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Punking Madness Show

Punking Madness Show – The Grumpy Setlist


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Punking Madness Show – The Grumpy Setlist

Heres the drunken punky setlist:

Frantic Flintstones – Its hard to be humble
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes – Country Road
Sean Taylor – Buried Alive
Real Life – Catch Me Im Falling
NOFX – Freedom Lika Shopping Cart
Psycho DeVilles – Roots Rock
Standard and Poor – Heart Crusher Baby
Disorder – Joleen
Nashville Pussy – From Hell To Texas
The Vandals – Disproportioned Head
Disneyland After Dark – Ride My Train (request)
Tiffany Apan – Warrior (Soldier For Myself)
Mucky Pup – The Skinheads Broke My Walkman
Rain Parade – My Secret Country
The ID – A Face In The Crowd (request)
Alice In Chains – Down in a hole
Green Day – When i come around
Strawberry Slaughterhouse – Alternative Correctness
Meat Puppets – Im A Mindless Idiot
Napoleon XIV – Theyre Coming to take me away
Siouxsie & The Banshees – Spellbound
Matilda – Ghost Master
Gangway – My Girl and Me
D.A.D ( Disneyland After Dark ) – Girl Nation
Voodoo Glow Skulls – The Band Geek Mafia
Adam Sandler – Dee Wee (My Friend The Massive Idiot)
Snew – Shes a Real Gunslinger
Itamar – Mr. Right
The Peers – Youre My Heart, Youre My Soul
Erasure – Take a chance on me
Stellar Corpses – Love Like This
Squeeze – Black Coffee in Bed
Tiffany Apan – Ghost (request)
Sort Sol – Siggimund Blue
Ockums Razor – The Great Big Wheel
Los Lobos – La Bamba
Reuben Houweling – Housewife Blues
5 Shots O Whiskey – Our Town
The Zero Point – We Are The Zeros
Thaurorod – Upon Haunted Battlefields
Ex Norwegian – Dont Bother
Black Lace – Agadoo (request)
The Monochrome Set – The Monochrome Set
Reuben Houweling – Northbound Dog Around
Laurie Tiernan – End of the world
Days of the new – Whats left for me?
American Werewolves – The Day The Earth Stood Still
Tiamat – Do you dream of me?

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Greetings, DJ Grumpy


NOFX Interview

OK, I know what you’re thinking. How the hell could Moisst get this interview hooked up? They don’t do interviews anymore with anyone.. No video interviews, magazine interviews, nothing! Well I’ll tell ya… Moisst has been around long enough that we were able to conduct an interview with the elusive Fat Mike of NOFX before they decided they had, had enough of the same old. Sure this was a little dated but what the hell. Everything in this interview has little to nothing to do with what NOFX is now it is dedicated more directly with what NOFX are about in the grey area. If you want to find out about new releases or new inspiration check the FAT WRECK CHORD page on the internet and forget you ever saw this interview.

MOISST: Where are you playing after the states on this tour?
MIKE: Germany.

MOISST: Do you like the fraulines? The sweet Germans with the hairy legs?
MIKE: No I like the Dominatrics, actually I’m married, so you know how that goes.

MOISST: I don’t believe that shit.(At this point Mike whips out a photo of a beautiful woman from his wallet)
MIKE: That’s her really,

MOISST: Are you sure you didn’t dig that up out of a Victoria Secret catalog?
MIKE: No that’s really her.

MOISST: OK, What’s the difference from doing the tours you used to do in the cleaning van and now with the gigantor touring bus?
MIKE: The difference is, well were just stoked you know. Actually the difference is you can jack off in there.

MOISST: And no one is going to get shot in the eye.
MIKE: Exactly.

MOISST: How do you get along with the road crew. A long time ago you had the moron brothers with you when you would come through town and they were fucking insane with the spit gobs and mouthful of beer fights during the show. Now they’re no where to be found now.
MIKE: Our whole road crew, they are like our best friends. We like everyone on the bus. If we didn’t they, wouldn’t be there. We have a great time together.

