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New Found Glory

It was 10:00 PM, and we were waiting outside the FU-BAR for the show to start. There was a couple of hundred kids outside. The police showed up and said that only 298 people were allowed inside because of safety codes! Being the cool guys that New Found Glory are, they said that they would play two sets that night. They would shorten the first set, and they would have another show after. Before they went on for the first time, they were hanging out in front of the club and talking to people. They looked pretty pissed because of what happened with the cops, so we asked them for an interview. The Interview was conducted with Jordan, Ian, and Steve, and was submitted to by Andres.

pastepunk: Your names and ages?

Jordan: I’m Jordan, I’m 20 years old, and I’m pretty bummed out right now.
Ian: I am Ian, I’m 22, I play bass, and this sucks.
Steve: I’m Steve, I’m 20, and I play guitar.

pastepunk: “The needle on my record player has been wearing thin. This record has been playing since the day you’ve been with him.” What record were you listening to when you wrote that song?

Steve: It’s not really a certain record, it just shows the repetitiveness of like a cd or a song that you listen to that reminds you of your ex-girlfriend. Everytime you listen to it, it kind of makes you cringe cause it reminds you of how it ended. You sitll play it anyway regardless of how bad it was.

pastepunk: Who came up with the name, and where did it come from?

Steve: Me and Jordan made it up when we were working and we liked it and we kept it.

pastepunk: What has changed since the last time you were in South Florida?

Ian: Well it wasn’t sold out last time…
Steve: We haven’t really played here for awhile because we used to play every week but people started getting tired of us. That’s why we try to play less and less because it makes the shows more fun. Also we have gotten older and more experienced.
Jordan: And are our fans are getting younger. I feel really old.

pastepunk: Who’s the girl on the cover of “Nothing Gold Can Stay?”

Steve: It was Chad, our other guitarist’s mom when she was young.

pastepunk: The booklet for the first release is pretty awesome. Why did you change them when Drive-Thru rereleased it?

Ian: Our old label lost the film for the layout, so we couldn’t do it again because lost our own copy too. We had to come up with a new concept.
Steve: Also, the place that printed the new one was a whole new place so would have had to pay the beginning charges all over again.
pastepunk: But now it’s cooler because those are like limited edition.
Steve: Yeah, a lot of people are looking for them on like ebay and shit.
Ian: There’s actually a couple of different versions. There’s one that we sold at the MXPX shows the first four days it was out that have kind of a cheesy cover. It’s like one piece of paper, and we took down addresses and mailed out the real layout to them. Then there’s that cd with the star and Chinese writing in it, and then there was another 500 with the song titles printed on them.

pastepunk: What did the Chinese writing say?

Jordan: Those say friendship. They’re tattoos that we have. We have them on our legs.

pastepunk: Why aren’t there any samples on the Drive-Thru Records version of the album?

Ian: Money.
Jordan: Yeah, the samples cost a lot of money to go through all the companies that the samples go through, so we couldn’t put them on our new record.
Ian: It would have been like 50 cents a cd.
Jordan: No, 50 cents for each sample, and like $2 each cd.

pastepunk: What scandal would have to happen for there to be a NEW FOUND GLORY “Behind the Music” on VH-1?

Ian: Actually, we probably have enough stuff already.
pastepunk: Can you tell us anything?
Steve: We kind of have a pact of whatever goes on tour stays on tour.
Ian: I’ll tell you some stories, but only when the recorder is off, if you want?

pastepunk: What is the biggest disagreement you guys have?

Ian: Probably who gets to sleep in the beds when we stay at someone’s house.
Jordan: Or who drives.
Steve: Or who gets to take a shower first.
Jordan: Also, it’s hard for us to compromise on what songs we are going to play live.

pastepunk: What’s your favorite song to play live?

Ian: I like 2’s and 3’s the best.
Jordan: Basically the popular ones because those are the songs that the most people sing along to, and stuff like that.

pastepunk: Who has the worst driving habits?

Ian: Chad!!!
Jordan: Chad swerves. If you see Chad, just call him swervee!
Ian: And Cyrus smokes 24-7.
Jordan: Even when the windows ared down…

pastepunk: What’s the best and worst thing about doing these interviews?

Ian: I don’t think there’s anything bad about it.
Jordan: The one thing for me is trying to come up with the answers, because you always remember everything you wanted to say after it is done.
Ian: The worst part is when people read them and sometimes they don’t get the humor in it because they don’t hear how we are saying stuff, and they may take it in a different way thant it was intended. Getting misinterpreted sucks.

pastepunk: What’s your favorite 80’s movie?

