

No commercial kiddies with major deals and retro stylists, only the real deal. No metal/goth. Just straight up punk rock.

Listener requests welcome if they are Punk and I have ’em.

So crack a can of Special Brew and pogo into the night from 11pm CEST (check the site for your local times)