MOISST: No leeching at each others throats?
MIKE: No, not really.

MOISST: Any crazy pranks pulled you can recall.
MIKE: Pranks? I can tell you what we did to Chad from Face to Face. It was his birthday and we were out in Ottawa Canada. Anyway, it was cold as shit when we were there. What we did was we duck taped him to a telephone pole. There were a bunch of kids hanging out when it happened and it was hilarious. We left him outside for a while.

MOISST: How many illegitimate kids do you have floating around?
MIKE: I don’t have any, I’m sterile.

MOISST: Was the Bad News Bears life better for El Heffe or is NOFX?
MIKE: Well, he blew all the money he made off that movie on drugs. So I guess he had no choice but to join NOFX.

MOISST: Did your parents force you to drink Ovaltine as a child?
MIKE: No, but my mom once told me that If I was going to smoke pot I had to smoke it with her. I didn’t smoke pot till I was twenty one.

MOISST: Have you ever dreamt about livestock, or specifically having any sexual relations with livestock?
MIKE: No, no. I like leather and shit but not the cows in that kind of way.

MOISST: What about life size Barbies?
MIKE: To tell you the truth I really don’t like that shit.

MOISST: What do you guys do to kill time when your not on stage?
MIKE: Favorite pastime? Well we all suck each other off. We play the circle game. If you can break the circle you get sucked.

MOISST: What bands do you like that you’ve played with recently? Are they all on Fat Wreck Chords?
MIKE: Lagwagon and Propaghandi. They’re good and that’s all it takes! I think all the bands on my label are good. Like I had a chance to sign 7 Year Bitch when they were making some noise, but they suck. You know they sold a lot of records but they still suck. You can sign a lot of bands and make a lot of money, but I just want good bands I really like on the label.

MOISST: How long have you had the label Fat Wreck Chords?
MIKE: Seven years now.

MOISST: What’s next for NOFX?
MIKE: Same old shit.

MOISST: Are you going to play Phoenix any time soon?
MIKE: Never, well O.K. Next month maybe. We just didn’t do Phoenix on this tour because we’ve got to go home and get into the studio.

MOISST: Was the horn thing for El Heffe a childhood thing?
MIKE: He played in marching band as an infant.

MOISST: What’s you favorite Glam Rock band?
MIKE: Hanoi Rocks. (At this point Mike pauses to sign some gals underwear. He’s been signing various article through out the interview. Mike tells us this is the first time he’s ever signed underwear.)

MOISST: What’s your favorite porno?
MIKE: We got this one on the bus call “Please Mistress”. It’s some S&M Lesbian shit. It’s goooood!!!

MOISST: Have you ever heard of Life In The Fat Lane part 2″ the porno?
MIKE: You know I don’t watch porno’s with dicks in them. I really hate seeing cock shots. I am more into bondage, whips, leather and lesbians.

MOISST: On that note I say thanks for the time and good luck with the tour.
MIKE: No problem!

And with that Mike staggered back into the club with his breast beer mug waiving!


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Moisst Underground Noise :




Sonny: Hello, Chris?
Chris Carnel: Sonny?

Sonny: Hey, wussup, dude. It’s hella early, like 8:03. I just woke up. Dude, I’m hella stoked. Lynn had the tour itinerary for Face To Face and were listed on a couple of shows so I called to Florida yesterday on a whim and got a hold of the promoter who said, “It’s your lucky day” and put me on a conference call with my friend Kent, their soundman from Canada. Dude, we’re goin’ global!
Chris: Ha! Hee! Heh! Ha! That’s rad, dude. When are you gonna talk to them?

Sonny: Fat Mike is supposed to call me today.
Chris: Do you have the questions I gave you yesterday?

Sonny: Yeah and I added a bunch more. Check it out, I’m gonna ask…


Sonny: Oh shit, dude. This might be him. hold on…


Sonny: Heckler Magazine…
Caller: (In a scruffy kid voice) Hello, is Sonny there?

