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Grumpy Punk Radio

DJ Grumpy Cover Show LIVE in 45mins (10pm uk time – 11 in central europe)

MWR ( ) has its big annual gathering today. Everyone was invited. Except DJ Grumpy. He gets all obnoxious & obscene if hes let out in public…so, tonight is the great DJ Grumpy cover show on

As always its gonna be pure filthy punk, downright dirty indierock & crazy psychobilly ! The show will feature new interesting acts such as Autonomads, 5 Shots O Whiskey, The Fast Forwards, Vampire Lezbos & Dream Police – along with classic maniacs such as Beasts of Bourbon, The Vandals, Krewmen & Mad sin.

Punk Rock Radio

MAGICK is live tonight on Music World Radio with the second ever PURE PUNK SPECIAL.

Old School Punk, Oi and Hardcore for at least three hours straight. No compromise.

No commercial kiddies with major deals and retro stylists, only the real deal. No metal/goth. Just straight up punk rock.

Listener requests welcome if they are Punk and I have ’em.

So crack a can of Special Brew and pogo into the night from 11pm CEST (check the site for your local times)