Jordan: Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Steve: My favorite movie is the Goonies, but also it’s cool because we are good friends with Corey Feldman. He hung out with us in California, and he’s in our video for “Hit or Miss,” too.

Police Officer: Hey, get up and get the hell out of here!

Jordan: We’re trying to do an interview!
Ian: We’re in the last band that’s playing.
Police Officer: I don’t care. Get Out!
Jordan: Are there any more questions?
pastepunk: No, that’s okay. We’re done, I guess. Thanks for the interview, it was nice meeting you guys.
All: No, thank you!

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New Found Glory

On Thursday April 19th, I had the opportunity to sit down with Chad, Cyrus and Ian from new found glory and ask them a few questions, here is what they had to say. (Steve)

LTW: ok, first question, last night, you got the chance to play on Conan O’Brien, what was that like?

Chad: cool as hell

Cyrus: It was awesome

LTW: was it any different playing so far away from the audience?

Chad: Nah, the crowd was still there cheering and everything

LTW: did they get into it as much?

Cyrus: yeah, defiantly

Ian: there were a lot of parents there though, so it was a little weird, but you have to think of it like, it’s not really for the people there, it’s for the people at home, so we just did what we always do.

LTW: will you be doing anymore TV appearances in the future?

Cyrus: we don’t have any scheduled

Chad: I think we might be doing Jay Leno in a couple months

LTW: what about MTV, trl?

Cyrus: all that stuff happens, like, a couple days in advance

Ian: we did stuff for, like the internet stuff, the MTV net radio

LTW: your video is getting a lot of play on MTV2, what was it like making the video?

Ian: it was a lot of fun, but it kinda sucked cause so many people showed up, and we had to send like 300-400 people home

Chad: we weren’t prepared to have that many people show up

LTW: I read on your website that you did something else for the people you sent home

Ian: yeah, we sent them all shirts

LTW: that’s cool, what is it like being signed to MCA?

Ian: it’s cool

Cyrus: the label is so cool, it’s not like a whole bunch of people in jackets and ties, it’s just a bunch of regular guys.

LTW: compared to drive-thru?

Chad: now you get to see our CD’s everywhere

Cyrus: It’s like the same thing as drive-thru only on a bigger scale, like more people work there

LTW: who was your favourite band to tour with?

Cyrus: well, we just finished the less than jake tour, I’ll have to say them

Ian: Less than Jake also

Chad: I’ll have to say less than jake, and midtown, and saves the day, they were cool

LTW: if you could play with any band that you haven’t. Who would they be?

Ian: I would like to play with Britney spears

Cyrus: you would really like to play with Britney spears

Chad: I’d like to play with they might be giants

Cyrus: I’d love to play a show with incubus, that would be really cool, I would love to play a show with 311, and now we are, on warped tour this summer

LTW: what dates of the warped tour are you playing?

Cyrus: we’re just doing the first 7 dates, then we’re going on tour with blink

LTW: are you going to be touring with blink all throughout their tour?

Cyrus: yeah, it starts in July and goes all the way through till august, like 50 shows

LTW: have you guys played with blink before?

Ian: we played one show, on new years

LTW: how was that?

Cyrus: it was awesome, there were like 20,000 people there

LTW: are you looking forward to touring with them?

Cyrus: would you look forward to touring with them?

Ian: it’s cool for me cause the first to bands that I started listening to, well, punk wise, were unwritten law and blink, so they’ve been my favourite band since I was like 17, so it’s like a dream come true, we get to do 10 weeks, like 52 shows, its gonna be a lot of fun

Chad: they’re really good live, they’re hilarious

Ian: I think I am gonna watch them every single night, I am gonna try and reserve us seats, on new years we all went to like the first row all the way in the back, I am gonna sit there every single night and watch the show

LTW: that’s a lot of shows

Cyrus: we’ll watch every one, it’ll be rad

LTW: any advice for bands that are just starting out?

Chad, Ian and Cyrus: tour

Chad: play good shows, and practice

Ian: Masturbate a lot

Chad: don’t let anyone do anything for you, book your own tours and everything

Ian: Give out a lot of free stuff too, a lot of free tapes and stickers

LTW: how long did it take you to get a record?

Cyrus: we actually recorded the first EP about 3 months after we formed

LTW: how long till you got on drive through

Cyrus: we got on drive through summer of 98

LTW: ok, the cover songs, why did you pick those songs to cover?