Sonny: This is him.
Caller: Hey, this is Fat Mike.

Sonny: Rad, hey, can you hold on a second?
Fat Mike: Sure.


Sonny: Chris, it’s Fat Mike, I’m gonna jam and I’ll call you later.
Chris: Alright, dude. Call me when you’re done.


Sonny: Fat Mike?
Fat Mike: Yeah, hello?

Sonny: So what’s happenin’?
Fat Mike: Uh, I’m hung over.

S: Really? Do you feel like talking at all?
M: Sure.

S: Oh cool. What’d you guys do last night? Fuckin’ drink?
M: Yeah. We were fuckin’ partying with Shaq.

S: No way dude!
M: Well kinda.

S: Kinda?
M: He was at the club we were at in Orlando. He was dancing.

S: Where are you at right now?
M: Orlando.

S: You partied with Shaq?
M: He was with a couple buddies, dude. They were all on the dance floor. You couldn’t miss him.

S: He’s like seven feet tall. He’s fuckin’ huge! So how’s the tour going?
M: Great.

S: How’s your voice holding out?
M: Good til last night. I started smoking pot.

S: Oh really?
M: I hate pot. I smoke pot when I get real drunk cause I usually just don’t like it. It makes me all weird.

S: Paranoid?
M: I say weird things. Stupid ass things.

S: Crazy. Okay, well, I have a couple questions. They’re pretty simple and pretty cool so umm, okay. First one is, who writes most of the music and melodies?
M: Me.

S: Okay. And like, what kind of music do you listen to other than NOFX, and what are you inspired by?
M: I listen to a lot of punk rock, actually. It’s sad to say. You know I listen to this band called Bracket. Like daily, I listen to Green Day maybe or just like Operation Ivy or Snuff. Just your basic punk shit, Bad Religion. And they’re only bands I stray towards- I like Madonna some. And umm, I haven’t listened to The Beatles in a long time, but I used to listen to them a lot. I got a lot of influence from them.

S: Did you ever like Christian Death?
M: Not really.

S: The Longest Line. Why is it an EP?
M: Well because I wanted to start Fat Wreck Chords. And I thought it was a lot for me to ask NOFX to do an album, you know, cause it’d be like “the lost album”, you know. So I did did an EP and had just enough money to record five songs.

S: Speaking of Fat Wreck Chords, who are your new groups on that label?
M: I actually got a lot of bands coming out.

S: Really? Who’s coming out?
M: A band called Good Riddence and Guns and Wankers. The debut just came out.

S: I’ve heard of them.
M: That’s great! Guns and Wankers is really good. And the new No Use for a Name is comin out. And that’s really good! Cause I don’t think their last album is that great, but their new one’s really good. And a band called Tilt from Berkeley.

S: What’s the future for the label, are you going to sell it out to a big label or are you just going to keep it yourself?
M No, we’re just going to keep it going. We have four people working there now and everything just runs real smooth when I’m gone. I just take care of signing bands. That’s all I do You know, as long as people still buy punk, then I think it’ll do fine.

S: Yeah. I think so too. That’s a good thing. Right on. Okay, um, let’s see…
M: And even if punk- you know it’s real popular right now- even if it get’s non-popular as long as it’s still around.

S: Dude, it will always have it’s core audience. It’s the mainstream now.
M: Yeah. I’m not selling to the mainstream anyway. The records I’m putting out are selling between twenty and forty thousand. Those aren’t like big numbers at all.

S: Other than music, what do you do? Or do you have time for anything else?
M: I have so little time, I mean, uh, my wife and I spend a lot of time together when I’m not on the road. And, I know it sounds kinda funny, but she and I are getting pretty into snowboarding now. We got a cabin this year up at Donner. We’re sharing with some other people.

S: Jay (Gravel Throat ) and Kent (Stinky Butt) live up there don’t they?
M: Yeah.

