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1. What are your porno star names? (Middle Name + Street you live on)

“mine is ryan trumbull, willie’s is maxwell henke, adam’s is brice sharpcrest, i don’t know donnie’s but i’m sure it’s pretty smooth.”

2. Ages & Astrogical Signs of Riverfenix members?

“me 23-cancer, willy 22-uh…whatever july 10th falls under,adam 18 ( about to be 19)-i don’t know his…donnie is 23 -& he’s talkin bout the taurus, talkin bout the bully bull bull.”

3. How & When did Riverfenix begin? What’s the story on the band?

“me & willy met at cub scout meetings when we were 5 years old…he was 4. adam & donnie met cuz they were in rival gangs…donnie shot adam’s mom in the leg & got caught…so they became friends when they had to keep seeing each other in the court hearings…we all met at a taqueria in houston & right away knew we should start a band.”

4. Where did the name “Riverfenix” originate?

“me and our old singer carl ( who’s lips got attacked by a seagull) drove past a club & saw that keanu reeves’ band dogstar was playing, we thought river pheonix was cooler & that he deserved to have a band too so we made one . it’s all for him.”

5. Is it challenging to be in Riverfenix and play drums in 30footFALL?

“at the same time it would be but no not really , it’s mostly just lots of fun.”

6. How many bands have you played in? Tell us about them!

“well i started when i was 15 in a band called fortress, then we broke up so i moved on to mystic realms….mystic realms sucked so we broke up & me & the singer started a band called green day…we didn’t think they were heavy enough so we left that to the other 3 guys in the band,,i think they broke up too but i’m not sure. “

7. If you weren’t playing in bands, what would you be doing?

“i would own a balloon farm…adam would help me out by feedin the balloons, willy would be a pro wrestler…& donnie likes to sew, so i guess that’s what he would do.”

8. What is the strangest thing to have happened while Riverfenix has toured?

“willy & adam tried to take a skateboard off the street in colorado & got caught. it turned out the board belonged to this girl aubrey’s brother…me & hogleg ( our roadie) were hanging out with her & the rest of the bands on the tour at some dead end road place…we did’nt even know her…but willy & them went to get food, got lost & ended up in her neighborhood ( which they had never been to before) in front of her house, trying to take her brother’s skateboard…so her brother had called the cops when he saw em & the cops showed up where we were & brought this kid’s dad /w/ em’ & he got out the car & saw his daughter with us & she told him everything was cool…so it was really strange…they took pictures /w/ the police & her dad. that was our 1st show of the tour & all the other band’s 1st impression of riverfenix…thugs.”

9. Do you any of you work while not touring?

“no way we’re rock stars.”

10. How would you describe your music?

“like a happier judas priest.”

11. Who’s the coolest band Riverfenix has ever played or toured with?

“the coolest was duran duran just cuz it was cool to play /w/ them..but as far as really nice people…all the bands we toured with were great…hippos ,impossibles,supaflies, homegrown….other cool bands…just everyone…I-45 are really one has ever been not cool.well almost no one.”

12. Who would you tour with if you had the choice?

“my wish list in no particular order…blink, home grown, deftones, korn, kara’s flower’s…just to watch them play every night would be awesome..oh yeah & face to face, ben folds five , green day…tons of other bands…”

13. Who were you influences growing up?

“i was really into motley crue…lots of metal stuff…willy was into the cure a whole lot…adam likes jimmy buffet & eddie rabbit, stuff like that.donnie…he like old r&b…like early jackson 5 a band i think we’re very influenced by michael jackson.”

14. Five records/albums everyone should own?

“1.)jawbreaker-dear you

2.)kara’s flowers-the 4th world


4.)blink182-dude ranch

5.)any thing by face to face or green day.& lagwagon-hoss…& sublime too…that’s more than 5 but really people should own more than 5 records anyway.”

15. What inspires Riverfenix lyrics?

“we just noticed that willy writes a lot about under age girls…so i guess under age girls.”

15 Tell us a little about opening up for Duran Duran at the Tribute show & being interviewed by MTV.

“we didn’t get interviewed by mtv…it was someone else…i don’t remember who…but the show was great…i still can’t believe i opened for duran duran. all the bands were great but homegrown blew everyone away i think.”

17. What are your collective thoughts, as a band, on your latest CD’s turnout?

“we like it a lot…jim barnes ( the producer) did a great really proud of the cd…our new songs are way better though.”

18. If you could choose a 3 band bill (besides Riverfenix) who would the bands be?

“the ultimate tour would be blink182,homegrown.riverfenix,& kara’s flowers.”

19. What do you like to do when you get into a new town on tour?

“i like to take off all my clothes & scream “I’M EL NINO !!!”