Ian: we had played the titanic song and the Armageddon song live, so we knew we were going to do those two, each person in the song then picked a song that they wanted to do

LTW: my fave is the Bryan Adams song

Ian: Steve picked that one, Cyrus picked the glory of love, I picked the goonies song, Chad picked never ending story

Chad: actually, I picked both that thing you do and never ending story

Ian: yeah, Chad got two picks, we gave him Jordan’s pick cause he really didn’t care

LTW: what was your favourite place to play?

Ian: I’d say the Eagle ballroom in Milwaukee

Chad: Asbury Park

Ian: yeah, Asbury Park was a lot of fun

Cyrus: New years in san deigo was cool too

LTW: What influences you guys, what music do you like, what is in your CD player right now

Cyrus: right now in my CD player is the new Fenix TX that isn’t out yet

Chad and Ian: yeah the new Fenix TX

Chad: the new band on drive through records, the starting line, they are really awesome, so them

Cyrus: Tic and Tac

Ian: the A*Teens

LTW: Ian, you said that unwritten law and blink were the first punk bands that you started listening too, what about you guys

Cyrus: I dunno, I started out with like a lot of Metallica

Chad: I’d have to say, Fugazi, and Earth Crisis

Ian: actually, my first band would probably like, stormtroppers of death, I’ve been listening to them since I was like 8

LTW: how old are you guys?

Cyrus: I’m 21

Ian: 23

Chad: I just turned 20

LTW: who is the youngest in the band?

Cyrus: Chad is, Jordan and Steve are both also 21

LTW: how long have you been together?

Cyrus: 4 years now

LTW: that’s cool, it’s awesome that you got this far in four years, congratulations on that, that’s really all I have, so thank you very much for the time.

Ian, Chad and Cyrus: Thank you.


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New Found Glory Interview

On Saturday, January 29th I interviewed the singer and guitarists for A New Found Glory. For those that haven’t heard of them, they are a very energetic poppunk band on Drive-Thru Records. Their latest full-length “Nothing Gold Can Stay” is unbelievable. They are putting out a cover cd on March 28th. There is more info on that in the interview.

So who all is here?
I’m Chad and I play the bongos, the guitar. I’m Jordan, I sing. I’m Steve and I play guitar.

How long have you guys been together?
Chad : We’ve been together for about

Steve : 2 years

Jordan : 6 months

Chad : We’ve been together for like two years, two and a half years. We’ve been playing locally for like 2 years and just about a year ago we started touring, we got a van and started touring all around the US and stuff.

How did you guys meet?
Jordan : I knew Steve in high school.

Chad : Steve was a nerd in high school and really didn’t have any friends.

Jordan : Yea

Chad : And Jordan had a good voice and was starting a band and he felt really bad for Steve because Steve was the guy that was in the corner by himself and everybody always threw food at him at lunch.

Jordan : And he ate all the food that everyone threw at him.

Chad : So Jordan went up to him and was like “hey you wanna start a band” and everything and they got Steve and then Jordan found the bass player Ian, he was homeless. And then they got me. No ok, everyone knew each other. Jordan and Steve went to high school and they knew Ian just from being in bands and stuff like that and just we all got together and started playing. That’s really it. Besides the fact that Steve was a nerd in high school.

How did you guys get on Drive-Thru?
Jordan : We are friends with this band Midtown.

Steve : They basically played the cd for Richard and Stephanie (owners of drive-thru) and they liked it a lot. And so we kinda thank them for doing that.

How do you feel about the success of “Nothing Gold Can Stay”?
Jordan : It is kinda overwhelming… it’s like weird.

Steve : I wouldn’t really call it a success yet, we are just touring and bustin our asses off touring and stuff like that. It’ll be a success when we can actually like be able to support ourselves on the road.

What’s going on with your cover cd?
Jordan : It’s coming out March 28th. We just finished setting up the layout and stuff like that. And we just finished recording it.

How many songs are on it?
Steve : 7 songs, do you want me to name them?

Me : Sure.

Steve : Ok we have “That Thing You Do”, The theme from Never ending story, Armageddon… the Aerosmith song, we did a Goonies song and this Cindi Lauper song. We did a Robin Hood song by Bryan Adams, a song from Karate Kid part 2 and Titanic by Celine Dion. It was a really fun thing to do because our cd came out a while ago and we wanted to have something to hold kids over until the next full-length comes out.

What inspires your music most?
Guy from Piebald (band) : What inspires our music most probably is all the other bands that sound exactly like us.

Jordan : Dude that’s messed up.

Steve : I guess really what inspires us the most is like to play music. It inspires to play music. We have all been really into music since we were little and we always wanted to play bands. We always idolized all the bands we listened to when we were younger and we wanted to do our own original thing and play in our own band and see how it feels to play in front of kids and stuff like that. It’s a lot of fun.