S: What’s your favorite movie?
M: I like Breaking Away a lot. You ever seen that?

S: Who’s in it?
M: Bike riding movie.

S: Oh dude I did see that! That was like a race at the end? I remember that. Inspirational.
M: Cool flick.

S: That’s a rad flick. Hella inspirational. Aren’t you guys like sponsored by Morrow Snowboards or something like that?
M: Yeah.

S: So how did all your snow sponsorship come about?
M: We hang out with this girl named Kelly and she called everyone up, and it was, I don’t know, a couple years ago, and she just called some places and they were into it. And we went and played Rob Morrow’s basement up in Oregon and that was fun. First time I ever snowboarded I was totally sponsored. It was really funny. Free clothes (Special Blend) and free boards, and we got free lift tickets and stuff. One of the perks of being in a punk band.

S: Mark Curry is on the new album. How did you guys get involved with him.
M: Well, he wrote Perfect Government, but it never made it on a record. It was just acoustic guitar and I always thought it was the best song so we just start jammin’ it cause I love that song.

S: I love that song. You guys fuckin’ do it right.
M: Have you heard the original?

S: No.
M: Yeah it’s really nice.

S: If you were to be a Sesame Street character, who would you be?
M: Of fuck, I don’t know. Snuffaluffagus.

S: What do you want to do with NOFX?
M: It’s just the same old shit. We’re just hoping that people are still going to like us. You know and we’re not going to go downhill as many bands do. We’re hoping that we’ll at least get to stay at this level cause we’re having a really good time.

S: No, I think this is like the best album you guys have put out. Which is good. It seems like it’s getting better and better.
M: Well thanks. Yeah a lot of people say they like our last album more, to me. I like the new one better, I think the songs are a little better. It’s not as diverse. We’ll see. I never know what any of our new albums are going to sound like, I just kinda write what I’m feeling at the time. We just started jammin’ this song. It’s like a Bauhaus house song. It’s really weird. So I don’t know what the next album will sound like.

S: When’s the new one come out? Or have you even started recording? You’re just touring for this one still right?
M: Yeah. We won’t record for about a year.

S: How long have you guys been together?
M: Umm, eleven in December.

S: Wow cool. Hey, did you meet Perry Farrell when you played in Hawaii?
M: No. He’s a dick. You know, he’s got him and his junkie girlfriend, they’re both junkies. They’re just hanging out being totally cool, and his girlfriend’s little boy is like six or seven, has to like hang out with the roadies. It’s pretty sad. But the drummer, Steven I think his name is, he’s pretty cool. They pretty much blow anyway. Jane’s Addiction was so much better.

S: Where’d you get the name NOFX?
M I don’t know. I hate it.

S: You’re over it?
M: Yeah.

S: So what other bands are out there right now that you just like hella dig?
M: I like Rancid a lot. who else? Ummm, I like Nirvana a lot. And Hole.

S: Yeah Hole’s new album’s fuckin’ killer.
M:Surprisingly enough cause they used to really bite.

S: Fuck yeah, dude. “When I Was A Teenage Whore.” That album was kinda weak.
M: It was totally weak. Well I’m sure Kurt had a lot to do with it. Did you notice on the record that he isn’t thanked?

S: Yeah, I did notice that!
M: But Evan Dando is thanked. Oh, what a jerk.

S: Total bitch, dude. He wrote those songs. I’m fucking convinced. Listen to those songs. those are fucking Kurt Cobain songs.
M: Yeah they’re great songs.

S: Fuck yeah.
M: I like Weezer a lot. They’re cool. Have you heard their new album?


S: Yeah. I sold it to help out with rent.


The telephone tape ran out, so I gather it was a cool conversation or I talk a lot. Fat Mike seems hella cool and I definitely like NOFX music. They are a band for now and the future. Check out their new album Punk In Drublic. If you haven’t yet, you’re lagging. Well, the other line is ringing so I gotta go. It’s probably Chris. Later.


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Heckler Magazine