20. What are you views on sXe and veganism?

“SXE music is rad…it makes me want to grow my hair really long. vegans?…i don’t know…donnie is vegan, i just don’t see how any one can not like cheese…cheese rules.”

21. What kind of cars do you all drive?

“i have a cool fixed up 65′ bug, it rules…adam has an el-camino /w/ the name guiterrez airbrushed on the back…donnie has a really typical car, if i saw it parked somewhere i would’nt know it was his cuz it looks like everyone elses….willy doesn’t have a car…gangsters shot it up…”

22. Are all of you single and available?


23. What’s the story on the Rooster Song? What’s it REALLY about?

“it’s sooooo obvious…it’s about growing up & breaking free from an oppressive society.”

24. What are your favorite old skewl rap artists?

“fresh prince, beastie boys ( before they got all serious & righteous). & ll cool j…we’re covering an ll cool j song…i need love.”

25. It seems like your hometown scene is growing more supportive of Riverfenix. Do you think this is true & how do you feel about the Houston scene?

“yeah i’m starting to notice that too…i’m happy about it…there are lots of great bands here like I-45, bickley, dinasaur salad, 30footfall, it just seems like all these bands are doing it for the fun of it & missing out on what’s really important…the money! “

26. What are future plans for Riverfenix?

“david letterman.”

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Fenix TX

SIDESHOW: Who do you think would be a better lay, Bette Rubble or Wilma Flintstone?

DAMON: Bette, she’s much cuter, and I don’t think Barney could do much to me if he found out about it… I’ll find a midget! I’m not scared!


SIDESHOW: Which is your favorite Village Person?

DAMON: The construction guy. He has the smooth Tom Sellick mustache look going.

ADAM: The biker because he reminds me of Richard from Drive-Thru.


SIDESHOW: Do you think K.I.T.T. got mad at Michael Knight when he farted in the car?

DAMON: I don’t think he was too upset because in the 80’s, computers didn’t have a sense of smell yet, so he wouldn’t have known. Last night I had a dream that David Hasselhoff was gay and he came out to the world…weird.

ADAM: Yeah, I guess… because I would be mad if someone farted on me.


SIDESHOW: If you could be in a glam band, which one would it be?

DAMON: I would be in Vixen so I could see them change out of their clothes every night.

ADAM: Motley Crue… so I can see Tommy Lee in those tight little shorts every night.


SIDESHOW: What’s your favorite sexual position?

DAMON: Right-handed with the phone on my shoulder…speaker phone is coo, too but that’s in my mom’s room.

ADAM: Fetal.

SIDESHOW: One of the guys from Save Ferris shit in his pants at the Warped Tour in San Diego and it ran down his leg and got all over the stage. Do you have any good shitting stories you would like to share?

DAMON: Yes… Stefanie from Drive-Thru Records shit out a turd that looked exactly like Jerry Garcia and she has a picture of it. (very true!). One time on tour, my friend shit on a mirror in the back room of a club. It was the coolest thing I ever saw. It stunk really bad, too, and the promoter was really super-mad. He didn’t know who did it, though.

ADAM: When I was 2, my dad bought me a “Jonny Jumper.” It’s a swing for babies that hangs in the doorway… I shit in it and kept jumping in it and I got shit everywhere. Plus, when we go on tour and stay at people’s houses, we don’t use toilet paper–we use their towels instead. Ha ha.


SIDESHOW: What’s your favorite quote from an 80’s movie?

DAMON: I like all the quotes from “The Princess Bride.” Every one of them is rad. That’s the best 80’s movie ever.

ADAM: Our drummer recently died in a freak gardening accident & that’s not fucking stone-henge. Anything frmo “Spinal Tap.” “Big Bottom Girls.” 

SIDESHOW: Who would win in a fight–Corey Haim or Corey Feldman?

DAMON: Corey Feldman without a doubt because he knows all the rad Michael Jackson moves… like in the “Moonwalker” video game. Plus he’s cooler because he was in “The Burbs.” If you were in “The Burbs,” that means you’re cool… and I liked “Dream a Little Dream.”

ADAM: Corey Feldman because Corey Haim is a p—y and Corey Feldman is hard!


SIDESHOW: What is your opinion of the mullet hairstyle?

DAMON: I think it’s ugly. Lots of people in Texas still have them, though.

ADAM: It’s not just a haircut… it’s a way of life. It’s a hairdo that says, “I’m elite.”


SIDESHOW: Since you’re from Texas, what’s your weirdest hick experience?

DAMON: I saw a man punch a cow in the eye. That was pretty neat. A country dude tried to fight me in a parking lot for listening to Slayer when I was 13.

ADAM: I have none. I’m from Joisey!


SIDESHOW: Are you superstitous about anything?

DAMON: Yes, before every show I drink goat’s blood and wear women’s underwear.

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Sideshow Rockzine