What did you guys listen to growing up?
Jordan : Green Day.

Steve : Yea, a lot of Green Day. A lot of 80’s stuff and oldies.

How old are you guys now?
Jordan : 20

Chad : 20

Who do you listen to now?
Steve : I listen to everything, there’s not really a restriction as to what I listen to.

Jordan : I listen to a lot of stuff, Britney Spears, Dragbottom, Piebald.

Steve : We listen to anywhere from boy bands to like hardcore and metal stuff to. Punk rock, punk whatever ya know, everything.

Jordan : We don’t really have any restrictions on what we listen to. I think Dr. Dre is really cool too.

Do you feel that coming from Florida makes it tougher to make a name for yourself as opposed to a state like California?
Steve : Yes, definitely. Because like we live practically 9 hours from any other state because we live in South Florida so its harder for us to go away on weekend tours and just play certain places. Other bands, either in California or like on the east coast like New Jersey they are in the heart of the country where they can just play any other state like on a weekend and it is hard for us to get out of here because it is soo far away.

Is there a show or moment in your band history that totally sticks out in your mind?
Steve : When we played with Mxpx is was kind of a highlight, that has been our favorite band for a long time. Just playing a couple shows with those guys was a really really good experience to play with a band that we really love a lot.

What would be your ideal show? What city, what bands on the bill, etc.
Jordan : Our ideal show would probably be in New Jersey. The kids there are soo cool and our friends Midtown are there. Our ideal show would be with Midtown, Saves The Day… Green Day. That is like our dream, that’s our goal to play with Green Day. That is every single member of the band’s favorite band since we were little. If we could play any show, I don’t care where, with Green Day that’d be amazing.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years as a band?
Steve : Hopefully still playing music ya know? Well actually try and make a career out of what we are doing right now because we love it soo much. So hopefully in 3 years from now it will be the same as what we are doing now. Still having fun, still writing music, still putting out records for kids.

What do your parents think of all this?
Jordan : Our parents are real supportive of the whole thing. The night before last my family came to the show and my dad was wearing A New Found Glory sweater and a hat with a pin on it and he looked like a real dork but it was soo cool because he came out. All our parents support us a lot. We all quit school to be the band. It took them a while but they started understanding that this is what we want to do for the rest of our lives. This is our roadie Steve Wooker, he has been on the road with us for a while now. He’s Irish and he lives in Gainesville. He poops in his pants all the time.

Roadie : Yea I was just about to add that in. Jordan why don’t you tell everybody how like at least 3 times a tour you ask everyone else to borrow their boxers because you shit yourself on stage. He gets so nervous, he gets nervous diarrhea and he shits himself.

Steve : He has asked to borrow my boxers like 3 times.

Me : Do you want to confirm this?

Jordan : That has never happened, ever.

Roadie & Steve : He’s lying!

Jordan : I am not lying!!!

Roadie : Jordan has a problem. He has like a loose colon.

Jordan : Yea dude, it’s cool.

Do you guys have a job outside of the band?

All : No.

Steve : Work sucks.

Jordan : When we are home we just spend time with our girlfriends, we are never home. My girlfriend is here right now, her name is Mandy.

What happened in the Winter of 95?
Jordan : I dunno.

Steve : You wrote that song, you should know.

Jordan : It should be actually Winter of 97 because that is when I met my girlfriend.

Me : The joke’s on her.


What is your favorite song that you guys have written?
Jordan : My favorite one would probably be 3rd and Long.

Do you guys have a favorite movie?
Steve : My favorite movie, probably of all time is “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” I dunno I have a lot of favorite movies, that is the one that stands out the most probably.

What is your favorite cereal?
Jordan : I like Lucky Charms… a lot. One time I had this huge bowl of Lucky Charms.

Steve : I like Fruity Pebbles.

Jordan : Fruity Pebbles are good because when you are done and you drink the milk from the bowl it tastes like candy.

What do you think of Britney Spears?
All : We love Britney Spears.

Steve : I have her sticker on my amp.

Jordan : Our bassist is like in love with her. He was this promo picture of her standing next to a kid and he put his, like he cut out a picture of himself and put his face on the guy. We love basically all the boy bands like Christina Agulera, Backstreet Boys, and all them.

Roadie : I think she is just another mediocre, teen pop frenzy. It wont last long. I think she is pretty and she does sing good but it is a trend that wont last. Like Jordan pooping his pants. That wont last much longer because he is going to the doctor and taking medicine.

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Josh Stern